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I’m mega excited to share today’s post with you because I don’t often talk about sex on my blog. It’s not something that’s ever featured heavily but it’s a part of my life – as it is for most people – and I think sexual wellness, either with a partner or on your own is an incredibly important part of our well-being and self care!

So I’m teaming up with the perfect brand today to chat more about how you can feel sexually empowered and tend to your sexual wellness. Sex is still a taboo subject. There are still people with very strong views and opinions around sex, so today I want to hold a little space for myself to talk about sexual wellness.

But first, who is this perfect brand that I speak of helping me with today’s blog post?

Say hi to VIVA

VIVA are an incredible female sexual pleasure company that focuses on highly effective, high-end sex toys with a mission to ‘cancel fake orgasms’. They are fully aware of the stigma behind female sexuality and their goal is to help and encourage women to harness the power of their orgasm and embrace their own sexual wellness fully.

Now this is a brand I can get on board with. From the second I received their email, I knew I had to discuss a collaboration with them. The team at VIVA are so incredibly accommodating to the needs of influencers as well and understand that some people aren’t comfortable flouting their sex lives all over the internet.

I’m much more comfortable talking about sex now than I have been in a very long time. I even think over lockdown, my boyfriend and I have been more open about sex and been having sex more which has definitely not hurt out relationship. So introducing an amazing brand like VIVA onto my blog is a great next step! Now let’s take a little look at the VIVA product I received…

Introducing The Senna

They have 4 toys in their range which might not sound like a lot but each of them are incredibly high quality and all tend to slightly different things. When it comes to sexual wellness – especially toys – it REALLY is quality over quantity. I’ve purchased many cheaper toys in the past which have nowhere NEAR the impact that this does.

So the one I was sent is The Senna.

The Senna is a clitoral stimulator and a vibrating dildo, all rolled into one. Starting with the suction end of the product, this is obviously for clitoral stimulation – which is right up my street. I rarely use anything else other than clitoral stimulators. There are 10 (yes TEN) intensity settings to work through and I was surprised to feel how strong just setting one is!

This end of the toy is very targeted, which I like. It hits the exact spot you need it to hit and although setting one is a decent intensity, it’s not too intense to get things started off. And although you can be very specific in placement, this toy utilizes sonic suction technology to send pulses through your entire clitoris rather than merely vibrating the surface.

The other end of the toy is the vibrating dildo, which is used for a deeper, penetrative sensation. I will admit, I don’t use this end much because I simply prefer clitoral stimulation but it’s nice to have as an option. The end can also be used for clitoral vibration too – if you prefer that!

Your toy comes with a velvet storage bag – which is also handy for travel – and a power lead. It will need charging before you can get started but has around 10 hours of use with one full charge. And yep, it’s waterproof. For some shower fun too.

I’ve been so impressed with this toy since I received it and have been playing around with it. After YEARS of using vibrators and never getting the sensation I desired from them, products like The Senna with sonic suction technology provide me with exactly what I want! It’s a pleasure to use (pun intended) rather than just an object to get the job done.

5 ways to boost your sexual wellness and feel empowered

Figure out what you like

Like what I mentioned earlier about not being satisfied with vibrators. It took me until I tried sonic suction technology to reach a level of orgasm that feels REALLY good – rather than just alright. I thought vibrators were what I liked but I would never go back to a vibrator now!

Spend some time figuring out what you like. Whether that’s with a partner or with yourself. Experiment and find what feels good and roll with that. You might find that you like something you didn’t think you would but having that realization can be so empowering!

Invest in high quality toys 

Do not do yourself and your body a disservice by grabbing the cheapest thing you can find. Even if it means saving up for a while to invest in a high quality toy. You WILL notice the difference – trust me.

High quality toys not only give you better pleasure, they’re also often more sustainable, last longer and are made with better materials. So it’s a win all around really!

Put your pleasure first 

If you’re working on your sexual wellness and want to feel more empowered with a partner, start putting your pleasure first. Of course sex is always a two way street but no one person’s pleasure is more important than the other!

Or even if you’re single, start to notice more acutely when you require that pleasure and actually take the time to tend to it. Dedicate an hour of your evening to playing around!

Never ever hesitate in saying no

The topic of consent should never go out of style. Whether it’s saying no to a partner or even saying no to yourself – never hesitate. Make it known that you’re not enjoying whatever is happening and stop.

Sometimes I have to say no to myself. Sometimes if I’m using a toy and it is just NOT going to happen for whatever reason, if things are starting to get uncomfortable or too sensitive, I’ll have to tell myself to stop and throw in the towel.

Don’t neglect the health aspect of sexual wellness

Okay I know this isn’t the most sexy or glamorous point to be ending this post on but as someone who’s experienced some women’s health problems, I know it’s pretty important to keep on top of. So whilst you take the time to experiment and have fun, make sure you’re still keeping an eye on everything else.

Attend your cervical screening, if you have a cervix. If anything starts to hurt or you start to experience anything abnormal, go to see your GP. Your health is a huge part of being sexually empowered as well!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips on how you can boost your sexual wellness and feel more empowered sexually! Let’s start a conversation in the comments!


  1. That sounds like such an amazing product. Thanks for sharing all the information about it! I enjoyed reading and learning from it!

  2. These are great tips and I love that so many more people are being open and talking about sex more. I definitely think we should all feel sexy and empowered whilst knowing that we can say no at any time.

  3. Good for you, talking about sex toys and sex and pleasure! It’s such a taboo subject and one I think we avoid out of fear of embarrassment and judgement. Great article!

  4. Thanks for this post – it’s a important topic that isn’t often addressed. I appreciate you sharing your experience, and I totally relate with choosing a high quality toy! I used really cheap and not good ones for year, then decided to splurge and it was such a big difference! Thanks for these ways to help boost sexual wellness. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I haven’t heard of this brand before. But I will definitely check them out. It is great to see sex being spoken about honestly and healthily. To many misconceptions and myths that young people should be aware of. Thank you for sharing your post Jenny.


  6. yes to all of these points! Sex and self-pleasure are still taboos and I know that most people don’t feel comfortable in speaking up about it. I loved reading this and totally in for sexual wellness. I think that investing in high quality toys and putting yourself first are a must x

  7. I am actually so excited that you’re branching into this kind of niched content, I think it’ll do really well across your channels.
    I am making my mission of 2021 to show females that sexual pleasure can be amazing and it should be enjoyed.
    I’ve not heard of this brand but I’m going to do a little shopping with them now!


  8. YES! I love reading sex positive content and I think it’s so important to come from women too. We don’t see enough open and frank dialogue about sex and female pleasure, so fuck yes to breaking the stigma!

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