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The perfect present for the pet lover in your life

I know Christmas has been and gone but it’s never a wrong time of the year to support small businesses and buy unique and personal gifts for those you love! We all have birthdays after all! I’ve always found personal gifts the best; to give and receive. Something that no one else in the world is going to have. I also love supporting small businesses when the time comes for gift buying, whether that’s Mother’s Day, Christmas or a birthday. Being a small business myself (albeit not one that sells gifts), I know how important the support is. Not just the purchases but the word of mouth, the positive feedback and even the shout outs and retweets.

So today I want to focus on a small business that over 2017, I have grown to adore. I can straight up tell you that this post isn’t sponsored in any way, shape or form. Nothing has been gifted to me here and the owner doesn’t even know I’m writing this post (thought it’d be a nice surprise for when it goes live, teehee!)

I purchased two of Kelly from My Fair Pixel‘s pet portraits in 2017. One of my own dog for my mum for her birthday and one of my boyfriend’s dog for his Christmas present. Although Kelly is a fantastic artists and does many different types of prints, today I’m focusing on the pet portraits because I think they make the most perfect gift for a pet lover in your life!

Kelly usually asks you to send her a selection of decent quality photos of your pet and is happy for you to request any specifics, e.g with Dexter I asked for the markings on his head to be prominent because they are in real life and for Rory I asked for his ears to be a bit fluffier and Kelly completely listens and takes on board what you want so you get the most perfect result possible. She keeps you updated and sends you a mock-up of the final piece which you can then ask her to alter if it needs it. It’s totally obvious how much Kelly cares about her work because the amount of times she’s heard, “just a bit fluffier…” from me, it’s surprising she has virtually hit me!

The pet portraits are £34.99 for the portrait itself and only a few extra quid for tracked posting, which is always worth doing to prevent it going AWOL. I think it’s such a reasonable price for a personalized piece that the recipient will always cherish and something that Kelly clearly spends a lot of time and care over.

As I said, supporting small businesses is important so I wanted to do a decided post to Kelly’s who has provided me with two wonderful gifts last year which both went down wonderfully with the receivers. You can find Kelly’s Twitter here and etsy store here!

Which small businesses do you like? Do you like shopping small? Please leave any recommendations in the comments and help spread the love and support your favourite small businesses!



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  2. I love this! Another great gift idea xx

    Jamie |

  3. they really are the perfect gift for someone who loves their pet! I know my uncle would love one of these! they are quite reasonably priced to and look really cute

    1. They really are for something personal that takes time! Zxxx

  4. Awww how adorable are these, I love them! I might get some done of my cats – I can claim it’s for my husband’s birthday but really it’s for me, haha! They are gorgeous illustrations and Kelly is very talented.
    I honestly love shopping from small businesses, you get a much better range of products and they tend to be more meaningful/easier to personalise. Over Christmas most of the presents I bought were from small businesses and all the recipients loved them so I will definitely be continuing that!
    Beth x

    1. Awh that’s lovely! I’ve tried to shop smaller more frequently especially in the past year as well! Treat yourself to one! xxx

  5. These are beautiful, I would love some amazing prints like this of my pets. Thank you for sharing and making me aware of these. 🌸💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

    1. You’re welcome! They’re so lovely aren’t they xx

  6. says:

    Such a lovely idea!!! I should get one for my dog as well!

    1. You so should!

  7. These are so cute! I had a portrait of my mom’s cat done up for her last Christmas.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

    1. Awh that’s lovely!

  8. akjmusicblog says:

    That’s such an amazing idea! I don’t have pets but if I did it would make the perfect gift for someone’s birthday.

    Amy |

    1. It really would (: zz

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