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As the world is opening up again, couples and those who are just starting their dating journey will be on the lookout for some fun and romantic locations to head to for the perfect date night (or day!) I think the UK is full of amazing locations – I’m a BIG fan of staycations myself – and although I’m in the South, I want to focus on Staffordshire based date locations for this post.

I’ve been all over England; from Wales to Shropshire, to Lincolnshire, to Norfolk, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Cornwall and more. And there are a ton of places in and around Staffordshire that I’d love to visit – which, coincidentally, would also make excellent options for dates! If you’re just getting back into the world of dating, match me happy is an excellent choice, especially for Staffordshire Dating!

So whether you’re new to dating, are in the early stages of a relationship or are in a long-term relationship (like me) and are looking for fun day out ideas for the perfect date night or day, then these suggestions are perfect if you either live in Staffordshire or are able to travel a couple of hours to reach them!

Alton Towers Theme Park

Perfect for the adrenaline junkie couples! We’re all familiar with Alton Towers and I think theme parks in general are a great option for a date day. I’ve never visited Alton Towers – but my boyfriend has and he LOVES rides. We’re hoping to go soon, preferably this year, when it’s safe to do so!

Drayton Manor Theme Park

Okay let’s get the theme parks out of the way first. Drayton Manor is another great option, perhaps if you’ve both already visited Alton Towers and fancy going somewhere a little different. Another theme park I haven’t been too but would be very keen to go and try out when we can! I know my boyfriend and I could have a great laugh.

The Peak District

Although the Peak District isn’t primarily in Staffordshire and it covers a HUGE area covering various different counties, I’d still like to include it in this post. The Peak District looks beautiful. A friend of mine went in Summer 2020 (when we were allowed out of the house) and said it was an amazing trip. This could be a perfect date option for a long Summer day or perhaps a weekend trip!

Lichfield Cathedral

This utterly stunning Cathedral could make for a seriously romantic date option. Situated in Lichfield, the Lichfield Cathedral is the only Medievel English Cathedral with three spires. The design and architecture is absolutely breath-taking and you can combine your visit with a wander around Lichfield and tea and cake in a coffee shop!

Trentham Monkey Forest

This is something I’d love to do and would also make a super fun day out and an different date idea! If you’re bored of the traditional movie and dinner, then spending the day with monkeys is for you. The Barbary macaques have 60 acres of forest to wander and play in and in Trentham Monkey Forest, you can wander with them. How cool!

Have you visited any of these places? If you live around Staffordshire, where would you recommend for a fun date?


  1. I’ve never visited Staffordshire before but every time I’m in the UK, my boyfriend and I are always looking for new date spots to visit especially for meals! Thank you for sharing this list, it’ll be very useful for when I can travel again 😊

  2. I live quite close so have been to a good few of these, I actually went to the peak district in Summer 2020 too and it was so lovely, so I would definitely recommend it! Always love going to Alton Towers too. These are lovely date ideas! xx

  3. These sound like great things to do even not on a date! I went to Alton Towers when I was really little – bet it’s changed since then. Great post!

  4. I would LOVE to go to Alton Towers for a date. I live a drive away, so I’d do a night over and do the whole thing. Love your ideas, finally we can start doing stuff out of the house and I cannot wait!


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