ad collaborative post | Planning for a baby shower can be daunting, and when planning this stage in pregnancy, women want to look good and feel good – whether they have the classic pregnancy glow or feel the complete opposite. It may seem simple, but the color and style of the dress you choose is one of the most important aspects of the party.

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Everyone’s eyes will be on you that day, and for some, choosing just the right apparel is as monumental as their wedding day. That is why choosing the correct style, color, and design is so important. Believe it or not, there is something out there for everyone, and every color you can imagine, such as a trendy yellow baby shower dress.

Choosing the right color

Psychology shows that the colors we choose, especially for a big event, affect us in many ways. In fact, the colors we wear from the day to day, whether at a maternity event or a workplace, seem to:

  • Reveal our personality
  • Impact our mood
  • Give off a certain “vibe” – especially at a big event.
  • Show your feelings
  • Make a person stand out (for better or worse!)

So, in terms of a maternity event specifically, color choice is of the utmost importance. Black may come off as professional but too serious for such a light event. Brown and green may come as a little dark in photographs, and while red is striking, it can be too harsh for the effect you want. Purple, pink, and blue are all classics at a baby shower, but yellow stands out and is more gender- neutral (especially if you don’t want to reveal the baby’s gender, yet!)

So What Should I Wear to My Baby Shower?

A yellow baby shower dress is the way to go, depicting warmness, sunshine, and laughter – the perfect way to show others how you feel about that bundle of joy. Yellow, done right, comes off as fresh, light, and excited – and studies show that color choice is something to think deeply about on that big day in your life. Plus, yellow is one of those underrated colors that looks good with just about every skin color, hairstyle, and design of clothing.

So why not try something a little bit different – fresh and bright – but not overdone. You’ll give you and your bump the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement, but in a soft gentle way. But, still, if yellow isn’t right for you, there is plenty to offer at maternity boutiques, such as

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