AD // With the 18 months we’ve all had, no weather is going to stop me from getting out and about anymore! I think it’s safe to say a lot of us will be making up for lost time this Autumn and Winter. It’s time to stop putting things off and start getting out there again, come rain or shine. And speaking of rain, this all seasons GAMMA jacket from Wear Graphene is what you need in your wardrobe!

It’s sometimes difficult to know what to wear during our outdoor activities here in the UK. I recently spent the weekend at a race track and was wearing my hoodie non-stop one day and I got burnt the next. But the weather isn’t usually something to stop us Brits – as long as you’re wearing the right thing.

So as we head into the colder months, we’ll want to be thinking about our wardrobe and how to be as comfortable and convenient as possible, considering the changing temperature and conditions (sometimes all in one day!) which is where the brilliant waterproof heated GAMMA jacket comes in to save the day.

What’s so special about the GAMMA jacket?

This jacket is made from a material called Graphene, which is where the magic really happens. This compound is the thinnest, strongest and most flexible known material – it’s actually stronger than diamond. So made within a jacket, it really can do wonders. This makes the jacket light-weight, rainproof, a wind breaker and an effective active wear jacket all in one! Want some more facts about Graphene and the GAMMA jacket?

  • It’s the SMARTED material on Earth and has a ton of properties including being a thermoregulator, breathable, waterproof, antibacterial and more!
  • It’s breathable, so its able to channel air out and keep avoid your skin becoming too moist
  • Graphene stays naturally fresh and clean by itself, as it repels odor causing microbes
  • Graphene’s impermeability will never get damaged, so it’s 1005 waterproof and chill proof
  • It also helps protect your skin as it’s UV proof

Is it good for travel?

A resounding yes to this one. The GAMMA jacket is, like we said, an effective rainproof jacket. And chances are if you’re holidaying in the UK, you’re going to experience a downpour at some point or another. But it’s also a good all-weather jacket which can be used for balmy days and chilly nights. But the main thing is that it’s light-weight, so can easily fit into a case or bag to travel with.

As a woman, it’s also worth mentioning that this jacket has 10 pockets. Yes, 10! And in some items of clothing, us ladies struggle to get one. The pockets are both interior and exterior with two hidden altogether, perfect for ultra valuable items which the jacket will protect from all the elements. 

What about when it gets REALLY cold?

Although the GAMMA jacket and the material it’s made from is amazing on it’s own, sometimes, our bodies need a little extra help staying warm if the temperature drops TOO low. This element of the jacket is what sets it apart from it’s competitors. The GAMMA jacket is equipped with 3 built-in heating elements. Say what?

Although they contain no electric to use them to ensure safety, all you need to do put a power bank into a jacket pocket and press the heating button. The jacket can heat up to 50 degrees in minutes and is safe to wear into temperatures of minus 30!

Where can I get one?

If the GAMMA jacket sounds like the perfect option for you, then you can check out to purchase. These jackets are perfect for those that travel a lot, those that like outdoor activities, those that like to spend time in colder temperatures or those simply looking to scale down their wardrobe to contain only those well-needed items. This jacket prevents the need for multiple jackets, as it does everything in one! You can also find out more about Wear Graphene here.

What are activities I could do in the GAMMA jacket?

Walking or hiking: Perfect activity for your new GAMMA jacket. Although we’re exercising, sometimes it can get chilly on our walks or hikes, depending on where you are and the current weather conditions. The jacket will adapt to that and keep your warm – or cool!

Go camping: Who doesn’t love camping? But it can be a real pain when it gets too cold in the night and you’re struggling to warm up! Perfect chance for your GAMMA jacket to come out!

Outdoor photography: I love photography but traipsing around all day in the cold does take the enjoyment out of it a little. So your jacket will be perfect if you like long days outside.

Visit a nature reserve: Again, something else that will require a lot of time outside. The GAMMA jacket can ensure that you can enjoy things like nature reserves even in the Winter.

Spend the day at an outdoor establishment: Like a zoo for example, where you want to be comfortable and warm all day without getting too warm (or cold).

Skiing: And skiing is definitely the perfect activity for your GAMMA jacket. I’ve been skiing before and it’s super weird how warm you get at times, even though you’re in the snow. So your jacket will help regulate that for you!

What do you think of the GAMMA jacket? Do you like the sound of them and think it would be useful for you? Don’t forget to check out to purchase yours or find out more information!


  1. I love the sound of this jacket and the material is so innovative! Love that is waterproof, great for hot and cold weather, so you don’t need to have many jackets for different climates. thank you for sharing x

  2. This jacket sounds amazing and will 100% keep you warm during the cold weather that’s coming ! Thank you for sharing !

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