AD // There’s no better feeling than feeling revitalized and ready to attack the day after a good night’s sleep. Although actually getting out of bed may be a struggle (“just five more minutes won’t hurt, will it?”), it’s nice to be refreshed after a solid 8 hours. However, for many of us, a great night’s sleep is an idealistic pipe dream that very rarely comes to fruition. There’s a lot that goes into getting a good sleep – but your sleeping space plays a big part. So knowing how to decorate a bedroom for better sleep is important.

how to decorate a bedroom

You may be reading this and laughing out loud a little at the thought of you ever getting enough sleep. If you’ve got a young family, it’s a fair assumption that it is nigh-on impossible to rest your head for more than a couple of hours at a time. Even if you don’t have young children waking you up, there are often other factors at work.

One big thing that can affect how you sleep is your bedroom. As obvious as it may sound, there are many people who won’t consider making the necessary changes to where they sleep in order to get those precious z’s in. But knowing how to decorate a bedroom for better sleep is a great first step to getting that well needed shuteye!

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How to decorate a bedroom for a better night sleep:

how to decorate a bedroom

Give your bedroom a repaint

A change in colour scheme could make all the difference when it comes to getting a better night’s sleep. You want your bedroom to be a hub of relaxation and calm. Choose soothing colours when you redecorate, and you should see an instant change in the whole room’s mood and ambience.

Cool colours seem to work better than bright, loud colours. Aim for more light/pastel colours, and avoid aggravating colours such as red or orange. Although it may not seem that important, the psychological properties of colours can make a big difference to your mood. A quick repaint could in fact make all the difference.

Invest in a new mattress

This could be one of the main reasons you’re not getting enough sleep. It’s recommended that you should change your mattress every 5-10 years, depending on its quality. If you’re regularly waking up in the middle of the night, unable to get comfortable, then you should consider making the investment and buying a new mattress. The same goes for if you find yourself waking up with aches and pains, especially in your back, as this could lead to long-term problems that hinder your ability to sleep even further.

Switch up the lighting

If often find yourself struggling to sleep, a change in the room’s lighting could be the clincher in helping you nod off. Rather than regular lighting that switches completely on or completely off, you may be better suited to a light that has a dimmer switch. Because you can gradually dim the lighting, you may find that you find it easier to relax as the lighting gradually dims.

A similar effect could be achieved by using lamps on an evening rather than a light that lights up the full room. Lamps are usually dimmer and will help to set a mood that helps you to unwind a little easier.

Fit blackout blinds or curtains

Even the smallest bit of light can prevent you from fully relaxing and nodding off. Plus, there’s nothing worse than wanting a lie-in and being rudely awoken by sunlight bursting through the cracks in your curtains. With blackout blind or curtains, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be waking up on your own terms. Relatively inexpensive and easy to install, this is a quick fix that can work absolute wonders.

Keep your bedroom clean

An untidy or dirty bedroom will no doubt prevent you getting the best night’s sleep you can. For one, untidiness can linger on your mind as you think about what you need to do the next day. What’s more, if a bedroom isn’t clean then the spread of bacteria and allergies can occur.

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We’ve all been kept awake at night by either our own or our partner’s coughing or sneezing, so taking preventative measures is very important. Make sure that your carpets are regularly hoovered, and that surfaces are dusted to prevent the spread of allergens.

how to decorate a bedroom

How is your bedroom decorated and does it positively impact your sleep? Do you have any sleeping tips to add to this post?


  1. These are great ideas. I recently changed my mattress and found it’s definitely helped my sleep. Although it’s not perfect, yet. I use a sleep mask to keep the light out but need to work on keeping things tidier!

  2. I changed my mattress a few years back and I honestly did not want to get out of bed. Keeping your room clean is a big help, so I always make sure I keep on top of that. 8 hours sleep would be a blessing but it will never happen lol.
    Great tips though hun.


  3. I rarely get a good night’s sleep (can you tell from the fact I’m leaving this comment at 12.37am?!) so I definitely need to incorporate these tips into my life. I really struggle with lighting – if it’s not perfectly dark I can get sleep paralysis so blackout blinds and lamps instead of big lights are a godsend!
    Beth x

  4. My bedroom is actually in need of a revamp! And I totally agree, heavy ‘black out’ curtains is essential especially with this weather, the light streams through mine! x x x

  5. i totally agree with all this, especially the keeping your room clean tip!! i can’t relax unless my room is clean, it kinda stresses me out when it’s messy. i painted the walls of my bedroom light blue so it’s a more calming environment (: great post!
    xo, Nora

  6. All of these are super great! When we moved we painted the room a light blue and actually had less harsh light in our room as well and it’s really helped. And we figured out that our memory foam mattress wasn’t giving any support and after buying a new one I’ve been sleeping a lot better. Also I find that what helps me fall asleep as well is to get an audio book (preferably something I have already read a ton of times) and just listen to it. Because I have read it before it just lulls me to sleep.

  7. Love this post! It was great reading all your tips and tricks for getting a better night’s sleep. I definitely need to change my mattress soon! I really agree that making sure your bedroom is clean and organised can have a huge impact on how well you sleep. I absolutely hate coming home to a messy room haha!

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