ad collaborative post // Winter is not the favorite season of many people. Between the cold weather and short days, most people just wait through winter to get to spring. With ample preparation, winter doesn’t have to be a dreary time of year. You can adjust your home to suit the cold with everything in place. Read on to get tips on how to make it through the winter season.

1. Stay Active

It’s normal to want to snuggle up on your couch or in bed and do nothing all day, but your body needs an activity to stay healthy, plus you’ll actually generate more heat. Besides, it also keeps you feeling good until spring.

You don’t have to engage in outdoor activities when there is so much you can do inside! Search YouTube for fun indoor exercise routines that will get your blood pumping. If you don’t feel like working out, you can stay active by working on your home. Decluttering, cleaning, and working on some repairs are great ways to “work out” while keeping your house in order. If you are trying to keep an exercise routine, set a daily reminder that gets you on the move.

2. Upgrade To a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat doesn’t need you to be around to adjust it to the current room temperatures. It should do this by itself and readjust the heaters accordingly as long as it is well set up. Call a trusted AC professional to get their opinion on the best smart thermostat that can work with your home’s heating system and their installation cost.

3. Check Your Home’s Insulation

Even with the AC in place, your home may still be feeling chilly, and this should not be the case. You may have called in the AC professionals to check your AC, and you may not believe it when they say they’re working in perfect shape. However, you may have overlooked the gaps in the windows and doors in which most of the warm air you need to be retained escapes from replacing it with cold air from outside. Call in a home contractor to identify and seal those gaps, and you’ll feel the difference.

4. Dress Appropriately

Even if you make some home upgrades to keep your family warm, you also have to have the appropriate clothing to stay cozy, whether indoors or outdoors. It’s about time to retrieve those warm clothing that you’ve stashed away in your closet and keep them within reach—these range from sweaters, hats or beanies, gloves, socks, jackets. Even as you dress up in the layers, ensure that you feel comfortable in them.

5. Keep Your Feet Warm

More often, when we go shopping, we major in on the clothes and forget our footwear, forgetting that warm feet impact the general warmth of our bodies. First, get those warm woolen socks to keep you warm at home and outside. While at home, you can match them up with a pair of comfy PillowSlides to avoid stepping on the cold floor in the house. We lose most of our body heat through our feet, so we need to keep them cozy.

6. Eat Warm Food and Drinks

Just like exercise, warm food and drinks activate your internal body temperatures. During this season, drink your favorite hot beverage when you feel cold. It will also heat your hands as you hold your mug or cup. Also, incorporate more heavy diet foods like soup, porridge, and stews into your meals.

7. Adjust The Lighting

The kind of lighting in your home and office determines the brightness displayed and the warmth felt. Go for the soft light LED bulbs that add in a warm atmosphere. Additionally, use candles to add extra warmth and comfort, especially during a power outage or when you need a different lighting setup without the usual home lighting.

8. Prepare Your Fireplace

First, call in some professionals to inspect your fireplace and do a chimney sweep to ensure that you enjoy it through the season without complications. Then, stock up all the necessities needed to keep the fire burning. Besides, a fireplace will help you save up the extra utility bill costs.

With these simple adjustments, this winter season should give you a perfect experience, and it should keep you enjoying every moment. Don’t let the cold prevent you from having fun.

About the Author

Jenn Walker is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.


  1. A fireplace would be dreamy, we always FaceTime our parents to see the one back home – just makes us feel so cozy! I struggle with winter, so need to get myself in the right mood to do stuff. Waking up early seems to be helping me.

  2. These are all fantastic suggestions of staying comfortable during the winter & I definitely agree with dressing warm & eating & drinking warm food & drinks!

  3. These are all great ways to stay comfortable during the winter. I never thought of upgrading to a smart thermostat, that’s an incredible idea! A pair of cozy reading socks and staying active have been my go-to’s. Thank you for sharing!

  4. These sounds like all great ways to stay comfortable! I love to have warm and filling food as well adjusting the lighting or having a candle beside me, total change of scenery!

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