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I’ve only ever mentioned it briefly on my blog before but I’m very much into manifestation – or The Law of Attraction. I’ve had some pretty awesome success with it, especially this year, since taking it much more seriously. I plan to do a more detailed blog post about it sometime this year (after I’ve manifested a cure for the Coronavirus!) but for now, I wanted to talk about an element of manifestation that I love doing on a daily basis…

Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash

… that’s manifesting my DREAM home. Obviously this particular manifestation hasn’t happened for me yet. But I’ve only got serious about it within the last few months. Prior to that, I didn’t really know WHAT my dream home would look like.

Of course I’ve spent hours on Pinterest, pinning gorgeous interiors (who doesn’t?) and days on The Sims, creating gorgeous houses for my families. I’ve always had an interest in houses, interiors, exteriors and decor. But never put much thought into REALLY visualizing what my DREAM home would look like.

I tend to change my mind a lot about what I like. Up until last year, everything had to be pink in my bedroom. Then suddenly in March 2019, I was adamant that I needed to paint my room blue and buy dark blue bedding. I love switching it up like that occasionally but when it comes to a whole home, I need to have a clearer vision.

Which is what I’ve been able to get this year, since starting Abundance Academy, a fantastic course from Victoria from Apartment Number 4. Again, not going to get too much into that course as that’s not what this post is about but if you’re interested in manifestation, money and motivation, I’d definitely check it out!

Back to manifesting my dream home. How does my dream home look? What’s the decor like? How big is it? Is it full of clutter and sentimental objects or is it more minimal? Let’s see!

Photo by Kirill on Unsplash

What’s the decor like?

When I started visualizing my dream home, I went straight inside and the first thing that struck me was that my dream home was very grey toned. It was white, light and airy. With pops of colour and wooden furniture. Not totally minimal but not full of clutter either.

Where is it and how big is it?

There’s a road near me full of gorgeous houses. These particular houses aren’t TOO big but they’re not your average sized house either. This road was where my mind immediately went when I started visualizing. And when I really started to work my way through the house, I realized it was 4 bedroom, with an office for me and a room for my boyfriend to do what he wishes with!

What about the furniture etc?

Comfort mixed with luxury. I want my home to be a haven, of everything I like and everything that makes me feel good. So obviously furniture that is aesthetically pleasing or comfortable and luxurious appliances that make life easier and that little bit better. The bathroom is also somewhere I’d take a lot of time and effort on, as I find bathrooms really relaxing and tranquil places at times. And every good bathroom needs high quality plumbing services too.

Who lives there?

Living in this dream house in my future is just me and my boyfriend. We don’t have any children in this visualization and we’re both very work-oriented but we do have a dog! We’ve both always loved Huskies so living with us is a male Husky called Kimi (the name of one of our favourite Formula 1 drivers!)

What cars are parked outside?

This was one of the easiest things to visualize as Carl and I both love cars. My dream car – which I WILL own one day – is a white Audi TTrs. My boyfriend’s was a little trickier but the first thing that came to mind was a grey Aston Martin Vantage. Definitely one of his dream cars!

Does it have a garden?

It most certainly does have a garden. You’d need a garden if you owned a Husky! The garden is massive but it’s a decent size – perfectly big enough for a big buffoon of a Husky to run around. It has a patio / decking area, which can be used for Summer BBQ’s and it also has a small music studio at the bottom, for Carl to play his guitar and bass.

Have you ever tried to really visualize your dream home and everything in it? I’d love to hear what your dream home would look like? Are you into manifestation / The Law of Attraction?


  1. I really love manifestation and all that stuff! I’m getting really into it alongside astrology and tarot (my main interests if I’m honest!). I’ve never tried manifesting my dream home but I’m so inspired to give it a try now. I loved hearing about your house, it was weirdly as I’d imagined your future home would be! I have every faith that the universe is hearing you and it’s on its way to you!

  2. I can’t really get my head around manifestation, I think it’s because I’m quite black or white and a realist xx

  3. I love this!! Comfort with luxury! I used to do the whole Argos catalogue and making little collages of what I loved and these days it’s Pinterest! I seem to be pinning a lot of neutral, light tones to make my flat seem bigger than it is. I should try this manifesting and see what happens! I was always told I had a good imagination! xD

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  4. I’ve been into law of attraction for two years now… and I really want to get everyone and anyone interested in it! It’s hard work, but it’s worth it! I manifested my current boyfriend with it! #blessed 😀

    I love your post and how your words flow. I’ll continue reading you for sure!

    Lots of love,

  5. Your taste in homes and interior design is very similar to mine! I’ll need to start visualizing my own home soon since I love the law of attraction!

  6. I love this! My dream home in my head is Canarian in architecture (of course) with a cactus garden and volcanic rock features, but lots of interior African and Middle Eastern patterns inside – throws, cushions, wall hangings, and so on. Reading this made me realise that I’ve totally been using The Sims to manifest my dream home as well! 😂

  7. Lots of dream home thoughts, an apartment, no outdoor space other than a small terrace/ balcony situation (my dog would be tiny so doesn’t need to run around other than walks), lots of white wooden furniture, bare floorboards. Yeah…I’ve thought about it 😂 it never crosses my mind how bit it will be though which I’m only now realising is a bit odd x


  8. Oh my gosh! I can’t begin to tell you how much I relate to this. I actually felt like I was reading one of my own blog entries when I read this. I am ALSO currently working on Manifesting my dream home. I did the same process for passing my driving test and it worked perfectly, so I am also trying the same with a house. Loved this. My first go to is a bathroom. Being my favourite room in the house (pampering/self-care etc) I want an inviting cosy bathroom. 🙂 I hope your manifesting goes well! (Mine might move along quicker if Estate Agents didn’t keep cancelling my viewings because of the virus!) xXx

    1. Oh wow that’s amazing to hear! Congrats on the driving test too! I also love a bathroom and find them really relaxing too. Could definitely use a bit of a pamper at the moment with all of this going on!

  9. I haven’t spent that much time thinking of my dream home but only because owning real estate in New York is so far out of reach for me and most people. I do love going apartment hunting and to open houses, though, just to look at the architecture of the building.


  10. When i was younger i’d always flick through the argos catalogue and make a lil spreadsheet of beds, chairs, wardrobes, cute little decor and add it all up, i could spend hours doing it for my dream home!

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