AD // It’s Summer! And one thing we’re all going to need in our Summer essentials kit is a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses don’t only just look great and complete your perfect Summer outfit but they’re also an important part of keeping our eyes healthy and safe from the sun, as well as helping us avoid strain in and around the eyes, which can even lead to headaches.

Of course there are a wide range of incredible sunglasses brands out there with sizes, shapes, styles and fits to suit all but today we’re going to be looking specifically at Ray Ban – arguably one of the most popular and sought after sunglasses brands on the market! But before we get into the top picks for Summer…

Why choose a Ray Ban pair of sunglasses?

I used to work in an optician and Ray Ban were always our most sought after brand for sunglasses. We kept our Ray Bans in a locked cabinet, so customers couldn’t just try them on willy-nilly, as you do with most other brands that are displayed in an opticians. But what’s so special about Ray Ban and why should you opt for them for your sunglasses?

  • They offer you UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays
  • They have a HUGE range of stylish frames
  • The frames themselves are durable and strong (because let’s face it, we’ve all sat on our glasses at least once!)
  • They’re an investment which will last for years; saving you money in the long run
  • They come with high-clarity lenses

I could go into much more detail about the benefits of Ray Bans but of course if you’re interested in purchasing a pair for yourself, you should do the research before you make the investment. For more information about eye health, the importance of eye examinations and eye conditions which might affect you, check out Oodo Optical. But now let’s look at some of my top picks for Summer!


Aviators are without a doubt my favourite style of sunglasses. I’ve always had Aviators myself and I think they seriously suit a wide range of styles and face shapes. There’s also a ton of different lense options which look fantastic in Aviators, including mirror lenses or even coloured lenses. I think Aviators are the ultimate Summer pick for sunglasses; they just look so cool and chill and give off some serious Summer vibes.


Wayfarer sunglasses are a very different style and tend to be much chunkier and bold than Aviators with much thicker frames. But again, the frames and lenses can vary wildly in colour and style so you’re bound to find a style of Wayfarer’s that suit you. Wayfarer sunglasses are a great fashion statement and a popular pick for Summer due to their timeless nature.

Club Master

Club Master style sunglasses are your glasses by which the main bulk of the frame is around the top of the lense and the bottom part of the lense has a very thin frame to support it. This style is very different but Club Master sunglasses can look SERIOUSLY cool on the right person with the right style. My boyfriend actually recently bought a pair of black ones and with his tanned skin and black hair, they look fab!

Jackie O

And finally, your Jackie O frames. Gosh these frames are striking. I don’t personally think I could pull them off but for some with the fashion sense to boot, you could look like a film star in these frames! Think BIG and bold with these ones. They’re a real statement piece to have on your face in the Summer and the sort of sunglasses that will make people look!

What are your favorite style of sunglasses for the Summer? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love Aviators too but for some reason I’ve never been able to find a pair that look good on me. My boyfriend, on the other hand, looks AMAZING in them so I’m planning to get him a good pair of Raybans for our 1 year.

  2. Lovely selection of styles! My partner has some Raybans and I always nick them! I have prescription glasses so just stick to the one pair haha.

    Corinne x

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