It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a book-themed blog post and I miss it! I definitely need to get back on the wagon with these style of posts again and what better time to start than the build up to Halloween. I love anything weird and creepy, so I definitely have some book recommendations for you that fall under those genres!

Creepy Books To Read

Whether it’s a Thriller book, good old fashioned Horror (books or horror films!) or just something totally weird that makes you feel a bit uneasy, I absolutely LOVE books like that. I’ve always enjoyed horror and getting scared and it takes a lot to scare me these days.

So when I do find a book that gives me the heebie-jeebies, I’m definitely going to shout about it and recommend it to anyone that will listen.

Autumn is the best time to curl up with a good book and now that all those random heatwaves are out of the way, we can really hone in on all the cozy vibes whilst we’re having our reading sessions too.

So light a candle, grab a cuppa and let’s dive in to these 6 super weird and/or creepy books that you should add to your TBR list this Autumn!

Here are 6 weird and creepy books to add to your TBR this Autumn:

Creepy and Weird Books To Read

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Kicking off with the creepiest of the lot (okay maybe not but for a KIDS BOOK this is pretty damn creepy) and that’s Coraline. This is one of my favourite stories ever. It’s definitely my favourite film of all time. In fact, they’re showing it at one of my local cinema’s for Halloween and I’ve got a date with myself to go and see it on the big screen for the first time.

Coraline is weird and wonderful, creepy and captivating. Will make you wonder what the heck you’re reading but also keep you so intrigued that you’ll want to crawl through the little door with Coraline, all the way to the Other Mother.

The Watchers by A.M Shine

This was hands down my book of 2022 and I am SO EXCITED that a film is being released in 2024. I will be there with bells on because this book sent SHIVERS. Actual shivers, which doesn’t happen often with books for me. This was an absolute revelation for me to read. Finally, a book that had creeped me out.

With the tag line, “you can’t see them. But they can see you”, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare but every horror lovers dream. You definitely won’t want to read this at night with the curtains open because I guarantee you’ll think you’re seeing something out of your window.

Bunny by Mona Awad

I read Bunny this year after hearing a lot about it on various BookTube channels. The cover piqued my interest in the bookshop, so I had to pick it up and all I can say about this book is that I felt like I was hallucinating throughout the entire thing. So if you want weird, this one is for you.

Bunny was without a doubt the weirdest book I’ve ever read. But I loved it. If you want something that’s going to send your brain in a spin, definitely pick this up.

Creepy and Weird Books To Read

Pet Semetary by Stephen King 

One that everyone has heard of but perhaps not one that everyone has had the guts to read? I say guts because this is the only book I’ve ever read that’s made me feel physically sick. I wouldn’t bother with the movies of this – just delve straight in to the book if you want the full effect of King’s genius mind.

We all know the story of Pet Semetary but if you don’t, you’ll be graced with a perfect family and the most horrific thing to happen to them. A spooky “semetary” with a dark history that will make you think that sometimes, maybe dead is better.

The Prestige by Christopher Priest

You might be familiar with the movie version of this book with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. It’s a fantastic movie, one I’d watched many times before I actually read the book. But boy oh boy wasn’t I gutted I hadn’t picked the book up sooner. If you love the film, you’ll devour the book.

The Prestige is uber creepy, unsettling and utterly hypnotic. Every page is captivating and once everything falls into place for the reader, it’s definitely one of those breath caught in your throat moments.

The Chalk Man by C.J Tudor 

C.J Tudor is definitely one of the authors on my auto-buy list. Similarly with my Mum, she LOVES her books as well. And whilst I have enjoyed everything she’s written, I’ve gotta say, her debut absolutely takes the top spot for me. It was SUCH a fantastic debut and I was lucky enough to have received an advance review copy of it at the time.

This was the debut of the freaking century. Utterly fantastic, all-encompassing, gripping and totally eerie with a killer ending. Every chapter will keep you guessing and The Chalk Man will haunt you for days after putting it down.

Autumn is the best time to curl up and read so I hope this post has given you some inspiration on some weird, wonderful and creepy books to read this season. Of course there’s no wrong time to read seasonal books but a creepy book with a pumpkin spice latte just hits different.

Have you read any of these? Which creepy or weird books would you recommend for Autumn?

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  1. You’ve chosen some great classics here! I’ve read three and liked them, (Coraline, The Prestige and Pet Sematary) so I’ll be sure to add the others to my list. Thank you!

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