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Although establishments are opening up and the world appears to be going back to some sort of normality, in the world of dating, there would still be a lot to consider when dating someone new and wanting to meet people, either online or in person. Dating is scary and nerve-wracking as it is. Without an added pandemic on top!

A virtual first date might still be on the cards for you. It’s important to remember that we’re all going to be easing back into “normal” life at different paces and for some, going into a restaurant or going out for the day somewhere where there’s going to be lots of people will feel like too much right now.

And that’s perfectly okay! 

Because there are plenty of ways around it if you want to start dating right now. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or in the UK, virtual dating is always an option. Then once you’re both comfortable, you can start meeting up in your local areas for physical dates.

If you’re looking to meet someone new and you’re in the Surrey area this Surrey Dating Site can be your first step into dating post pandemic. Whether you’re going to be meeting up in person, or following the tips within this post for your first virtual date, you can start Surrey Dating today.

Having a virtual first date soon and feeling nervous? Here are 6 ways to prepare!

Treat it as a real date

A virtual first date should definitely be treated as a real date – because it is! It’s about time we forget about all these conventional “rules” to dating and make up our own rules, isn’t it? Just because it’s taking place online doesn’t mean you can’t get the pre-date butterflies and make a proper occasion out of it.

Make an effort when getting ready

I mean, this point is totally up to the individual but for a virtual first date, get ready as if you were going out for an in person date. Do your hair and make up, fake tan, do your nails – the works! Even if you date doesn’t get to see all the efforts you’ve put in, at least it’s a great way to practice some self care too.

Ensure others in your house know to leave you alone

Unlike an in person date where it’s just the two of you, being at home during your virtual date you’re at risk of being disturbed or interrupted. So if you live with others, make sure they know you’re on a date and that you’re serious about it so they don’t disturb you!

Check your WiFi beforehand

The internet is an amazing thing but it definitely has it’s problems. WiFi signal being one of the main and most ANNOYING ones! At least for me, anyway! You don’t want your WiFi breaking up every 10 minutes so make sure you check it’s okay beforehand and that you’re somewhere with good signal for your date.

Have a back-up incase your platform fails

Whatever platform you’re using for your date, you need to be prepared for a failure. Zoom and other chat platforms can have bugs and issues, so it’s a good idea to have a back-up in case!

Know what you’re doing beforehand

This is the fun part! What are you going to do on your date? It can be more difficult too gauge what the other person wants to do if you’re online so having a plan is a good idea here. Perhaps you’re both going to have dinner and a chat together or watch a movie together? Or even play games?

Have you ever had a virtual first date? I’d love to hear your experience!

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