collaborative post // We all have thought of what our wedding would be like at some point in our lives. Where will we have it? How many guests will be there? What will I be wearing? Will the hand tied bouquet match the dress?

We have all these questions (and worries if you’re a bride-to-be) swirling in our heads. Just thinking about it is already stressful. What more planning and execution.

Some brides hire a wedding planner to work on the minute details of their wedding. But not all couples have the budget to splurge on extra help from a professional. That is why most couples prefer to do the preparations themselves, considering the cost of the venue, food and other items on a wedding checklist.

Splurge or Save: Wedding Flowers

Flowers can make a simple celebration extra fancy. Whether you choose fresh flowers or a dried flower arrangement, your venue is sure to have that ‘wow’ factor. But if you are one of those with a spending limit, you might be thinking of ways to save more on wedding flowers.

To help you decide, here is a quick list of which items to save and splurge:


  • Bridesmaids Bouquets
  • Ceremony Decor


  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Reception centrepieces

Things to Remember When Ordering Wedding Flowers Online

A way to save on wedding flowers is by ordering them from an online florist UK. Ordering wedding flowers online allows you to buy in bulk and arrange wedding bouquets, centre-pieces and other decorations the way you want. However, there are downsides to ordering online wedding flowers. So if you wish to minimise loss and enjoy fresh flowers on your big day, remember to follow these tips.

1. Check the company’s profile

It is best if you did a little digging to find more about the company you choose. Of course, it’s easier to tell if a shop is reputable by speaking in person. But if you are only transacting online, some effort is required on your part to ensure the online florist you choose will provide you with the perfect wedding flowers.

Start by looking at their online reviews. It will let you in on what kind of service you will receive. Then, reach out to ask about previous work to see if the quality of their output matches your expectations.

2. Ask for their portfolio

Most reliable florists online have a blog or Instagram page showcasing their work. It is also one way to get closer to potential clients. Though some florists have no online presence, you can ask the florist if they have a library of their work somewhere on the Internet for you to view. If no such thing exists, then it’s time to look for another flower shop.

3. Double-check the address and the delivery date

For events like weddings, delivery is usually a day earlier. Before checking out, ensure you enter the correct details—address, time and day you want the flowers to be delivered. Before days or weeks before delivery, check if you put the correct information.

It seems like a simple thing, but many people make mistakes on this part. So if you wish to be in a situation where you don’t need to find a backup plan because the flowers did not come on the correct date, time or address, you should better check if your details are correct.

4. Have a timeline and know how to execute your plan

Avoid last-minute orders as much as possible, especially if you order in bulk. Florists need time to prepare the order and deliver them to you on the scheduled day. You must also consider how long the flowers will get to the florist.

It is best to include the floral arrangements in your wedding list to plan your order once you find a venue. That way, you can pinpoint the exact date when you want the flowers to arrive. Then, once you have a date, you can place your order and decide how to deal with the flowers once they come.

It is important to note that putting the arrangements together will take time. Therefore, it’s best to have hands helping, especially when in a time crunch.

5. Communicate with the seller regularly

Maintain consistent communication with the seller whenever you have a large order shipped out. Ask for updates from time to time. Don’t be shy asking for photos to tell them early if you need to make changes.

Ask them to tell you if they need to charge additional fees so you can know if your order still fits your budget. Communication is vital in these situations to ensure the flowers are what you need them to be.

6. Read the company’s return and exchange policy

Knowing their return and exchange policy gives you an instant backup plan if the order that arrives isn’t what you expected. Of course, flowers are natural products, and there is no guarantee that everything you receive will be perfect. But if they overpromised and under-delivered, you have the right to return or ask for an exchange based on their policy.

7. Inquire about how they keep their flowers

It is best to ask the florist how flowers are stored in between deliveries. Do they have an advanced system that keeps all blooms fresh until they are delivered to the venue? It is necessary information that you must be informed of before you decide to order.

Most professional florists always have special conditions to store different types of flowers. It prolongs the lifespan of the blooms after they have been picked up. Better initiate conversation and inquire about this before sealing the deal.

8. Be smart about picking flowers

The best flowers for your wedding are those that are in season. The flowers will quickly dry and look sad when delivered if it’s not in season. Better consult with a florist on the best wedding flowers for your special day before ordering several blooms at once.

Seasonal choices are not too bad. You get lovely and fresh flowers at a fraction of the price of delicate ones. On the other hand, delicate flowers are difficult to work with and often won’t last long.

Another factor to consider is pollen and fragrance. Some people are allergic to pollen or sensitive to scents. You don’t want them sick during your celebration. Pick floral species that won’t be too overbearing to be on the safe side.

9. Choose carefully when it comes to size

A crucial yet overlooked detail is the size of flowers and arrangements online vs real-life. Since your basis of sizes are images from the website or portfolio, you can’t be sure if the flowers are too big or too small.

Contact the company for more information to ensure you get the correct size. You don’t want to end up with a heavy bridal bouquet or odd-looking centrepieces.

We all want the perfect wedding. From our dress to our venue, we want everything to be flawless and picture-perfect. The same goes for the flowers everywhere on the big day.

Though flowers can be expensive, there is a way to save on fresh wedding flowers. That is to order online. With these tips, you can order wedding flowers with a little more confidence.

About the Author: Marianick Villegas is a marketer for BloomLocal. She secretly adores flowers and loves any reason to send flowers.

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