ad collaborative post | Your first rave can be an exciting time. You’re going to a big festival, and you don’t know what to expect other than having a ball. However, you should take steps to make sure your first rave is an excellent one. Here are some things to do for your first rave.

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Go With a Group of Friends

If this is your first trip to a rave, make sure you’re around people you trust. Besides getting some rave clothing to keep you comfortable, you need trustworthy people to be around if things go wrong. You might get dehydrated or twist your ankle.

You don’t want to be alone when you have an emergency. Also, your phone may go dead from being all day at a festival. A friend may have an extra charger to keep your phone on to help you call people to coordinate a designated meeting spot when things get too crowded.

You’ll feel more at ease when you have a group of friends that you know well and can plan different safety measures so that everyone can have fun responsibly.

Have the Right Outfit

One of the best ways to enjoy your first rave is to go big with an outfit. Maybe you want some LED lights on the side of your jumpsuit. Also, you might have some glow sticks so you can practice your POI.

The right ensemble helps you blend into the community much better. Also, you put some unique accents on the fit to get other people to notice your personality when you step into the dance circle. You can even have matching outfits with friends to help you recognize each other.

Not only do you want to have a colorful outfit, but make it easy to wear. Have shoes with good grip and ankle support in case you walk on some slick spots.

Explore Different Artists

While you may have an idea to check out your favorite festival artist at the rave, don’t be afraid to listen to something new. Maybe your friends have different tastes, so it’s not a bad option to see what they like. You might enjoy the artist’s music.

It’s best to keep an open eye to help you get a better experience from the event. Maybe you can even enter a dance circle and learn a new rave step to help you when you go back to your local events.

Enjoy your first rave by staying safe, keeping close to your friends, and experiencing some new music.

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