We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our beauty regimen. After all, it’s when we’re asleep that our body rejuvenates itself and repairs the damage that it has suffered during the day. The skin, in particular, experiences quite a bit of damage the whole day. It is regularly exposed to pollutants and gets affected by stress and poor diet, among others. That’s why the skin needs all the help it can get to recover its health.

Thankfully, there are now products you can use to boost your skin’s restoration while you sleep. One of them is the overnight sleep mask, like Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask, which you simply apply on your clean face. Just let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes, and from there, it’s all a matter of sleeping on it and letting the mask penetrate your skin to experience its effects. And since you’re leaving it on overnight, the product has plenty of time to really seep in and work its wonders to your skin. Here are just a few of the beauty benefits you can get from an overnight sleep mask.

Deeper Hydration

Whether you work indoors or outdoors, your skin continuously loses its moisture during the day. What’s more, your skin also tends to lose moisture at an even faster rate at night (and especially during the winter). Using a hydrating sleeping mask is the equivalent quenching the skin’s thirst, leading to dewy, supple skin when you wake up. Replenishing the moisture of your skin also gives it a healthy glow. In addition, properly hydrated skin also looks younger and is less prone to forming wrinkles.

More Soothing Sleep

Overnight sleep masks are often infused with scented oils that helps relax the mind and body, which makes for a more rejuvenating sleep. Laneige’s lavender-scented sleeping mask is just one of the many lightly fragranced masks that can help enhance your sleeping experience. Other popular scents include rose, ylang ylang, kiwi, green tea, vanilla, and sandalwood, which all help provide a more soothing sleep. Overnight masks help give a new meaning to “beauty sleep,” indeed.

Brighter, Fresher Complexion

The skin’s daily exposure to dirt, sweat, and oil, not to mention pollutants like cigarette and vehicle smoke, clog your pores and make your skin look dull and tired. That’s because these substances speed up the development and accumulation of dead skin cells, which also clog your pores. An overnight face mask delivers a gently exfoliating action, removing these layers of harmful materials from your skin. When you wash it off the next morning, you’ll immediately notice brighter-looking skin.

Anti-Aging Effects

Sagging and dull skin are among the few of the key indications of aging. With the help of anti-aging overnight sleep masks, which rebuild and strengthen your skin’s natural protective barriers, you can slowly restore the firmness and radiance of your skin. There are also some sleep masks with active ingredients that stimulate cell turnover, the process by which our body produces new skin cells.

Acne Treatment

They are less common than hydrating, rejuvenating, or anti-aging masks, but there are also overnight treatment masks that help manage acne and other skin problems. Just remember to follow the instructions to the letter and use them only on occasion or as prescribed by a dermatologist, since the extra ingredients that help treat the acne may cause irritations when used too often.

Another thing you have to know is that a little goes a long way for sleep masks, since most of these products have more concentrated formulas compared to regular moisturizers and other skin serums. But whatever brand or type you pick, using overnight sleep masks is as simple as preparing your face with a thorough cleansing and following the application instructions on the container. All that is left for you is to go to bed and wait for the all these benefits to take effect.

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