ad // Canva is without a doubt one of the most useful tools for bloggers, business owners – anyone who has a website, really. I’ve been using Canva more or less since I started blogging and it’s something I use every week without fail for my blog. I literally wouldn’t know what to do without it!

Naturally, I’ve got better with Canva over time. Looking back at some of my older blog graphics and pins makes me want to shed a tiny little tear but like with most things, you have to practice. And Canva is no different.

It’s such a friendly and easy to use platform, I’d always recommend it to anyone who blogs or has a business. So let’s take a really quick dive into what Canva is and how you can use it to uplevel your blog in 2023:

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design platform that is used by millions to make social media graphics, presentations, posters, business logos and MUCH more. Canva has ready to use templates and graphics for all users to help them design personal and branded imagery but also offers a paid-for service called Canva Pro for extra functionality.

Is Canva Pro worth it?

I personally LOVE Canva Pro and it’s one of the very few blogging resources that I’ve never considered parting with since I signed up for it. Obviously it depends how much you use Canva in the first place and how much you rely on it for your blog or business but if you’re a regular user, I think it’s definitely worth it.

Canva Pro costs $12.99 a month (around £10 for my UK folk) which I think is extremely reasonable consider you get access to ALL of Canva’s “pro” graphics, templates and options. Pro options on Canva tend to look more professional, which is an aspect I love and it also gives you much more choice.

Another benefit of using Canva Pro with all it’s additional extras is that you’re going to be creating something much more unique that your competitors who are on the basic plan.

How can I use Canva to level up my blog in 2023?

I absolutely cannot go through all the features and options that Canva has – I will literally be here until I die. You’ve only gotta go on the website and see how many options there are available. But here I’m going to highlight some of the main ways you can use Canva for your blog:

Pinterest templates

Pinterest templates is probably what takes up the majority of my time when it comes to using Canva. Pinterest can be such a great tool for your blog traffic but it all starts with the pins you make and share on the platform.

They need to be aesthetically pleasing, on brand and clear on what the blog post is going to say. And Canva is the ideal place to create bold, bright and coherent Pinterest graphics.

As well as an array of templates on Canva already available to use (on the free plan and the Pro plan), you can also outsource template that you can upload to the platform to use as well.

I’ve bought and used PLENTY of Pinterest templates from other bloggers / creators / businesses in the past and I find them so beneficial – especially in saving me time.

If, like me, you don’t particularly LIKE creating Pinterest pins (but do it anyway because of how much it can help your blog) then outsourcing Pinterest templates could be a great option for you.

Helen Garfield is the face behind The Creatives Desk, an amazing marketing blog and business with over 10 years of experience behind her. She’s created this incredible bundle of Pinterest templates for you, for only $17.

In this beautiful bundle, you’ll be getting 60 Pinterest templates – that’s a LOT of pins you can create! She’s also included:

  • Titled designs for blog posts, promotions, etc with call-to-action examples.
  • Numbered blog post title designs.
  • Engagement pins and list designs.
  • Quote templates.
  • Multi-photo frame templates.
  • Aesthetic stock imagery.

So basically everything you need to create beautiful Pinterest graphics that get you clicks and engagement. These templates will help you save time in creating your own designs and are super easy to just swap and change the information to suit.

There is also a matching set of social media square posts as part of the Natural Elegance Collection.

I can’t wait to use these Pinterest graphics so I can create more beautiful pins, quicker and easier. It’ll save me time doing something I don’t particularly enjoy doing anyway, also with the knowledge that they’re going to look great!

You can find Helen’s shop here, or follow her on Instagram or Pinterest.

Instagram graphics

Instagram graphics is another great thing you can create on Canva. Instagram graphics are great to make as extensions to you blog content, to get your main points in your blog posts across to your Instagram followers, to encourage them to check out your blog.

You can make lists, quotes and more and like I mentioned above, with Helen’s Pinterest package, you also get Instagram graphics as well!

eBooks (to sell or use in your freebie library)

You can make really attractive eBooks and workbooks etc on Canva that you can obviously either sell as a resource or use in your freebie library – like I do! I create ALL my freebie library content in Canva and it couldn’t be easier, including all the eBooks.

If you want access to my freebie library, click here to sign up to my mailing list, which will give you the password and full access to the library.

Coherent branding across the board

Canva allows you to create brand colours, fonts and images that you can use over and over again on your graphics to ensure you have coherent branding across the board on social media and your blog content.

Presentations to use for webinars

You can create full presentations on Canva, which are fantastic to use if you’re going to be hosting a virtual event or a webinar for your blog or business! You can create aesthetically pleasing slides which will help attendees follow along.

Media kits

And finally, all bloggers need a media kit if you’re hoping to work with brands and PR’s on sponsored content and advertorials and Canva is the best place to make one. Like with everything, there are some ready-made media kit templates to use which is really handy.

If you’ve not got yourself a FREE Canva account yet, then you absolutely must if you’re a blogger or business owner. The free account allows you to do so much, so even if you don’t have the funds for the Pro account, you’re still not missing out.

The Pro account just allows you to use additional graphics, fonts and templates but nothing mentioned within this post NEEDS the Pro account for use, which is fab!

I’d also highly recommend checking out The Creative’s Desk Pinterest templates if you’re looking to save time on creating Pinterest pins and don’t want to hire anyone to do them for you!

Do you use Canva for your blog or business? What’s your favourite feature?


  1. I use canva once in a while but I have never tried Pinterest, l am going to look at it and see how it works. I am always ignoring it but I see many people recommend it.

  2. Hi there,
    Nicely said as I’ve been using canva for some years. Templates are great and it’s pretty amazing the amount of free graphics they provide. Definitely needed for bloggers.
    Take care.

  3. I love canva! I use it for everything. Creating playlist covers for Spotify, to using it for work for Instagram, and creating PDFs for my Goodnotes! It’s such an easy tool, I went Pro last year, and I don’t think I’ll ever look back. My one gripe with the website is the fact that the rotations of images only work on a whole number. So instead of 1.25 degrees, it’ll either go to 1 or 2 degrees. It isn’t the biggest deal, but as a perfectionist, it’s sometimes a little irritating that something doesn’t fit exactly the way I want it to. It’s something I still have to use photoshop for! Other than that, I really enjoy Canva! Great post xxx

    Melina |

  4. I LOVE Canva and I’ve used it to make my own Pinterest pins years ago and yea..they’re not that great compared to the templates I use now haha
    I’ve also used Canva to make my media kit, and that’s a good idea to use Canva for Instagram graphics!

  5. Canva has been my favorite tool for blogging for years. i love using it for making Pinterest pins, instagram posts etc…
    i haven’t yet used canva pro, but i’d consider it because it would allow me to use more images etc.

  6. Great post Jenny! I love Canva, it’s been such a great tool for blogging and social media. Everything looks so professional and unique to your own style, and it’s so easy to use. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’ll be honest, I’m a writer- and design isn’t my strong point. However, Canva makes everything so easy! I really like using it whenever I need to make a simple graphic or edit something. Thank you for sharing Jenny x

  8. Canva is amazing! It’s not only upped my blogging game, but social media, business card creation and even helped with my wedding! Amazing platform and well worth the pro-price if you use it daily like me.

  9. I tried to Canva pro for a few years but decided to cancel it just because I wasn’t using Pinterest as much. However, I may start again later in the year. These are some great ways to use Canva Pro. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  10. I absolutely LOVE Canva, I use it multiple times a day for my own blog and for all of my clients. I am going to level up my Canva game this year with some templates, still in the workings right now. Love your tips and ideas!

  11. When I first start my blog in 2020, I come across Canva. I’ve always relied on it as one of my go-to creative tools! I must check out those Pinterest templates 😀

  12. I love Canva! It’s one of my favorite tools for blogging. I used it a few times for Pinterest as well and it amazes me how easy and user-friendly Canva is to use.

  13. I love making graphics in Canva, but the Pinterest templates are such a life-saver. Trying to design a Pinterest graphic from scratch can take a long time and lead to a lot of overthinking. The templates save me so much time so I can focus on writing more posts.

  14. Canva is such a life saver when it comes to my blog! I’ve recently only started using it to make pins after realizing that Pinterest could be a potential traffic source and I’m planning on using it to make some Instagram and Facebook graphics as well. Great post!

  15. I’ve just gotten back into canva. Mainly just for Pinterest graphics at the moment, but I need to update / make a new media kit. I’ll I’ve got it on my to do list! I’m feeling so inspired though and I love how coherent things are starting to look. X

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