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Amtico vinyl flooring in the kitchen is the perfect partner to handle a lot of heavy activity be it cooking, rushing or installation of appliances that gives your floor a true test of lifespan. There are plenty of challenges that a regular kitchen faces and lowest price Amtico flooring can withstand against all much better than other flooring options.

Photo by Ionut Vlad on Unsplash

Easy Clean

The prime focus for your kitchen use is in cooking and preparing food and there is always the risk of spillage or the dropping of a jar on your floor. Sauces and Liquids will always find a way to leave an impression.

Most flooring from carpet to hardwood can receive a lasting imprint of signs of discoloration after multiple clean up attempts have been applied. LVT however offers easy to clean properties with the added reinforcement of stain resistance. A simple warm soapy sponge or quick mop and no trace of any discoloration will be ruining your floor..

There are also cushioned properties to protect your plates and glasses or jars from breaking due to the cushion fall vinyl tile or sheet provided. Plates have been shown to land without so much as a chip or crack, reducing the requirement to purchase another set in the near future.

Longer Life

Amtico has incredible scratch guard technology ensuring that on all those occasions where the floor is given its heaviest traffic there is no need to worry over damage.

From the four legged family members running across the floor to the back yard to installation of new appliances, your kitchen remains all year around its perfect state.

Amtico also comes in use with anti-slip properties as well as being waterproof, promising that spillages from the kitchen appliances will not soak through the flooring causing water damage.

Low Maintenance

In any instances where tiles or planks require replacement for any reason, uninstalling and reinstalling individual partitions is a relatively quick and easy process. Tile is very easy to replace which makes it a high recommendation for kitchen designers.

By self installation that has relative ease you save money on employing professionals to do the job, and for those fancying a dab at DIY it is a perfect project to get creative minds to work.

Vast Options

If you have a desire for luxury wood effect vinyl flooring you can have it anywhere from light wood to dark through the Amtico Signature range. If you like the feel of stepping on a stone or marble floor you can have it looking just how you wish by selecting from Spacia.

With Amtico flooring you have as many options as you could wish for from a brand that will provide exactly what you are looking to achieve.


  1. Oooh I love how the flooring by Amtico looks great!! Looks clean and perfect for pictures. Big plus when it can last a long time. Thanks for sharing about this!! I love the look of luxury wood!

    Nancy ✨

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