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Summer Tyres – Do we need to switch to them?

Winter and summer tyres are made from different rubber compounds.

The compound used in winter tyres works best when the temperature is consistently below 7°C. Once the temperature starts to rise above this point, the rubber used in winter tyres starts to heat up too quickly. This causes a faster rate of wear.

Summer tyres, on the other hand, are made from a rubber compound that works more effectively at temperatures above 7°C. However, they harden quickly and become less effective once the temperature drops.

This means that each tyre is best designed to work in different temperatures and therefore, tyres should be selected according to the weather in which you’re mostly living in.

Check for Tyre Damages

Tyre damage can prove to be fatal. It may be caused by impact between the tyre and the kerb, a pothole, or debris on the road.

One important thing to remember is to get your tyres checked out after you have had to execute an emergency brake. A sudden stop like this can result in flat spots, which can result in the sudden failure of your tyres.

Therefore, it’s very important to check your tyres regularly for signs of damage such as cuts, lumps and bulges. And if you notice any damage on your tyres, especially on sidewalls, you should get them checked as soon as possible by a tyre specialist and even replace them if necessary.

Keep Tyres Properly Balanced

If you have been keeping your summer tyres in your garage over the entire winter, remember to get them balanced before they are fitted to your car.

Poorly balanced tyres will only cause uneven wear on the tyres, causing frequent repair work and will require a replacement soon. Checking the balancing now will only save your money in the long run.

Always Keep A Spare Tyre

If one of your tyres fail while you’re out on the road, you’ll immediately be turning to your spare tyre.

During such a situation, your spare tyre cannot be out of action. So, when you’re checking your summer tyres, make sure to pay attention to your spare tyre as well. Or if you don’t have one, make sure to buy it! You can now replace all your old worn tyres with new ones within budget! Buy performance tyres online at affordable prices from Plume Tyres, Birmingham.

We hope that the above tyre safety tips will make your summer driving as safe and enjoyable as ever!


  1. This post has made me realise that I really need to get my tyres checked more often! I’d never even heard of summer vs winter tyres but maybe it’s not so common in the UK. I do have a spare tyre in my car so at least I am following one of these tips! x

  2. I always love posts like this that give really good tips, thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

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