Be Airport Savvy

Spending time in airports can be stressful at the best of times, let alone when travelling with the entire family, so this is the first step that you need to be prepared for in order to keep those stress levels low. To make sure everything runs smoothly at the airport, ensure that you have researched the specific requirements of your airline.

As each airline can have their own specific requirements regarding what they expect from their passengers it is definitely worth reading up on how to be prepared. This includes your hand baggage allowance and if you have any check in bags included in your ticket price. Also you will want to look at whether your airline will expect you to come to the airport with your boarding pass already printed or stored electronically on your phone. If you are travelling with just hand luggage you will have to look at their policies on liquid allowances and the size of the bags that you are allowed to take on to the plane with you

Hire a Car

Travelling to a new place with your family can certainly come with its own set of stresses. One way to keep those stress levels to a minimum is to hire a car for the entirety of your stay. Having a car to ferry you and your family around in, as a way to get around and explore your holiday destination, is worth its weight in gold in keeping your holidays as relaxed and easy as possible. Look for a reputable car hire company like, Holiday Autos and make sure you have asked all the necessary questions to make sure you don’t get stung with any additional charges when you arrive.

Holiday Folder

There is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination to realise that you have forgotten to pick up the details and address of your hotel, or the information about your car hire place or perhaps even the necessary information of any summer clubs that your children want to get involved in.

With most things being digital these days it is so easy to just forget to print documents, confirmations and necessary information and this can really put a downer on any holiday. Therefore make sure you are creating a holiday folder where you can write down all the important information regarding flights, accommodation, rentals and anything else that you are planning on your stay.

Packing List

Create a list of all the most important things that you are going to need to pack for your holiday. You are going to need to plan all the things that you will need and all the items that your children will need, depending on where you are going and what activities you have planned on your holiday. Think of all the things you have planned and think about all the different outfits and items that you will need to make sure that each day of your holiday you are prepared, organised and leaving nothing to chance.


  1. Great tips! I’m thankful my mom instilled great organizational skills in me because I always have a travel folder and packing list. I’d be lost without them!!


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