collaborative // The weekends are when many of us relax with friends and family and take time off from work. For many of us, Saturday is one of the only days when we can prioritise our mental health, time with our loved ones, and personal to-do lists. Therefore, it’s crucial to set aside time on Saturday for self-care, stress release, and activities that make us generally happier.

Though many of us are familiar with the concept of self-care. In reality, you might engage in self-care regularly to battle feeling overburdened and stressed as well as to relax. But there are many methods to practise self-care, regardless of whether you’re just getting started or are unfamiliar with the concept.

It can be as simple as from a colouring book to go to the salon to get soft silky hair, it is completely personal to you.

Each of us has a distinct definition of self-care. You should prioritise particular activities based on what gives you energy against what drains it from you. However, we believe that these suggestions for self-care on Saturdays will provide us with the ideal opportunity to relax and refresh. 

Join a Saturday-meeting book group

In many ways, the book club was the first “social media.” We spent the entire week there, unwinding in the evenings or during breaks while reading your chapters. Enjoy the community and your time with other readers on Saturday after engaging your thoughts. A good book is also the best thing ever!

Rearrange your living room, then spend the day there

Depending on what relaxes you or doesn’t, you might not choose this as one of the options. However, for many of us, cleaning up, organising, finding boxes of old pictures, and making new spaces to enjoy are both energising and even calming. 

Stream motivational podcasts

Many of us have a long list of weekly podcasts we hope to listen to. But there will always be too little time to see every new episode. Self-care The third and final Saturday advice is to listen to the most motivational podcasts you missed during the week. While you listen, combine this with a bike ride or a long walk to get some fresh air and stimulate your thoughts.

Choose an interest, then advance your knowledge

It could appear like you’re trying to chew too much with this one. But for many reasons, it’s a terrific self-care exercise. Learning anything new genuinely alters the way your brain functions since it calls for the usage of previously underutilised mental resources. It’s a terrific opportunity to pick up new skills whether you already have a hobby you like or are seeking one.

You can also proceed slowly. Decide on a hobby first, then consider the tools or supplies you’ll require. Then look for a group to interact with and support your development. It’s crucial to one’s development and growth as a person!

Visit a gallery of art

On Saturdays, a lot of new exhibitions and art shows debut at art galleries. There’s a good possibility you can access an art gallery if you reside close to a city centre. And going to one can be the ideal way to break out of our comfort zones, try something new, and view the world from someone else’s perspective. Art interpretation and appreciation require us to be in the present. Additionally, going to an art gallery on a mental health day or self-care Saturday is a terrific idea!

Go hiking or take a lengthy walk

Simply getting outside is one of the best self-care suggestions. Right, it seems like a no-brainer. But one of the best methods to control our stress levels is to get some fresh air. Take a long stroll outside on a Saturday as part of your self-care regimen to raise your heart rate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of our suggestions for simple self-care on Saturday is this. But it aids in setting our mental and physical wellness as priorities. and before returning indoors, it’s the ideal time to take in the outdoors!

Create a spa day

Spa days are a terrific self-care suggestion for some Saturdays and special events, even though they may not happen every week. Plan a professional massage, including facials into your skincare routine regularly, use a face mask, and experiment with aromatherapy using essential oils—all of these are things you may learn from a spa visit and bring back with you in some fashion.

Attend a yoga class or engage in some meditation

Many of us don’t have time to participate in extended meditation sessions or attend as many yoga classes as we’d like during the workweek. Saturdays are a terrific day to practise yoga and meditation for as long as you like. For many of us, it facilitates goal-setting, present-moment awareness, and a mental and emotional reset. Self-care Saturday is all about taking care of ourselves, and this is why!

A new recipe for baking should be attempted

It’s great to consider preparing something you’ve never tried before if you enjoy baking (or, like me, admire baking from the couch while watching The Great British Baking Show). It’s not only a terrific way to push yourself, but it’s also a great opportunity to discover something new, develop new baking techniques, and take pleasure in a hopefully excellent end product. This is one of the self-care Saturday suggestions that can truly help you pay attention to the here and now and make a conscious effort to enjoy the activity at hand.

Make time to relax in the tub

It may be immensely pleasing to physically decompress and hydrate your body, whether it’s in a hot bath, bubble bath, or just a lengthy shower. There’s a legitimate reason why taking a hot bath makes a lot of people feel better. Numerous well-known health advantages exist, such as bettering blood flow and heart health and lowering stress. One of the simpler ways to focus your physical health for self-care Saturday is to do this.

Visit the farmer’s market in your area

Only Saturdays are the norm for farmer’s markets. It’s also a fantastic self-care Saturday idea if you’ve never gone to one! Purchase some fresh flowers for your kitchen counter, restock on fresh produce from your area, and make some plans for the upcoming week’s meals. A farmer’s market is a fantastic way to interact with your neighbourhood and meet local farmers, growers, and artisans.

Beginning a gratitude journal

Due to our hectic workweeks, we frequently don’t have the time to dedicate to journaling that we would like to. We can take some time to slow down, stop, and think, especially on Saturday. Develop a thankfulness practice as one method to focus on the present moment in your life. A gratitude diary, where you list particular things you’re grateful for or even devote entire journal entries to a single point of thanks, might be a terrific way to do this.

Establish a vision board

This is the perfect opportunity to create a vision board if you’ve never considered it. Asking yourself if you’re content with your time management and your life’s accomplishments is a crucial component of self-care. Self-care and self-discovery go hand in hand.

A vision board, whether it’s a standalone activity or a component of a bullet journal, is a fantastic method to imaginatively plan and picture your goals. This self-care Saturday plan is more focused on personal development and brainstorming, but on occasion, that’s precisely what we need to feel ready for the next week.

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