ad collaborative post | Rockpools are shallow pools of seawater that form in the intertidal zone, part of the marine environment that includes the shoreline and ocean shore.

Photo by Daniel Morris on Unsplash

The pools form on coastlines as the tide goes out, leaving behind pools of water that then become habitats for animals and plants. A great place to experience the beauty of rock pooling is at St John villa.

Rock Pools are not to be confused with tide pools, which form at low tide on rocky coasts with little or no wave action. They provide a range of habitats, from shallow waters where brown seaweed can grow to deep waters in which kelp can survive.

Because of this diversity, many different types of animals and plants can be found in rock pools, including invertebrates such as periwinkles and snails, barnacles, and sea anemones.

So why should you visit rock pools?

How many critters can you spot?

As you walk along the beach, keep your eyes peeled for any signs of life around the rock pools that litter the shoreline. When you find one, step inside and have a closer look. What creatures are hiding beneath the surface?

Are there sea urchins hiding underneath boulders? Are there small fish flitting between rocks or hiding in seaweed? Rock Pools are great places to spot marine animals such as fish, eels, crabs, cuttlefish, and many types of seaweed and sponges. They are home to an amazing variety of species that live off the seafloor and wallow in the sand on top of it.

Experience with all of your senses

Rockpool’s exhibition offers an immersive sensory experience, including sound, light, and smell. You’ll be surrounded by artificial bioluminescence so that as you move through the display, plants and creatures respond to your presence and your touch.

Bottom Line

Rockpools are the ideal playground for shell collectors and rock enthusiasts alike.

But whether you want to look for sea urchin spikes, collect grey driftwood, or even admire the local marine wildlife, Rockpooling is an amazing way to make memories and get a break from routine.

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