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Essential oils have been around for as long as we can remember and they can be an incredibly powerful and useful tool to have in your pocket. Essential oils have a great many uses from cleaning, healing, relaxation and more. And having a good set of oils at your disposal can be great for when you need a natural and holistic pick-me-up.

How To Use Essential Oils

In this post we’re going to look at how to use essential oils in 10 different ways. You’ll see by this list how diverse oils can be and in how many different areas of your life you can introduce aromatherapy.

It’s important to do your own research into essential oils, to ensure that the oils you want to use are safe for you and your circumstances. Although they are holistic, they’re not always suitable for everyone.

It’s also important to ensure you’re buying oils from a trusted and reputable brand. And I have some wonderful oils from a great brand to share with you a little later in the post.

Here are 10 different ways to use essential oils:

1. Use them in the bath

This is my favourite way to use essential oils. I’m a big bath person and I love looking for different ways and different products to enhance my baths. A bath is the perfect place to unwind – so why wouldn’t you want to add scents and oils to the mix to make the experience even better? Oils can be used in your bath by adding a few drops – lavender at bedtime to help you drift off to sleep!

2. Use them in the shower or in your bath products

If you don’t have a bath but still want to make use of essential oils during your time in the bathroom, there are plenty of things you can do instead! If relaxation is what you’re after, use some lavender oil on the walls of your shower to inhale whilst showering. Or you can add a few drops of whichever oil you prefer to your body wash. It isn’t recommended to keep your oils in the bathroom – so when you’re done, bring them out with you.

3. Make your own soap

If you’re crafty and into making things, you can definitely use essential oils in this way. Some oils are great for the skin, so adding them into a hand soap will help leave your hands feeling silky soft. If you’re really into it, you might even consider starting your own business and selling them!

4. Use them in electronic or reed diffusers

This is one of the most common ways to use essential oils and the one most people are probably familiar with. There are plenty of beautiful diffusers on the market, depending on whether you want an electronic one or a reed diffuser. These will leave the room smelling beautiful and allow you to enjoy the effects of the aromatherapy.

5. Make you own candles

Similar to the soap making above, you might be more inclined to make something like candles, where you can include your essential oils. This could be a lovely activity to do when you’re feeling stressed and again, if you’re really good at it, you could even consider selling them!

Introducing Nikura

How To Use Essential Oils

I was sent the Essential Oils Starter Gift Set from Nikura to test out and play with, which contains 5 popular essential oils that have many different benefits and uses between them. This little set is PERFECT for those who are just getting into using essential oils and the blends in the set are so multi-purpose.

If you’re not familiar with essential oils already, I can totally see how the prospect of trying to incorporate them into your daily life can be intimidating. There are so many blends to try, some of which are better used for certain things than others.

Where do you start?

I think this sweet little set is the perfect place to start. There are only 5 blends in the set, so you’re not going to be overwhelmed with a ton of different ones that you don’t know what to do with. With a little bit of research on your part, you’ll be able to identify where you can use each scent to benefit you the most!

So which scents will you find in this set?

  • Eucalyptus (Chinese): Known for its powerful, purifying scent, eucalyptus essential oil is often used to help clear airways and aid respiration. Its expectorant properties help it to shift mucus, leading to easier breathing and fighting cold and flu symptoms faster.
  • Lavender (French): Lavender oil is a calming and relaxing natural remedy, traditionally used for its healing properties. It has a powerful ability to help in treating wounds and protecting against harmful bacteria, and it is also said to help provide relief from pain. An incredibly multipurpose oil, pure lavender essential oil can also help to reduce stress and dispel low moods.
  • Lemon: Lemon oil is also a popular ingredient in facial toners and home cleaners due to its powerful hygienic properties and its ability to attack harmful microorganisms. When diluted and applied to the skin, it may also effectively boost the lymphatic system.
  • Peppermint (Piperita): Refreshing and stimulating, our pure peppermint oil has been known to boost energy, improve breath flow and relax sore muscles.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: Said to be useful for fighting infections and relieving congestion, pure tea tree essential oil has been famous for its medicinal benefits for centuries and can be used to treat everyday illnesses such as the common cold.

Nikura are Vegan friendly, cruelty-free, bottled in the UK and 100% pure and natural. As a small family-run business, quality is important to them, as well as customer loyalty and creativity.

I’m really enjoying using these oils. I absolutely love the packaging they come in and the brand ethos. The lavender oils is being used in nightly baths, peppermint is being use on my Yoga mat for morning energizing practices and lemon has been great for cleaning too.

If you’re looking for an affordable starter set of essential oils to get you started on your aromatherapy journey, then I’d highly recommend checking out Nikura.

How To Use Essential Oils

How To Use Essentials Oils Continued:

6. Give yourself a massage

If you’ve ever been to have a massage then you’ll know that they often use essential oils. But when you have your own oils yourself, you can take it into your own hands – literally. A foot massage with essential oils is a really loving way to help you wind down. You can also massage your hands, arms and shoulders.

7. Use oils within cleaning products

Oils can be used within cleaning products for most household cleaning jobs, especially lemon and tea tree oil. With Spring just around the corner and most of us looking to have a good Spring clean, it’s a good time to think about how you can make use of your essential oils in your cleaning routine. They can be used for cleaning walls and counters, used in the washing machine and as detergents.

8. Make your own Yoga mat spray

If you’re a Yoga lover, like me, then you’ll know how dirty a Yoga mat can get! There are plenty of Yoga mat sprays on the market but if you have your own oils then you can make your own to ensure your Yoga mat stays clean and dirt free.

9. Make your own anxiety-reducing pillow mist

Lavender is one of the best essential oils for anxiety and stress and incorporating a pillow mist into your bedtime routine can be a great way to help you drift off at night and quieten anxiety thoughts. Using lavender is a powerful scent and tool for reducing anxiety.

10. Inhale them

And finally, you can simply inhale essential oils. Nothing fancy – just add a few drops to hot water, cover your head and inhale the aromatherapy!

I hope this post has taught you how to use essential oils in your every day life. Are you a fan of essential oils? What’s your favourite way to use them?

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  1. The idea of making a personalized soap infused with essential oils not only appeals to the creative spirit but also promotes the use of natural ingredients for skin care. It’s a beautiful way to merge creativity with self-care.

  2. I’m an over the road truck driver here in the United States. I have a diffuser taped to my table with Velcro. It is rarely off. I also make my own linen sprays for my bedding, seats and the cloth interior of my truck. I am very cautious with oils around my 2 cats that ride with me.

  3. I love essential oils, I wouldn’t be able to go without them. I have blends and stand alone that I diffuse all the time at all times of the day. I even picked up a small car diffuser from Amazon that I love to diffuse lavender in on roadtrips.

  4. I love to use the lavender for calming me down in the evening and peppermint when I get headaches. Thanks for sharing about different ways to use these essential oils, never thought of it. I have not heard of Nikura before but will definitely try it out too.

  5. This is such a great set to start off for anyone that has never used them! I really love to lavender around the room to help me with sleep as well as eucalyptus, love the smell! I can’t really diffuse much because of pets, but really want to try tea tree, it sounds like one that could be very helpful to have!

  6. This sounds like such a good brand. I love the idea of a set because it can be daunting to know which scent to buy when you see them all lined up. I’m definitely going to make my own yoga mat spray. Why have I never thought to do that before!

  7. Great post! I never realised there were so many uses and ways to use essential oils. I didn’t know you could get peppermint oil either and that’s definitely something I’ll try.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I absolutely love lavender essential oil; it’s so relaxing and calming and I often use it to help me sleep at night. I typically use a diffuser which makes the whole room smell good. Thanks for all the other info about the different oils we can use.

  9. I’m a big fan of essential oils – in skincare, for sleep, in cleaning, and even taking them orally when we’re sick. You’re absolutely right though, you need to do your research first. Just because something is organic doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone. And you need to be crystal clear on which oils are OK to take orally as well. I like the sound of this brand, Jenny, I’ve not come across them before, thank you for sharing, and I’m glad you’re enjoying your oils! x

    1. Yes absolutely, which is why I didn’t mention taking them orally as one of the options. I know it is an option but you’ve just got to be so careful and only take them like that if you really know what you’re doing – which you obviously do!

  10. This is certainly inspiring me to find my essential oils that have been lingering in the cupboard to use! I always like using them as bath oils, lavender drops on my pillow to help sleep and to inhale them, with drops of rosemary, peppermint and lavender to assist beat a cold. Some of them are great in perfumes too!

  11. I got a huge set of essential oils for Christmas along with an electric diffuser and some other bits to help me use them in the bath etc. I barely have time to look after myself so using them will be such a treat! Love this post and love all of the oils you’ve been gifted!

  12. I haven’t really used essential oils before, mainly because I didn’t really know what to do with them. Well, now I have so many ideas on what and how I can use them. I love the idea of putting them in your bath or in your shower products. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but the selection looks great. Thank you for sharing Jenny.

    Lauren x

  13. Such a great post, with tips I’ve never heard of before. Going to try the shower one soon. I love essential oils and this starter kit sounds fab!

  14. I loved how you went into details with all. I love essential oils too, I actually started my own essential oil line at my online store too i currently only have tea tree and lavender though. I love to use it for my skin and to inhale.

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