There are many different styles of home decor and interior themes to choose from but for us, we’ve decided to go for a calming nature theme in our living and dining space. Being as we moved to the countryside, we wanted an interior that reflected that, at least in one room.

Luckily, our living and dining area is a reasonable size and as one big room, we’ve been able to extend this decor throughout the entirety of it. With subtle changes between the two, we’ve kept the same wall colour, curtains and ceiling lights throughout as well as some smaller touches.

Although I’m far from an expert, I wanted to share my own tips on how to achieve a nature themed interior in your home.

Of course this will vary in intensity, depending on how far you want to go with it. For us, I’d say we’ve gone for quite a subtle nature theme but it’s definitely there, in the colours, textures and home decor pieces we’ve chosen.

So here are some basic tips on how to achieve a nature theme interior!

Consider your colours

Bright pink or bright orange doesn’t scream nature so consider the colours that you want in your space carefully. Obviously greens are a go-to colour for anything natural but also beige and brown.

Bring it in via wall art

Wall art can really transform a room. And it’s a great way to add some colour and depth into the space it’s in. I love wall prints, we have them in most rooms.

First of all, we chose this duo print, which we thought was really nice and also something a bit different. The oak picture frames also add to the nature inspired feel.

On the opposite wall we have our stag print. We have a stag theme in the dining area, so this picture was absolutely perfect. You could create a nature themed gallery wall, which would look incredible.

Think about the scents you use 

It’s not just what you can see that makes a room; don’t forget about the other sense too. Most of us like a candle so if you’re going with the nature theme, you might want to match your scent to your style. Something woody or floral would do the trick.

Look out for nature inspired home decor 

We’ve chosen pieces of home decor which have stag antlers on, as we’ve gone for a bit of a stag theme in the dining room as well as foliage on the dining room table and a cushion with woodland animals on it.

Don’t be scared of texture 

Different textures help bring a cozy nature themed vibe to any room. Don’t be afraid to showcasing different types and styles of woods – even those with imperfections because nothing in nature is perfect. Flooring365 can give you some inspiration on the type of wooden flooring you might want to consider!

Bring in some plants 

I won’t be one of these people that say they HAVE to be real plants. For many people, having real plants in the house isn’t viable. Perhaps because of children or pets or maybe you just don’t have time to look after them, that’s fine.

There are many incredible faux plants out there, both big and small, that you can use to adorn your space to add to the nature vibes!

Do you have any nature themed decor running through your house?


  1. Hi Jenny, you have beautiful crafted this post. It is full with knowledge and tips. I loved to read your blog posts. I hope this will make sense to share it with others and they will get benefits from your knowledge. Thanks and keep posting more!!!

  2. These are fantastic ideas, and I LOVE the prints you chose from Poster Store. I have a gallery wall in the hallway that I change out with seasonal nature-themed prints. Also, that’s a great idea to use nature-scented candles.

  3. I love what you have done with your new place…it has a serene feeling. The artwork you chose is awesome. What a wonderful house to ‘come home to’. Great ideas for nature themed interior decor. I can picture your house with white ‘cinderella’ pumpkins…a softer touch than the orange ones! 🙂

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