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Since I decorated my garden office earlier this year and realised how much of a great experience it was, I’ve been keen to get started on some new interior projects, now that my office is well and truly decorated to exactly how I want it! Although I still live with my parents, so I’m definitely limited to the amount of rooms I’m able to decorate for now.

The only other room I pretty much have free reign to do what I want with is my bedroom. And I’ve had a very love hate relationship with my bedroom over the years! When we moved into this house over a decade ago, my bedroom was orange and green… let that sink in for a minute. 

I then re-decorated to lilac and had this beautiful lilac daisy print Laura Ashley wallpaper. I remember that interior well because I was so over the moon with it. I was quite young still when we decorated to that but it was the first time I felt like I had a “grown up” bedroom.

Then over the years and as I got older, I went for different colours and patterns. My most prominent and consistent being pink – as it’s my favourite colour. Then a couple of years ago, I decided to have a complete overhaul and went for blue. With one lighter blue wall and navy bedding. Not a colour I thought I’d ever really choose.

I liked it for a while but right now, I’m well and truly out of love with my bedroom. I think because my office is so perfect, I can see how much of a positive impact a great interior can have on your well-being and mindset. And my bedroom right now is just NOT jiving with me!

It also doesn’t help that my boyfriend and I both live here and share my bedroom of course. And unlike me, who likes to keep things more minimal and doesn’t enjoy owning much stuff, he is the exact opposite. So I’m sure you can imagine my frustration.

So in the hopefully near future, I hope to have a bedroom overhaul. And I’m planning to go back to pink. Blue never felt like me and I seem to always hark back to pink things given the choice. Although my office is painted green, the majority of the stuff in it is pink.

So to help with my future bedroom overhaul, I’m delighted to be working with Desenio again on a collaboration for their fantastic pieces of wall art with modern design. I’m a huge fan of Desenio and have worked with them previously on a post about office wall art.

They very kindly gifted me some prints of my choice for the purpose of this content and I can’t wait to show them to you and explain why I think they’re great choices for a bedroom art wall. Oh and guess what… they’re pink. 

Nature illustrations

I chose a similar piece to this for my office and I loved it SO MUCH I needed to grab another for my bedroom too. Obviously they differ in content and colour but they are of a similar nature in that they’re a nature illustration with beautiful metallic detailing. These type of prints can really bring a print wall to life and this one in particular radiates so much warmth and comfort.

Can’t go wrong with a quote

You know me, I love a quote! No print wall is complete without a quote or two. Although I’m not one for “live, laugh, love” plastered over my house, I loved this simple quote and the pink background colour fit in absolutely perfect with the colour palette I was going for when picking out all of these prints. This print would give you a nice reminder when you wake up!

Moon magic

I was looking for something relating to the moon or spirituality and whilst the next two prints fit perfectly under that category for me, I absolutely loved this moon print as well. First things first, it’s in pink. Again, something else that fit in perfectly with my palette. I love the simplicity. But the power this print holds. The moon influences us in so many ways – best not forget it.

Positive energy

If you’re going to have a print wall, you want it to be full of prints which bring you positive vibes. You don’t want to be looking at dark and miserable images all day. So that’s why I chose this simple but effective gemstone print. Although it doesn’t specify, I can only assume this is supposed to be a rose quartz in which case, it’s the perfect gemstone to have hanging above you bed.

See it all

And finally, this is definitely one of my favourites that I picked up and think it goes perfectly with the theme of the prints I’ve chosen – because I very much have a theme here, don’t you think? The see it all poster is a delicate illustration in pinks, gold and rose gold. The perfect image to remind you to open your eyes to possibilities, the unknown, the Universe and everything we cannot see.

I absolutely love Desenio for prints because as you can see, they start off at such reasonable prices. Each print comes in a variety of size options and you also have the easy option to add a frame to your order. I hate buying a print and having to buy a separate frame because for some reason, they never fit!

But with Desenio it’s super easy. Everything gets delivered together and all you have to do is put your prints in their frames and away you go! I’ve ordered from Desenio myself as I had to buy some frames for other prints and Desenio was my only option because I knew the quality of their beautiful wooden frames wouldn’t go amiss!

What do you think of my choices? Which one is your favourite? Do you have a print wall in your bedroom or house?


  1. These are really beautiful! I really like the See It All print and it would go great with your new bedroom decor. I can’t believe you used to have an orange and green room!

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