ad collaborative post // Many people deal with muscle pain each day. This nuisance often prevents them from moving and living their life the way they want. If they live a sedentary lifestyle, it only further contributes to muscle and body aches. Luckily, there’s an easy fix that serves as muscle tension relief that also rejuvenizes the body tissue. It’s called ExoGun Dream Pro.

This massage gun is based on percussive therapy, and it’s one of the most popular solutions for muscle pain relief. This article reveals why this gadget is great.

ExoGun – A Great Body Pain Relief Product

Anyone who appreciates massages knows what percussive massage guns do. For those unfamiliar with the term, these weapon-like devices perform a deep penetrating massage into the muscle tissue by performing concentrated movements.

ExoGun Dream Pro

ExoGun Dream Pro is one of the best massage guns out there. It comes with an incredible 1,200 to 3,200-stroke revolution per minute range, and it’s highly adjustable to operate at six speeds.

Whether you’re experiencing soreness after a workout or stiffness and lack of flexibility due to frequent sitting, this massage gun is excellent for uplifting the aching body tissue.

There are four attachments for applying the device to different body parts:

  • The bullet head is meant for deep-massage sessions of the soft tissue, so it’s best for muscle pain relief. It works best on large muscles and effectively breaks the knots, improves circulation, and eases muscle tension.
  • The ball head attachment is the best sore muscle treatment after a workout. If you’re after whole body pain relief, this is the head to use.
  • The flat head is destined for non-fleshy body parts like the shoulder blades, but it’s also suitable for dense muscle groups.
  • The fork head is mainly used for treating large muscle groups. However, special attention is needed when taking the attachment around the vertebrae.

Many people praise ExoGun for its notable benefits:

  • Tension and knot relief
  • Better circulation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Instant neck pain relief
  • Back muscle pain relief
  • Stress and anxiety relief

ExoGun – Portable Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

One of the best things about ExoGun is that it’s mobility-friendly. Take it to the gym or vacation – it doesn’t take much space, requires no cables, has a great battery life, and comes with its own carrying case. The long-lasting battery is enough to serve you for six hours after a full charge. Given that a single muscle group treatment shouldn’t last longer than two minutes per session, you’ve got yourself covered for a long time.

ExoGun Dream Pro – The Best Back Muscle Pain Relief

Those looking for an affordable massage gun can try ExoGun Dream Pro, as it’s a reliable solution for relief from body aches and pains. The adjustable speeds and massage gun heads make it suitable for all muscle groups. Due to its versatility and sleek design, ExoGun Dream Pro can be a perfect Christmas gift for family members and friends who like massages.

Learn more about ExoGun Dream Pro by visiting the official website

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