AD – This this an advertorial // This year has been tough. And sadly, it’s not looking like it’s going to get any better any time soon. We’ve all had our own struggles through 2020; physical, mental, emotional and financial. Luckily for me, I’ve not been separated from my family during this time as I live with my Mum, Dad and boyfriend (that’s not to say I’ve not had other struggles and worries – I have) but I know that’s not been the case for many people.


Isolation and loneliness has been a huge problem for so many people this year and it breaks my heart. Hearing people having to spend their birthday alone or going through a tough time without support from family and friends around them because they’re simply not allowed. And it makes me SO angry hearing about people who flounce the rules and ultimately making things worse for everyone else.

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So this year, the little things have really mattered the most. I don’t know about you but I’ve been really holding on to those little joys in life since around April. Today I want to share with you a fantastic brand who offer an incredible service which you (or the recipient) will definitely consider one of the “small joys” of 2020.

Who are SayIt and what do they do?

SayIt are a fab company that give you the opportunity to make group video messages for anyone – for any occasion. From birthdays to get well soon to congratulations. Whatever the occasion, you can make a SayIt for it! This service is PERFECT if you and your friends and family are separated during this time. Whether it’s by country or from illness. SayIt brings people back together.

You’re inviting your friends and family to join in and contribute with their own video messages, wherever they are in the world, to make the end result for the recipient as special as possible. The thing that makes this super easy, is that all YOU have to do is send the link to anyone who might want to be involved. Then they film their own videos and upload them – it’s as simple as that!

The process of creating a SayIt

I was kindly offered to create a SayIt myself so I just wanted to talk a little bit about the process and how I found it. Considering I’m not very techy, I’m probably a good person to listen to if you’re not techy either! So first things first, you create your account. Easy peasy.

Next, it’s time to give some details about the recipient and what the SayIt is for. You can specify who it’s for, the purpose of it and when you’d like it to be delivered. As well as the particular product you want.

Once you’ve created your SayIt draft, you can then send the invite link to anyone who you think would like to contribute! You can write your own message as to why you’re sending it and what sort of message you would like from them and then it’s entirely down to them! They record their own video and upload it to the SayIt (as there will be a link in their email) and you can see the videos trickle in!

So the process itself is so easy. Like, SO EASY. There really is not much else to say other than it’s easy and efficient. The website is straight-forward to use and there’s not much that can go wrong. And trust me, I always get something wrong when it comes to things like this!

The final product

We decided to make a SayIt for my boyfriend’s Mum, who’s undergoing some treatment at the moment. Me, my boyfriend and my own Mum all created a little video each to upload to the SayIt site and then we chose the Video Card option.

Now, this is where my opinion of this brand has sky-rocketed because I honestly did not expect such an incredible final product. Of course this is for my boyfriend’s Mum but I did get it sent to me first so I could give it a more thorough and honest review before I passed it on to her.

I said to my boyfriend when I opened it that I was staggered by it. And that’s still true. I was NOT expecting something as amazing as this to show up. The Video Card is an incredible product that I know would make anyone’s day, were they to receive one.

You have the option to pause, skip and turn it up or down and it automatically plays when you open it. There is absolutely no excuse to send a boring greeting card anymore when you have an option like this!

We sent the video card along to my boyfriend’s Mum and she absolutely loved it, she said:

“Thank you so much for the recorded messages from you, Carl and your mum. I really appreciate it and definitely didn’t expect it! It was a lovely surprise to receive in the post and I’ve never seen anything like this before. What a wonderful idea to send to friends and family right now!”

So all in all, I’d highly recommend SayIt. The process was so simple, the final product was INCREDIBLE and it makes a super meaningful and personal gift for anyone who you might not be able to see in person right now. I’m absolutely delighted with ours.

Would you consider creating a SayIt for someone you loved? Have you missed seeing anyone special on their birthday this year due to COVID?


  1. This sounds like such a lovely gift! Especially like you say for this year when lots of us haven’t been able to see our family and friends. I’ve not been able to see my parents very much this year as I live about an hour away from them so maybe this could be a nice xmas present for them. x

  2. The product is truly an awesome idea, and what better time than now when the pandemic has restricted most of us from being with our loved ones even as the holiday season draws near.

  3. This is a very unique gift idea! It is something very special we can do to feel more connected during lockdown. The separation has been hard, and it’s nice to know something like this exists to bring people closer together (even if it is not in person). Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love the idea of this. It’s the perfect gift to send to someone who isn’t great with technology or doesn’t have access to the likes of FaceTime. Receiving something like this in the post must be lovely 😊 x

  5. This sounds like such a lovely gift idea. At first I thought this was an online sort of card, I didn’t realise they actually sent a physical card with a screen inside which plays the video!

  6. Oh I adore this idea!! My Auntie lives in New Zealand and we facetime often but I love the idea of a message in the post. I think I might have to make a plan with the rest of the family.

    Honestly, Its made me a bit teary thinking about how much she would love this! Thank you so much for sharing Jenny x

  7. What an amazing idea and I think it is something my Grandma would love as she hasn’t quite got the hang of FaceTime but misses seeing people x

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