2018 has been the year of change for me. Not big changes; I haven’t moved house, got a new job or traveled the world but it’s been the year of subtle changes which ultimately, have changed my outlook and in ways… my life. You don’t need a grand gesture in order to change your life – despite what “gurus” may tell you. Traveling the world isn’t feasible for everyone. Moving to another location isn’t as straight and to the point as some people say it is. Circumstances, mental health, physical health, money and a whole variety of other factors can stop us from making these big changes we’re so often told we need to make in order to change our lives. But it’s bollocks. 

Changing your life isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t quick. I’m 6 months into the year now (as is everyone else, obviously) and I’m far from where I want to be; mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. But if you don’t start at least trying to change, you’re never going to, right? And it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop (look at me getting all wise!) Today I want to share with you some small, subtle ways I’m beginning to change my mind, my outlook and my life! Yay!


Yoga is the most obvious one because I never stop bloody talking about it! Yoga has made me enjoy exercise again, after years of not doing any due to my anxiety. It gives me something to wake up and look forward to every single day and it literally – literally – supports me in ways I never knew it could. It’s taught me how to breath like, actually breathe. It’s given me faith in my own body again but also taught me that it’s important to do what feels good – not just what is perceived to be good from the outside world. I’m working towards getting stronger, fitter and more aware of my own body and what it needs not just getting toned and trim.


This is one that I know will be greeted with some eye-rolls and I totally respect that not everyone believes in things like this and that’s totally cool. But I’ve started to learn about manifestation and what it entails and I genuinely believe it’s having an impact on my life. Manifestation basically is the process of manifesting your ideals. Imagining yourself in the circumstance you want to be in and considering it already done. Believing that you’ve already got that promotion, for example. And believing it so bad that in your minds eye, you already have it. The idea is that these intense beliefs are projected out into the universe and then you’ll be on the right track to succeed.

Projecting what I need

This ties in to the point I just made but I’ve really focused on thinking about and feeling what I need and what’s perhaps not going quite as well as I hope it would in that particular moment. An example of this was when, in  March, I had a dreadful month financially. I thought about it constantly, I worked hard to try and change it (to no avail) and I spoke about the problem I was in  both internally and on social media. By April, I had the best ever financial month since becoming self employed. I believe it’s both hard-work and something else… But there’s gotta be something in that.

Doing what I need 

Different to the above point but this year, I’ve really started to work on my excessive need to be productive 24/7 and never giving myself down time. I would work frantically from the second I woke up until the second I went to sleep, scheduling posts months in advance, thinking up new projects that I certainly didn’t have time to do and just wearing myself out from it all. Whilst I still work exceptionally hard on my work, my blogging and almost every area of my life, I’ve started ensuring that I do what I feel like I need to do and not feel guilty from it. If that means not working one day because my mental health is bad, fine. Having a nap mid-afternoon? Cool. Ordering a Domino’s even though yesterday I had a Chinese? Whatever, it was yummy!

Expanding my horizons

Again, I don’t mean by extravagant things like moving abroad or sky-diving. There’s so many other ways to expand your horizons, to deepen your knowledge and to become a more well-rounded person. I’ve started reading more non-fiction books and watching more foreign TV shows and films. Educating myself on different topics and just taking a damn interest in things. There’s certainly something to be said for taking an interest in the world around you. I’ve really tried to do that this year and although there’s plenty more I could be doing, I’ve definitely made a promising start!

I’m aware some of these points won’t be for everyone, depending on your personal beliefs and that’s absolutely fine! But I hope you liked this post and maybe gained something from it. I’d love to hear how your year is going so far and whether you’ve made any positive changes!


  1. 2018 has been a year of change for me too. I started looking for new opportunities, studied more carefully, read more books and exercised. I also started writing blog posts of my own.

    Basically I’ve invited more challenges to my life, and I’m really enjoying myself this year.

  2. I love this post! It’s made me feel so positive and determined to really change my own fortunes. I love the concept of manifesting and projection – I totally agree that both hard work and good intentions can make all the difference. I need to get back to a positive place as the last couple of months have been actually good for me (for once!) and I’d love to carry that forward. Thanks for sharing your tips!
    Beth x

  3. I totally agree!2018 has been an amazing year of lots of change.I love the aesthetics of your blogs, how you bolden your text, it really makes a difference.So happy that you found your favourite exercise!Have you tried pilates?

  4. Sometimes, when you look back, you realise it was the smallest changes that made the biggest difference. With all this positivity and congruence, I have no doubt 2018 will be a big year for you! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. These are some very good and valid points! I believe you’ve got to envision what you want too, and believing in it so much it becomes true. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of positive thinking! x x x

  6. My year has had it’s ups and downs. We bought a new home but I lost both my grandparents. It’s been full of struggles and hardships. But has also had great joys. I’m fighting depression and I’m sure my wife is too. I found that my bullet journal seems to be something I can focus on to set goals for my work and family. I am working on growing and expanding my blog and reading posts like this help me see that there is hope and ways to do better. Thank you!

  7. Hi Jenny! Good for you for doing these subtle changes. I believe they’re so much better than doing nothing at all and wonder why our life is still the same. 😅 I’m doing something like this too in the form of small monthly goals. And so far so good! 🙂

  8. I started doing yoga too and I love it! I’m glad you took it up too. I can tell you really like it because you can’t stop talking about it. I can’t either lol. Let’s keep talking about it. It really is a great form of exercise.

  9. Its wonderful that you’ve found things that have a positive impact on your life. I dont know much about manifestation and projecting but i think i’ll read up on them.

  10. I’ve started doing yoga a few months ago too. Yoga helps me relax and focus on the present. I’ve also expanded my horizons this year by joining the blogosphere. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who shared my passion for writing, travel, and photography. I never thought I’ll be finally doing this, but I guess if you have a more positive outlook in life – you tend to take risks and work towards a positive outcome. Hope you’ll have more great things happening in your life this year!

  11. Love love love this. It’s so important to focus on your own wants and needs. Something I need to do a little more if I’m honest!! Thanks for always being so genuine and honest with us, that’s one of the many reasons I pop back to your blog xx

  12. Love this post, such great tips! 6 months into the year, and I feel as if I’ve gone a little of the rails as well. But, it’s never too late to get back on track. I also completely believe in Manifestation, and putting those positive vibes out into the universe. Good luck, hun! (: