GIFTED | You can know someone like the back of your hand but that doesn’t always mean buying gifts for them is easy! My Mum is always easy to buy for. We have very similar taste in most things. My Dad is a bit of a pain because he never wants or needs anything. And my boyfriend? Well I’ve bought him every personalised and thoughtful gift under the sun in the past. So it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to think of unique gift ideas for him!

Unique Gift Ideas: Flat lay image of socks, a book and a poster

My boyfriend’s birthday was at the beginning of June and throughout the month of May, I was painstakingly trying to think of gift ideas for him. Which is where the inspiration for this guide came from. Have that person in your life that’s become impossible to buy for?

Here are some unique gift ideas to hopefully give you some inspiration!

Chattyfeet Royals Socks£8.00 Each

Socks? You kidding me? Nope, I’m not. Sometimes simple is better and I don’t think anyone would expect socks with the Royal Family’s face on them. Chattyfeet sell a range of funky socks with different historical figures and famous faces – past and present – featured of them, all with punny as heck names. I’m currently obsessed with The Crown (I watched both seasons twice in 3 weeks) so these ones are right up my street at the moment! But if your loved one isn’t a Royal’s fan, no worries, there’s plenty of other designs to chose from!

Men’s Society Gent’s Shoe Polishing Kit£20.00

Unique doesn’t always have to mean completely weird and “out there” gifts. Sometimes, the simple things are just as effective! I’m sure the men in your life wears shoes, right? And those shoes will have to be polished at some point. So how much more efficient can you get than their own little shoe polishing kit? This handy little kit includes handmade premium shoe polish, made with carnuba wax for maximum shine and comes with a handy little cleaning brush too. Most exciting gift? No. Useful and resourceful? Heck yes.

In the Book Personalized “On This Day” Formula 1 Book£12.99

My boyfriend is obsessed with Formula 1 (and so am I now, thanks to him!) so these personalized Formula 1 books are the perfect gift for him. They’re something a bit different, personal and something I know he’ll love and not already have. But if Formula 1 isn’t your loved ones thing, In the Book have tons of beautiful personalized books which would make lovely gifts. From sports history, recipes, bibles, comics, novels and more!

Exclusive Memorabilia Signed Boba Fett Star Wars Poster – £89.99

The Exclusive Memorabilia website is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for something special for that person in your life who has everything. Of course Star Wars isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but from football, boxing, Dr Who, Star Trek, Formula 1 and much more, they have a wide range of signed and exclusive memorabilia. This amazing poster is signed by Jeremy Bullock, who played Boba Fett in the original Star Wars movies and is truly a one of a kind gift!

Literary Galaxy Mermaid Ribbon Bookmark£7.50

Literary Galaxy Mermaid Bookmark

Literary Galaxy have a ton of bookish themed gifts which are just perfect for the book lover in your life who you might not know what to buy for them! If I’m buying a gift for a book lover, I’m always reluctant to buy them actual books because you know how particular we can be about books. Plus you don’t want to risk them having already read it. But bookish gifts are a great alternative. Literary Galaxy have a range of these gorgeous ribbon bookmarks, inspired by books. Can you guess the story from this bookmark?

Literary Galaxy Acorn Necklace£8.00

Inspired by The Cruel Prince, this cute acorn necklace would make a perfect gift! Super affordable and comes in a range of options, from a bronze chain (pictured above), black/brown suede cord, black faux leather cord and black velvet chokers. It comes beautifully presented on this printed card and in a sweet little star print bag!

Awesome Gifts Co.

My last suggestion here is Awesome Gifts Co. An amazing brand who are dedicated to ending the epidemic of extreme waste from unwanted gifts as well as giving unusual and awesome gifts to loved ones. They offer a range of gender neutral gifts, such as Bacon Roses + Dark Chocolate, Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet, and Beef Jerky Rose Bouquet!

I hope this guide has given you a few suggestions for the next time you have to buy for that person who has everything!

Unique Gift Idead

* Items in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Great gift ideas! The acorn necklace is so unique. Our blog is all about helping you find the right gift! We actually wrote a blog post all about gifts for someone who has everything too!

  2. Love the socks, I feel like socks are a go-to gift when you’re buying for someone who is really difficult to buy for, everyone needs socks and you can get some really funny/silly ones as well as some cute ones!

    Chloe xx

  3. I love love love this!!! It’s so hard to pick gifts out for someone when it seems like they have everything, or you’ve already got it for them, or someone else has :’) Those royals socks are too funny; I think those are my fav. Shoe polish is such an original idea!!

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