affiliate links // I’m a very goal oriented person. I really thrive off of working towards goals and I feel a bit stagnant and stuck if I don’t have anything to actively work towards. And since blogging is my full-time career, most of my goals are blogging related now. However blogging can definitely be a very goal centered thing, with us all looking for that next milestone.

blogging goals

Although it’s important not to make the goals the ONLY focus of your blogging life, they are an incredible tool to help you move forward, stay focused and keep momentum up. I’m also a firm believer in achievable goals, especially when you’re setting monthly or even weekly goals.

There’s simply no point setting something totally unachievable that we all just end up crying over which makes us never want to write a blog post ever again in our lives.

I’ve spoken to a few people (other bloggers) – through coaching them and general chit-chat – who don’t set goals for their blog but when I mentioned it, they realised how much it might help them progress. And guess what? It DID.

If you’re new to goal setting with your blog, no worries. 

In this post I’ve suggested 40 different goal ideas for you to set for your blog to help you grow and stay motivated. Of course with each of these goals, should you choose to use them, you should add your own numbers and things to fill the gaps and make the goal suit you and where you are in your blogging journey.

40 blogging goals for growth and motivation:

Stat and number goals:

Stat and number goals are always great goals to set because they’re so black and white. There’s certainly no question as to whether you’ve hit these goals or not; you either have or you haven’t. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with wanting to grow in numbers too – I don’t personally agree with the numbers don’t matter argument but that’s another post for another day!

  1. Hit __ Twitter Followers
  2. Reach __ Facebook Likes
  3. Gain __ Instagram Followers
  4. Hit _____ Monthly Page Views
  5. Get ___ Blog Subscribers
  6. Increase My DA Score By ___
  7. Hit ___ Mailing List Subscribers
  8. Get ___ Downloads of My Podcast
  9. Grow Engagement Rate by ___%
  10. Get ___ Monthly Views From Pinterest
  11. Reach ____ Monthly Views On Pinterest

Resources + blog posts to help with your stat goals:

Money making goals:

If you’re a blogger who’s making money from their blog or WANTS to start making money from their blog then money related goals are a great idea! Making money through blogging (or becoming a full-time blogger) can be a long process, so having these goals to work towards will help you keep up the momentum.

  1. Pitch To ___ Brands About Collaborations (sign up to my mailing list for access to my freebie library, where I have a full guide on pitching to brands – including a template!)
  2. Brainstorm ___ Brands To Pitch To In the Future
  3. Sign Up To ___ New Blogging Platforms
  4. Purchase An eBook On _____
  5. Schedule ___ Affiliate Tweets Every Day
  6. Sign Up To New Affiliate Programs
  7. Create Or Complete An eBook
  8. Establish Advertising Packages For Bloggers (check out my advertising packages here)
  9. Apply For ___ Blogging Opportunities
  10. Reach ___ In Blogging Income
  11. Make ___ Sales of My Course / eBook / Program

Resources + blog posts to help with your money making blogging goals:

Content creation blogging goals:

I love these types of goals because they’re the fun goals out of the lot of them. Content creation is what I’m here for and what I’m passionate about the most, so these sort of goals are usually my main focus throughout the month! There are also so many different avenues of content creation, so this is where you can get creative and have some fun!

  1. Create All Content For Next Month
  2. Plan Blog Content Until the End of the Year
  3. Complete A ____ Gift Guide
  4. Create A New Freebie For Mailing List Subscribers
  5. Take Photos For Instagram
  6. Create ___ New Pins for Pinterest
  7. Write A Guest Post For Another Blogger
  8. Schedule ___ Mailing List Emails
  9. Create ___ Graphics For Twitter / Facebook
  10. Create Printables / Worksheets etc For Your Store

Resources + blog posts to help with your content creation goals:

Maintenance and admin goals:

Okay these are the boring goals. For me at least, this is the stuff I don’t like doing but I know I have to (or at least SHOULD do) in order to keep my blog, social media platforms and business ticking along nicely. Sorry – there’s simply no way to make these goals sound fun!

  1. Fix All Broken Links
  2. Update ___ Old Blog Posts With SEO + Keywords
  3. Keyword Research For ___ New Blog Content Ideas
  4. Schedule Pins For ___ Days
  5. Schedule Tweets For ___ Days
  6. Fill Out Your Tax Return / Tax Books
  7. Spend ___ Hours Working On Improving Your Site Speed
  8. Create A New Media Kit (+ Rate Card)

Resources + blog posts to help with your maintenance goals:

blogging goals

So there are a huge selection of blogging goals for you to take and use as you wish! Let me know in the comments which goals you’ll be using! Do you struggle with goal setting?


  1. I absolutely love this post. Blogging up to now has just been a hobby, but I recently decided to put more work into it. This post is a great way to stay focused. Thank you 😊

    Lauren //

  2. Thank you for this. I am currently setting blogging goals & was looking for a post like this.

    Really helpful info

  3. I love these goals. Since working in the office more, blogging has taken so much more of a backseat, but I’d love to spend more time on it. I love your pitching guide and I’ve managed to get a few gifted collaborations from it! Next stop, getting paid to do what I love. Thank you for these goal ideas 🙂 Em x

  4. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I definitely agree with setting realistic tangible goals. Each month I’m striving to do more on my blog and with my blog. My main goals are to reach more people and hope to monetize this year. Great post!

    Pastor Natalie

  5. Fantastic post Jenny! Setting up reachable goals is so important and so rewarding at the end. Great suggestions and will go back to my drawing board to get more focused on what I need to work on. xoxo

  6. I love setting goals for each month – it makes me feel a bit more grounded. I’m currently working on my DA so have been writing a few guest posts, as well as fitting in as much content as possible for next month! It’s hard work, but I have the summer off to go full time with my blog for a couple of months 🎉 Really helpful post xx

  7. This is such a helpful post! I am not very good at setting goals for my blog. I sometimes have a non-concrete goal in my head, such as “I’d love to hit x number of Twitter followers by this date” but I don’t have a good system for my goals. This has given me a lot to think about and I’ll have to go through the list again to make sure I’m actually doing these tasks 🙂

  8. This is such a detailed blog post with some real actionable goals with some really helpful resources to help achieve those goals. I love making goals as it keeps me motivated. Thank you for sharing Jenny.

    Lauren –

  9. Fantastic post, Jenny. Very motivational. I wish I had your motivation, though. I just want to draw and sleep lately and I think it’s the weather! (Or me lol)

  10. Such a good posy Jenny. I don’t have goals as such but I do look at my numbers occasionally and wonder how I could improve, but I guess that’s what goals are for! 😂

  11. I have quite some trouble not with setting goals but with achieving them. It’s like there is a door in my mind that shuts close and stops me doing what I try to achieve as soon as I set a goal. Am currently working with positive affirmations and challenging negative thought patterns to over come this. Thanks for this great list of blogging goals. Happy Thursday to you and yours 🤗😊

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