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Weddings can quite frankly be an extortionate amount of money and something not all of us can invest that much in and unless you’re a millionaire with that sort of money going spare, there’s so much involved in wedding planning that it’s quite difficult for just 2 families (sometimes 1, depending on who is paying!) to deal with. I know for a fact that if and when I get married, I’ll be keeping it small, not going over-board and doing anything and everything I can to save those pennies. But just because we want to save, certainly doesn’t mean we can’t have beautiful weddings! From the hen party to the reception, there are tons of ways you can save but still have the wedding of your dreams.

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Hen parties

Before the wedding has even begun, there’s the possibility of already spending a ton of money on your hen party. But unless you’re jetting off to Vegas, there’s plenty of fun hen party games you can play on a more low-key hen night with your closest friends and family. And if you want to save a heck of a lot of money, you can even try printing out hen party printables (which shouldn’t cost anything, if you or someone you know owns a printer!) which include lots of fun games and quizzes. You can also save money by finding your wedding hashtag through a wedding hashtag generator!’

Who you know

Chances are, within you and your partners families, there’s going to be someone with a talent of some sort. Before you think about hiring external professionals, have a look closer to home. Is there a keen baker in your family who could make your cake for a fraction of the price? A designer who could do your wedding invites? A photographer to take your wedding photos?

As well as looking at who you know, make sure you shop around for things such as clothes and shoes. You don’t need designer labels in order to look beautiful and have a great day! Bridesmaid dresses are definitely one of the most important parts of a wedding from the brides point of view and you can find lots of gorgeous pink bridesmaid dresses that don’t cost a bomb!

Wedding favours

Most people go to a wedding to see their loved one marrying the love of their life, spending time with family and friends and generally have a good time. Not to receive gifts themselves! Although wedding favours are certainly a nice little touch, you definitely don’t have to fork out loads for them to make them special! There are tons of cheap wedding favour ideas under £1 floating around the internet and bound to be something that takes your fancy.

I took to Twitter to see if any of my followers had any tips and here’s some of my favourite answers!

@Abbie_Huggan: “Our family are pitching in with a lot like flowers, photography, cake etc. If you have family/friends who have skills you can utilize/ if they want to help, that’s the best way to cut down costs and it makes it really special that your family can help out and pitch in in that way.”

@hellomissjordan: “For evening invites use Paperless Post, especially if you’re inviting a lot of people! They have lots of free invites on there too!”

@ramblingmads: “Ask friends who’ve recently married if they have bits they don’t want. My friends gave us a load of candle holders for ours from their wedding.”

@aimeeraindrop: “DIY – we aren’t exactly crafty people but we made some of the decorations ourselves. Also designed our own wedding invitations through Vistaprint which was so much cheaper than getting them made by a professional bridal stationer.”

@curlybookowl: “Family pitched on damn near everything. My parent rented the building. My (aunt in law?) did the pictures. A friend did my hair and makeup my in laws cooked and fed everyone. We kept it super simple and easy so that everyone had fun.”

Do you have any tips to add to this post?


  1. Planning a wedding is so stressful. Especially when you have to worry about budgeting. I ended up getting a lot of the stuff for my wedding at the dollar store. You would be surprised at some of the stuff they have there.

  2. Ask friends if they have decorations from their wedding they would like to upcycle and could be used in ones own wedding. It could be the something borrowed that is needed for the wedding.

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