AD | Personal career trajectory can be massive impacted by taking a proactive approach when trying to advance at a company. Allowing promotions to pass you by or not applying for the position you might not have been exactly qualified for are mistakes.

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Many people that are given jobs are missing one skill or lack experience in a certain area. They are just proficient enough at the other areas of the job that they can learn to strengthen some of their weaknesses. The best thing that can be done is to do things correctly in a professional sense like giving a few week notice before leaving a job or interacting pleasantly with others.

One poor reference or follow up by a company looking to give you a job can be the difference between getting a job and being turned down The following are tips that will help take your career to the next level.

Track Increases In Productivity

Tracking increasing in productivity to show management when quarterly reviews come around is important. An employee will have a much better chance of success for a raise if they show they are constantly improving in terms of production.

Not all companies will give you a raise due to this so it is important to look elsewhere for a company that values its top performers. Most companies are going to track this but others only seem to look at productivity when an employee is not hitting minimum standards.

Don’t Look Your Age

Unfortunately a lot of women in certain industries are not only impacted by sexism but also ageism as well. Being too old to be given a deserved promotion is a great example. In startup scenarios it can be advantageous to look at young as possible as younger professionals seem to think their older counterparts aren’t as knowledgeable.

Trying out an anti-aging product or two can make all of the difference when it comes to looking younger. There have actually been studies that show more attractive people usually make better first impressions as the person meeting them correlates good looks with positive personal characteristics. In positions like that of face to face sales maintaining your look can take your career and commissions to new heights.

Continue To Develop New Skills

Most companies look at an employee as an investment so an employee that continues to develop new skills becomes more valuable to the company. A versatile employee is far more valuable than a person that can only do one job sufficiently. This can include taking extra classes towards a degree or becoming certified in something like computer coding.

Do not sit around being comfortable when you can still improve your skills becoming more secure in your current position. People that are promoted to upper management are the ones that can handle their workload as well as handle the responsibility of managing a group of people effectively.

Look For New Opportunities Even If You Are Currently Employed

The dream job that you have been waiting around for your entire life is not going to wait until you are unemployed to be available. Constantly look for new opportunities as waiting for a promotion for years is not the quickest way to climb the corporate ladder.

When this fact is combined with the chance of not being offered the promotion it is imperative to continually look for new and better opportunities. LinkedIn is a great place to look for these openings as there is potential that one of your connections can point you in the right direction in terms of who to contact and what method to contact them by.

Improving your professional life will happen with hard work as well as a proactive approach. Your professional life is important as it can impact your overall quality of life through extra income or perks like working from home.

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  1. Great point about the age, but I think it can go the other way as well. I am turning 30 this year, but still look like a university student aged 24, at least that is what people tell me. I have asked on two occasions for a promotion or raise and did not get the desired outcome I hoped for. I feel that the managers think I am too young and not experienced enough, although I have been working in my industry for more than 5 years now and have a Bachelor as well as a Masters degree. Looks can be deceiving. Needless to say I changed jobs to get to where I want to get to.

  2. I love all these tips except I would not try to make myself look younger for a job. I understand what you are saying about sexism and ageism but I’ve learned over the years that that can take me as I am or not at all.

  3. I’ve been so focused on my career lately that I’m trying to look for ways to improve it any way I can. YESSS!!! I experience so much ageism because I am half the age of most of the people in my group, but I bring some experience into the group that others don’t have. We need to embrace everyone, no matter their characteristics. Thanks for sharing all of these tips!

    Nancy ♥

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