ad collaborative post // The modern country interior design trend is on the rise as a style that brings together the imperfection, the informality and the authenticity, all in a much more streamlined look than the traditional country décor. Scratches and scrapes, bumps and dents create a beautiful union with contemporary pieces to create a functional, relaxed and natural look.

A unique mix of interior design styles such as the Hamptons, vintage, farmhouse, and industrial all have a special place in the Modern-Country Style. As the look becomes more and more popular, we are looking at seven decorating rules to incorporate the style into your bedrooms in this particular blog post.

1. Mix the Aged with the Contemporary

The Modern-Country style leaves us feeling relaxed and comfortable.

And one of the reasons might be that all the elements seem to tell a story like they have been there for generations and have a backstory that makes them intriguing.

Mix antiques with design classics and contemporary pieces with clean lines or crisp silhouettes to look right.

Browse around flea markets for character pieces, and don`t be afraid to include items with marks of wear or imperfections. In this look, imperfections are to be embraced.

For your centrepiece, look for a rustic bed or a simple Shaker-Style bed and pair it with mismatched bedside tables that can be picked up from antique stores.

2. Keep the Palette Soft

Another reason why these spaces are harmonious is the use of colour. The colours in these interiors are natural and soft, not contrasting or jarring.

While most country-style interiors feature dark woods and brown shades, modern-country spaces use light and airy colours, which are much more modern.

Think of white-washed woods, subtle shades of cream, pale painted walls and grey or natural floorboards.

Neutral hues and muted tones such as whites, creams and beiges make perfect base colours in modern country homes and help keep your space warm and inviting.

3. Celebrate Organic Surfaces and Natural Materials

Rough, organic surfaces rich in natural patina are a vital element of the modern country look.

Celebrate the honesty of raw materials with bare plaster, exposed brick, polished concrete and last but not least: wood.

No modern country style is complete without wooden elements.

Exposed beams, wood panelling, original wooden floorboards, barn-style doors, traditionally styled wooden furniture all will add texture and depth to your bedroom.

Add layers of warmth with linen upholstery and rugs made of organic materials such as wool or sheepskin.

4. Combine and Layer Texture

To add a tactile quality and maximum comfort to your space, make sure you combine different types of textures.

Think of finishes that appear to be worn and weathered over time, hand-scraped timber floors and real stone benchtops.

For the contemporary twist, make sure you balance rustic finishes with clean and crisp details.

For instance, a modern metallic lighting chandelier can do the trick in your bedroom.

Use chunky wool blankets, throws and warm-coloured rugs to add interest to your bed, as well as comfort and colour.

5. Work with Practical Pieces

In modern-country interiors, everything in your room should have a purpose.

Your bedroom should also be a functional space, where the items aren`t just there for show.

The most frequently used items need to be easily accessible, and you should incorporate plenty of storage.

When creating a modern-country space, comfort and function should be at the core.

Think of including large pieces of furniture such as ottoman beds and armoires to store your linen and clothing.

6. Add Interest with Country-Decor Pieces

Reserve the country half for your accessories and look for twig decor, embroidered tapestries and unique planters for your houseplants.

Flora and fauna wall art is also very popular in modern-country interiors, so why not try a DIY project with dried flowers from the garden?

7. Pile the Bed with Luxurious Bedding

As per your bed styling, the modern-country style screams again for warm colours for your accessories.

Pastels are sunny and vibrant, and they come as a great option if you want to keep your centrepiece warm and inviting.

Choose natural materials such as linen for your bedding and opt for tartan patterns and chunky knits.

Modern floral designs, stripes and checks will also work well for styling your bed.

The Modern-Country style is all about creating a functional and authentic space. If you`d like to embrace a more refined version of country living, these decorating rules should help you get the clean and welcoming look that you are after.

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