I don’t think there’s ever a right or wrong way to propose to someone or to want to be proposed to yourself (heck, people even are proposing to themselves!). Whether it’s a big, extravagant affair with fireworks or agreeing to get married because all your friends are – like my parents did – whatever your personal preference on the matter is absolutely fine. But in an age where technology is our best friend and opportunities and innovative ways to do things are more common than ever, it’s not surprising that people are people are paving the way for a more unique proposal experience.

Personally, I’m not a particularly romantic person. In fact, romance makes me turn a little bit green (not from envy… the other thing!) Romance novels are a big no-go and don’t even get me started on The Notebook movie. But that doesn’t mean I’m not worthy of an engagement somewhere down the line, I hope and personally, I think I would like something unique and little bit different. Certainly no rings in the cake at the end of the meal here!

No ring

And speaking of rings, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to having no ring at all. Engagement rings are absolutely beautiful and they’re a lovely way to mark a proposal but for me, a ring isn’t necessary. They’re expensive and I prefer to pick out my own jewelry when I buy it – which is rarely. So as someone who wears the same jewelry for years on end and doesn’t want anyone to spend hundreds of pounds on one piece when that money could go towards something useful and constructive, I definitely wouldn’t mind if there was no ring in the picture.

Another item to mark the proposal

However, it would be nice to mark the occasion with something, wouldn’t it? Even if you’re not physically wearing it on your body, it’s nice to mark special occasions with something you can look at at a later date and inwardly smile at all the lovely feelings and memories it brings to you. I’d always considered a book a really nice way to be proposed to. As a huge reader and book lover throughout my whole life, that would definitely be something special to me. A nice edition of one of my favourite books. Perfect. And it won’t break the bank either.

Something related to my passions

And like books and reading, I think a proposal which is somewhat related to a passion of mine would be great. Especially if it was during a day out, an event, a weekend away where you’re both doing something that you love. For me, aside from anything book related, would have to be Disney or Disneyland Paris. Or something to do with Formula 1 or Motorsports. When my favourite drivers wins a Grand Prix or whilst zooming through the tunnel on Big Thunder Mountain! Something fun, something personal and something not “common” would be perfect.

I took to Twitter to find out what other people’s ideal unique proposals would be because I was fascinated to hear the different types of answers. Here are some of my favorites:

@the_rosylife: “With a french bulldog puppy wearing a collar with the ring attached!”

@BooksNest: “In another country, somewhere utterly stunning. Possibly under the hole in the Pantheon in Rome.”

@tbookishfairy: “I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, so I’d love to have Harry Potter in there somewhere. Either with the book as a ring box or ‘at Hogwarts’ (e.g. at the Studios) or following clues to find the proposal location. However, I’d love my rabbit involved (perhaps wearing the ring) too!”

@synerjes: “He farts and then says “well I’ve done it now so we might as well get married”

@rachelsarah_m: “I would LOVE to be proposed to on top of a mountain after climbing it! Sunset/ dusk would be awesome (my partner and I are both climbers).”

@lottypod93: “I’d like a surprise. And something with a little flair. Probably a treasure hunt and somewhere special to us.”

Who are Engagement Cam?

If you’re are a really unique proposal idea, you really can’t get more unique than having your own proposal caught on camera. Engagement Cam* offer an incredibly innovative service where you can rent for one week, with free postage (or buy if you wish) their engagement cam ring box, which comes fitted with a small camera which records your own proposal in 1080p. It’s simply and easy to use with one button to control and a flashing LED light to tell you (the proposer) it’s recording.

With it’s 120 degree wide angle lens to capture their full reaction, a discreet and slick design so they’ll never even know and with the option to keep your footage then send back the device when you’re done to avoid any extra discarded products, Engagement Cam really are tradition and technology combining to make a special experience for both of you.

Was you proposed to in a unique way? Did you have a ring or something else? What would be your dream proposal? Let me know!

* This post is sponsored by Engagement Cam


  1. My husband bakes a cake spelling out will you marry me – for me as an avid baker this was just perfect! And the cake tasted amazing too!

  2. I just got engaged and my proposal is probably our funniest moment to date. My fiance stepped in my puppy’s poop by accident before getting down on one knee and proposing, I couldn’t stop laughing. but I love stories like this! they’re so fun😊

  3. Ouuh lovely post idea!!
    although my mom rarely even wear her ring as her fingers get too swollen and she steals my dad’s most times.. the idea of just no ring at all is wierd to me.. though no need to be a expensive one !! even a $1 ball machine ring would satisfy me xd

    omg the farting one ahah

  4. This is such a clever sponsored post idea, I love how you involved other bloggers as well 🙂 My boyfriend has been talking about proposing soon for months so it’s quite interesting what people view as a unique proposal! I have no idea to be honest, I don’t think it really matters – love does 🙂

    Laura / https://laustworld.blogspot.com

  5. As someone who has no desire to get married, ever, I think I would be absolutely horrified if someone proposed to me in public – either with all the friends or family looking on or a crowd of strangers. How do you say “thanks, but no thanks” in a situation like that and no look like the biggest arsehole that ever walked the earth?

    IF and that’s a big if, someone were to ever propose and we’d discussed the concept of modern marriage at some previous point – I’d want it to be private and special. I’d probably still say no, but at least I wouldn’t embarrass them in front of a crowd.

  6. I had a pretty bog standard proposal, the ring was brought out with the dessert. Didn’t have the big white wedding either, just simple registry office ceremony. Though 10 years later we had a handfasting to renew our vows. 13 years after that, he is now my carer & best friend and he’s gay lol 🙂

    Sarah <3

  7. This is such a cute idea! I would love to get married, my other half isn’t so keen on it though because of the amount of money it costs nowadays to get married but that sounds so lovely to capture the moment. I think I’d want a ring, but I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t expensive, but I’d like it to have some meaning, my ideal ring would be one that’s got a blue stone in it because my partner’s eyes are blue.. that probably sounds so stupid to most haha! Lovely post 🙂

    Chloe xx

    1. I think there’s plenty of lovely ways to get married without spending loads. I certainly wouldn’t spend loads on a wedding – definitely not my thing and I’d rather save the money for something more important!

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