AD // Since I’ve started to knuckle down with saving money to buy a house and thinking about my future dream home, I’ve been thinking a lot about interior design and the sort of style, colours and feel I want in my future home. Every piece of furniture can play a huge part in how your space looks and you definitely shouldn’t overlook anything!

The living space is a really important place in the house. As well as it being the style and design that you like, it also has to be warm and inviting and a space that’s comfortable to spend a lot of time in. Not just with your own household but guests too.

A great coffee table can make a great centerpiece for the place where you’ll be gathered around with family and friends. But if you’re strapped for cash or space, you can’t just be sticking any old coffee table in the middle of your living room.

Lift Top Coffee Tables Might Be the Answer!

If you’ve not heard of a lift top coffee table before, it’s basically what it says on the tin. It’s a coffee table which the top lifts off of to reveal storage space underneath. A lift top coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture which can combine style as well as function. Which if you live in a smaller house, this can be incredibly important.

Where To Get a Lift Top Coffee Table?

The Yaheetech UK Store is a great place to start when looking for a lift top coffee table (or any coffee table for that matter). They sell a whole range of furniture for your office space, living room, kitchen and garden which combine style, function and modern living. Turning your home into a comfortable piece of art that you created!

Why Choose the Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table?

The Yaheetech Lift Coffee Table could be a great option for you if you’re looking for a coffee table of this nature. This coffee table has a ton of benefits, before we even look into the lift top feature. From an easy clean design to being water resistant, this is the exact type of coffee table you need. Especially if you regularly have guests or young children!

As for the lift top feature, you can see in the images that you get a really decent amount of space underneath and can hold 150lb in total. The storage space is perfect for items such as remotes, controllers for PlayStations, magazines, books – snacks! And the underneath shelf provides extra space, for blankets or throws.

This particular table comes in 3 different colours; Espresso, White and Rustic Brown. Depending on your living room style and colour. I feel like this 3 colours will go with most interior decor designs. If it was me, I’d probably opt for the white one. As I think white furniture can look really lovely and minimal.

This Yaheetech Lift Coffee Table in general has a very minimal feel and is very compatible with most interior decor styles. It’s big enough for everything you’ll need but not too big to take up too much space in a potentially small house.

For further information on how to choose the best lift top coffee table, check out this article from Yaheetech US Store. When I move out and get my own home, I would definitely consider this style of coffee table.

Do you have one of these coffee tables at home?

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