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Need An Afternoon Energy Boost? Here’s How To Re-Energize Yourself

I’m sure I’m not the only one who encounters the dreaded afternoon slump. I always find myself super energized in the morning but by the time 2pm hits, I am so ready to get my pajamas on and hit the hay. And hey… sometimes I do! Nobody is perfect. On those days where the slump hits HARD I do cave and have an afternoon nap. But obviously that’s not always an option. Sometimes we need an alternative afternoon energy boost.

Afternoon Energy Boost

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I also don’t drink coffee – I have some sort of weird intolerance to it as it makes me feel drunk and shaky so I avoid coffee like the plague. So I can’t push through that afternoon slump with ALL THE CAFFEINE. However, knocking back 4 cups of coffee to get through the afternoon isn’t something I’d probably recommend anyway.

So, if you need an afternoon energy boost without the coffee, I’m going to share some tried and tested ways I’ve found that extra energy boost:

Beat the Afternoon Energy Slump

Start the day right to avoid an afternoon slump

The afternoon slump starts much earlier than when it actually hits. So by starting the day right from the moment you wake up, you can potentially avoid that midday slump altogether. Eating a well balanced and healthy breakfast, staying hydrated, taking your vitamins and getting in a bit of exercise are just a few ways to keep the energy up.

Drink some water for an instant energy boost

Being dehydrated can make you feel so sluggish. And sometimes, during the morning when you’re working hard, constantly drinking water isn’t at the top of your priorities list (although it should be!) So if you find yourself needing an afternoon energy boost, it might be something as plainly simple as getting a cold glass of water that perks you up.

Get some fresh air to wake yourself up

I work from home so I’m at home A LOT. And constantly being cooped up inside has always made me feel a bit rubbish. Fresh air is one of the most wonderful, natural, energy boosters. So I’d highly recommend going for a walk, sitting in the garden or even just flinging open a window for a natural, instant, boost.

Avoid carbs during lunch

This isn’t something I’d usually recommend or talk about as I know people are pretty sensitive toward food AND I’m not a nutritionist or qualified to give food advice in any way. BUT. I’ve found the less carbs I eat during lunch, right before the afternoon slump, the less tired I am. Something to experiment with!

Get up and stretch or do some Yoga

We all know that Yoga is my jam by now. I couldn’t get by without it now. And it’s become an integral part of my daily routine and also helping me get an energy boost when I need it. I’ve created a public playlist on YouTube of all my favorite Yoga With Adriene practices that are just PERFECT for that quick afternoon energy boost!

Step away from the screen

Screens can make you tired. T-I-R-E-D. I’m always less tired during the day if I’m not working, am out at the zoo or on holiday for example and not staring at my freaking laptop all damn day. This is a hard one to implement if you work in an office or from your laptop but AT LEAST take a break from the screen for your lunch break.

Use a refreshing face spray for an energy boost

If you haven’t got a mist then splashing your face with cold water is another great, natural way to wake yourself up and give yourself a quick energy fix. I personally really enjoy using the Fearne Cotton Energize Face Mist, which contains natural ingredients and smells gorgeous too.

Have a healthy snack

HEALTHY. I know when we’re feeling tired and sluggish the first thing we want to reach for is the chocolate. Or the crisps. Or the cakes. And whilst I’m NEVER one for not having a treat when I fancy one, when it comes to needing an afternoon energy boost, you really do need to stick to the healthy snacks. Fruit, cereal bars, granola, vegetables etc!

Stimulate your brain

When 1 or 2pm rolls around and you’re feeling that slump coming on, doing something you have to think about probably isn’t what you WANT to do. But it’ll definitely be the thing to give your brain a little energy boost, instead of chilling out and watching YouTube. Try puzzles, Sudoku, brain training, that sort of thing!

If all else fails, just have a nap

Look, let’s be real. Sometimes the afternoon slump is too much and there’s nothing we can do to wake us up. Perhaps it’s from a bad night sleep the night before, a personal problem that’s draining your energy or something else. But if all else fails and you have the means to do so, just have a nap. We’re not judging. I promise.

How do you give yourself an afternoon energy boost? Do you suffer from the afternoon slump and have any tips on how to get through it? Let us know in the comments!

Afternoon Energy Boost



  1. Thanks for sharing, I find a cup of tea a nice treat to get rid of the afternoon slump 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

  2. I completely get the afternoon slump! These are some great tips, an afternoon snack always helps and I love getting a bit of fresh air!!

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s bloody AWFUL in’t it!

  3. Kayleigh Harris says:

    I love all these. My favourite way is definitely to get up and have a little walk and a stretch – it always works wonders for me! Although I do still love a coffee in the afternoon 🙂

    Kayleigh x

    1. Absolutely! Oh one coffee won’t hurt 😉

  4. I’ve heard of facemists but haven’t tried on yet! I actually use essential oils to help – and drink a lot of water or something with electrolytes in it.

    But a nap always sounds good

    1. Essential oils are just as wonderful!

  5. The afternoon slump always gets me on work days! I try to take my lunch at around 2pm when I can so that I can rest and then get back to it! So many good tips in here, I like the sound of the fact mists!

    1. Face mists are great!

  6. Oh my god I hate the afternoon slump! I always feel like I could go back to sleep for about a decade. Fresh air is definitely the thing that helps me combat it most, but as another non-caffeine drinker it can be a real struggle! I’m useless mid-afternoon, but I might try doing some yoga at that time so I’m raring to go for the rest of the day.

    1. I’m the same! I hate it! But doing a bit of Yoga definitely helps sometimes!

  7. I love those face mists. I know some people think they’re really gimmicky but I honestly love how they feel on my skin and always feel a bit more awake afterwards. I definitely think a walk or a little bit of exercise wakes me up too if that’s an option x


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