Since working from home and being self employed, I’ve become much more of a morning person. I’m more productive in the morning. I feel horrible if I sleep in too late. And I enjoy the hours before midday more than the ones after. Tell my 14 year old self that and she’d cry laughing. Hooking up a good routine is important and there are definitely some little things you should do every morning, which will get your day off to an even better start.

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The a.m is such an important time of day to set yourself up for the rest of it. Sometimes, the first couple of hours of the day can define how we feel for the rest of it! So I tend to put a lot of importance into how I start my day, the things I do and the way I do them.

Because if I have a naff morning, you can definitely bet that the rest of my day is probably going to be a complete write off too! So although everyone is different, if you’re struggling to make the start of your day positive and productive, here are some little things you can incorporate into your routine to make it better.

Here are 7 little things you should do every morning!

Express gratitude

This one is a game changer. And it’s so simple. So quick. And requires very little effort. But expressing gratitude every single day can really change your outlook over time. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, just express what you’re grateful for as you step out of bed or when you’re washing your face. It can be something as little as being grateful for the breakfast you’re about to eat! But taking time to realise that you do have things to be grateful for, boy, it’s powerful.

Practice a skincare routine

A skincare routine in the morning is really important to me, as someone that works from home. I don’t have your regular morning routine or commute (my commute is to the living room) so having that sense of routine each morning really helps. But, whether you work from home or not, it’s always worth taking those 5 or 10 minutes for a little bit of self care every morning before your day inevitably gets hectic.

Say some positive affirmations

Before you step out the door, as you’re taking your last glance in the mirror or as you’re pouring the milk into your cereal, there’s never a wrong time to say some affirmations. Like with the gratitude point, this can really be a game changer. Affirmations are different in that they’re usually about you and you’re speaking it into the Universe how you want to feel and be as a person. If you’re stuck with this one, this oracle deck is a good place to start!


I think we could all benefit from a little stretch in the morning after waking up stiff and croaky. Whatever is doable for you, take 5 minutes whilst you’re waiting for your breakfast to cook to stretch your neck, roll your shoulders and anything else that needs a little TLC at that time of the morning. A workout can come later. But never underestimate the value of simple stretches every morning!

Drink water

The morning is the best time to drink water because after an entire night of not drinking anything, your body begins to get a lil on the dehydrated side. So make a point to drink a glass of water every morning when you wake up, before you do anything else. Mix it up by sticking some lemon in it or purchase one of these nifty fruit infused bottles if you really can’t stand plain water!

Eat something

I say something because not everyone can physically stomach having a big breakfast early in the morning and if that’s you, that’s cool. Personally, I can’t function or do anything until I’ve eaten. Scrambled eggs are my go to breakfast but I also like porridge with grapes sometimes too or some kind of natural yoghurt mixed with oats in airtight overnight oats jars. Getting some healthy (ish) food in you in the morning will improve your energy and enhance your morning.

Do something you enjoy

Even if this means getting up half an hour earlier (if possible for you) then do it. Because I find starting the day feeling good and also doing something I enjoy makes the rest of my day so much better. As opposed to jumping out of bed and getting straight into chores, admin and all that other boring stuff. I personally do this by watching some of my favorite YouTuber’s whilst eating my breakfast and also a morning Yoga practice.

Check out THIS THREAD on Twitter to see what others think you should do EVERY MORNING to get a better start to the day!

What do you include in your morning routine? Do you do any of these? Is a morning routine important to you? Let me know!

Little Things You Should Do Every Morning

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      1. It sounds a bit bizarre but it’s like a colouring book but you paint on it with just water (all the colours are on the paper already) you have to paint carefully or the colours will go into each other. I actually did it as a child ha ha! That’s probably why I love it! I have an adult version now lol 😆 you should try it! x

  1. This is a great list of things to do int he morning. I am not a morning person at all, but I am trying to work on becoming one, so I think creating a morning routine would help me a lot. I am one of those people that don’t usually eat breakfast, honestly it makes me sick to eat too early in the morning, so it’s hit or miss if I can eat or not. One of the first things I do is drink water and it helps to wake me up.

  2. Yessss I can’t tell you how much expressing gratitude in the mornings has changed my mindset, so I can definitely support you in that! Even small things like remembering to pack my lunch or being able to snag a car space at work… That one really helps!

    I don’t, however, drink nearly enough water as I should, nor do I stretch… I should really do those things!

  3. These are great ideas! 😊

    It’s good to hear that working from home has helped you become a morning person! I wish that applied to me too!

    I’ve learned that stretching in the morning really helps me feel ready to go and eating a proper breakfast puts me in a better mood.

    Love Lozza xo

  4. Soooo, I don’t think I do any of these things on a morning…oops. I don’t eat until lunchtime, my morning fuel is coffee and my morning skincare routine is only a splash of water and some SPF. Should really stretch or something though, I walk downstairs, get the dog up then sit hunched over my laptop for hours most days! x


  5. I’m happy to say that I do most of the items on this list! However, I do need to work on positive affirmations and doing something I enjoy each morning. I think that’s going to make such a difference, and I’m looking forward to incorporating that into my morning routine this week 🙂

  6. My morning routine is not complete without making my coffee and putting on some music as I get ready for my day.

  7. I loved this post Jenny. 🙂

    Each morning, I love to start my day with a warm bath and a cleansing routine, followed by breakfast while reading. 🙂

    The only thing I thought to mention is that the pink link text is too light that I can’t see it on my screen.

    As always, your posts lift my spirits. Dax. xoxo

  8. I like to be more productive in the morning, it gives me the chance to enjoy the rest of the day, I always have a drink of water and a cup of green tea first thing in the morning, then I have breakfast and do a workout, then I get on with the things I need to do (if I’m not working) x

    Lucy |

  9. Always been a morning person, waking up by 4:30 am, and by noon I get more done than if I wake up at 6:30. The morning hours are magical for me. Love your article. Great suggestions.

  10. I am and always will be a night owl BUT even saying that I hate to lay in of a morning. I don’t get up mega early but I can’t sleep past 8am even if, like last night, I was awake till 5am. Usually my mornings consist of waking up, breakfast, meds, skincare routine, then writing a to-do list for the day. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  11. Hi Jenny nice Post, I do my workout, follow skin care, have healthy breakfast, drink lots of water, dress up nicely and of course gratitude.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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