ad collaborative post // Flowers speak when words fail us. A bouquet will help you express the most profound human emotions to your loved ones on different occasions. Over the years, humans have used flowers to express congratulatory messages, celebrate milestones, appreciate a friend, and even mourn a loved one.

You will most likely see a bouquet when a baby is born, a sibling graduates, a parent’s birthday, a sister’s wedding, and even at a friend’s funeral. Flowers are a timeless representation of immense love and affection. 

There are many reasons to color the world of the people around you. In this digital world, you can choose your flowers online and deliver them to the intended recipient. You can still touch a life regardless of your location.

Thankfully, you do not have to spend a fortune on flowers. Whether you gift a whole bunch or opt for a piece of rose flower, it is enough reason to make someone ecstatic. Giving a bouquet to your loved ones while aware of the symbolic meaning of the flowers will make the gift more meaningful. See below tips that will help you gift flowers according to their symbolic meaning. 


These are the most common flowers, and they are perfect for any purpose and occasion. Though popular on Valentine’s Day, roses are widely used in all types of festivities and people. Roses still rank amongst the popular flower gifts for a birthday, anniversary, or any other event. Roses are versatile and different colors mean different things.

White Roses: are associated with marriage and new beginnings but are recently used as a gesture of remembrance. White roses symbolize quiet beauty and are perfect for reverent occasions, a fitting way to honor a loved one or friend in recognition of a farewell or new beginning. The pure color expresses hope for the future, pays homage to new beginnings, and conveys respect.

Ivory Roses: Also known as cream, eggshell, or ivory roses, they are a calming vibe that makes an elegant presentation. This color of rose expresses care – with no romantic intentions.

Yellow Roses: These roses represent friendship and care. Gifting yellow roses communicates warmth and affection. It also symbolizes a token of appreciation to another and a warm memory. 

Peach Roses: These are amazing ways of saying thank you and showing gratitude. They are commonly gifted to celebrate a business arrangement or deal as a loyalty sign. Peach roses are a perfect gift for expressing adoration to a young friend or daughter, thanks to their warm color. 

Orange Roses: They represent fascination, pride, and all other overwhelming feelings you have, like gratitude, passion, and enthusiasm.

Pink Roses: The pink rose symbolizes elegance and grace, gifted as a token of appreciation and admiration. This will be a perfect gift to a fiancée, best friend, or ever-dependable co-worker. 

Red Roses: Red roses scream “I love you,” conveying a solid romantic love and passion for another person.

Lavender Roses: represent love at first sight and are only seen in spring. These roses express adoration and fascination. Darker shades of this color convey a sense of majesty, regal, and splendor. 

Green Roses: Like the lavender, these are spring colors. Green Roses represent tranquility and rebirth. Gifting them means wishes for the recovery of good health and a prosperous new life. 

Blue Roses: represent ultimate lust, desire, illusion, and mystery. As a gift, these flowers represent unattainable love. 

Black Roses: Common on Halloween represents death, the end of a feeling, relationship, or idea. These are not natural colors, though.

Multi-colored Roses: Also known as rainbow roses, they make unique gifts representing joy and happiness. They make excellent birthday anniversary or newborn gifts. 


Peony blooms mean many things across the world. These flowers are a symbol of shyness. Victorians believed that if you pulled down a peony, fairies would visit you with a curse. To date, some people believe that if you do not attend to peony leaves and let them dry, bad luck will befall you. While the narratives suggest that peonies are unforgiving, gifting the flower conveys compassion. 


Tulips may pass for one of the most popular flowers in the world. They are vibrant and mysterious, as the flowers have a lot of hidden meanings. As a genius of the lily family, tulips are famous for perfect love, while the lily flowers represent purity. Tulips are also the flowers for 11-year wedding anniversaries, symbolizing love and devotion. 

The most common meaning for tulips is deep or perfect love, while Victorians associated tulips with charity. Since tulips are among the first flowers to bloom in spring, they may symbolize rebirth. 

  • Purple Tulips represent monarchy and royalty.
  • Pink Tulips represent confidence and happiness
  • White Tulips represent forgiveness
  • Yellow tulips represent positive thoughts.
  • Crimson tulips represent passionate love


Many ladies love orchids as they feature among the world’s most exotic flowers. These blooms connote elegance, delicacy, strength, luxury, and remarkable beauty. Orchids are unique, though found worldwide are symbols of fertility and dignity. However, different colored orchids symbolize other meanings. These flowers have an origin in all continents except Antarctica.

  • Pink Orchids symbolize fertility, joy, and grace. It is also the traditional flower for couples celebrating their 14th and 25th wedding anniversary.
  • White Orchids symbolize purity, innocence, reverence, and elegance.
  • Orange Orchids symbolize enthusiasm, boldness, and pride.
  • Yellow Orchids are great for gifts to celebrate accomplishment as it symbolizes new beginnings and friendship.
  • Purple Orchids are a sign of royalty and admiration. Gifting the flowers is a sign of respect.


This is a perfect gift to a friend as it represents fascination, love, protection, strength, and healing. White carnations symbolize purity, good luck, and innocence, while red-colored stand for love. 


Flowers play a significant role in human relationships, expressing and communicating with one another. While the traditional meaning and traditions change from one place to another, flowers still connect the world. Understanding the different symbolic meanings of flowers can make the gift more meaningful. 


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