AD – This is a collaborative post // Whatever your industry or family situation, it’s likely that between work and domestic duties, your energy and mood may be flagging. Even if you’ve tried drinking more water and adding detoxifying products like polisorb powder to your diet, you might still feel the need to work on your energy levels. Fortunately, there are some natural approaches that can get you that boost.

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Daily Habits That Affect Your Mood & Energy

The first step to addressing constant fatigue or poor moods is figuring out the stressors in your life that are affecting your mood and energy. A common source of frustration is being overworked, for example. Other stressors can include not getting enough help at home with the chores or feeling overscheduled with too little time to yourself.

Best Ways To Boost Your Mood & Energy Naturally

When thinking about your energy levels, the first solution that might come to mind is drinking lots more coffee or taking more supplements. However, there are plenty of ways you can boost your mood and energy naturally – and the best part is, they’re all affordable and doable!

  1. That extra dash of coffee creamer in the morning and the office donut you chow down on at work might bring you a temporary boost of energy, but unfortunately, sugar crashes soon afterward are all too common. In order to boost your energy levels over time, it might actually be more helpful to cut back on your sugar consumption levels!
  2. If you’ve never done a detox cleanse before, you might want to start incorporating it into your lifestyle periodically. A safely done detox can act as a reset button both nutritionally and emotionally.
  3. If you’re getting less than eight hours of sleep a night, it’s no wonder you feel down and exhausted! Though it may be tough to work into your schedule, getting to sleep even a half hour earlier each night can make all the difference in your energy levels.
  4. Most people enjoy a nice glass of wine after work, but all that alcohol could be sapping your energy. Instead of alcohol, try other drinks like hot tea that can hydrate and even provide a small amount of caffeine.
  5. Even the busiest of people need some time to themselves, so consider penciling in at least 15 minutes of stress-free relaxation time every day.

Of course, it’s also important to notice that no matter how effective the energy-boosting method is on its own, to truly see the best results, you’ll have to commit to practicing it daily. Your own motivation and commitment to better physical and mental health is perhaps the strongest factor in achieving those goals! You can also add in extra supplements to keep your life feeling more balanced. If CBD is something you’re interested in, I’d recommend checking out Cannubu.

When there’s a seemingly endless list of domestic chores to get done, your family is constantly asking for help, your boss keeps emailing you new tasks and the dog still needs to be fed, it’s only natural to feel your mood and your energy levels drop.

Just because you can’t control other factors in your life, however, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done about your energy. By understanding which habits can sap energy and what the best strategies are for improving your mood, you can give yourself a natural boost and take a stronger, more positive approach to your everyday life.


  1. I agree that we should all look into understanding what it is that may affect our energy levels! For me I don’t drink coffee, but I always make sure to have a regular detox and get enough sleep for my body! Great post xx

  2. For me I always resort to a drink in the evenings now I’m working from home more and I really need to get out of that habit! It’s so important to take some time out each day to relax and recharge – thanks for sharing these tips! x

  3. I love that you included having some time alone ! Being home all the time during quarantine can be so taxing on your social battery, I literally need at least 2 hours to myself a day just so I can be nice to everyone 😂
    Fantastic as always, Jenny !

  4. Excellent post! Everyone needs some time to rest and recharge. There is always more to do in a given day than can be done. That is why you need to do the most important things first, and pencil in short break times. So much more gets done when you are in a good mood. 🙂

  5. I love this. I’m definitely in the situation of more work tasks coming my way which is making me log off later (thanks, working from home) and sapping my energy. Trying to ease forward bed time definitely sounds like a doable idea!

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