Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (I know right, I’m only just getting over Christmas) and for bloggers and content creators, this is another great time of the year to be thinking about seasonal content and to start brain storming your Valentine’s Day blog post ideas for the year.

Valentine's Day Blog Post Ideas

Along with Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Easter and many more holidays, Valentine’s Day comes around every year, without fail. So taking some time to produce some seasonal content to coincide with these holidays is a great way to build up some steady blog traffic over time.

This type of content will get a spike in traffic in the months leading up to the event, so the best time to post seasonal content is at least a month before the event itself.

Then once you’ve written a decent piece of SEO-optimized seasonal content, that will come back and help you out year after year after year, especially if you update the post with relevant links and content and utilize Pinterest, too!

But of course, thinking about Valentine’s Day blog post ideas isn’t JUST for the purpose of blog traffic and I don’t personally think any seasonal content should be.

You need to enjoy what you’re writing about and have something to share and something to say. Unless you’re just in it for the moolah, in which case, crack on my love.

Valentine's Day Blog Post Ideas

Seasonal content is generally really fun content to write and create. You can get really creative with what you’re sharing and it doesn’t really matter what niche your blog is in either, you can ALWAYS find an idea to suit you.

In this post today, I’m sharing some Valentine’s Day blog post ideas for you to pick and use. I’ve tried to categorize them as best as I can, so you can quickly find the niche or topics that work the best for you.

For example, I wouldn’t be writing any “Valentine’s crafts for kids” posts but I’ve already written a piece about self-love and Valentine’s Day, which fits in much better with the theme of my blog.

So if you’re planning some Valentine’s Day blog content but need a few ideas, here’s 55 for you!

Valentine's Day Blog Post Ideas

Beauty and fashion Valentine’s Day blog post ideas:

1. Cute Valentine’s Day Make-Up Looks To Try
2. Tutorial: How To Achieve A Sexy Date Night Make Up Look
3. X Romantic Hairstyles for Your Valentine’s Date
4. Top X Dresses To Wear For Valentine’s Day
5. The Best Loungewear Sets For a Cozy Valentine’s Day
6. How To Style Red For Valentine’s Day
7. Celebrity Hair / Make Up Inspiration For Valentine’s Day
8. How To Dress For the Cold and Still Look Cute for Valentine’s Day
9. How To Achieve A Sexy Smoldering Smokey Eye Look
10. How To Achieve The No-Make Up Look For Your Valentine’s Date

Self-love / single gal Valentine’s Day blog post ideas:

1. How To Plan the Perfect Galentine’s Day
2. Gift Ideas for Your Single Friends
3. How To Practice Self-Love During Valentine’s Day
4. X Solo Date Ideas You Should Take Yourself On
5. X Things To Treat Yourself To This Valentine’s Day
6. X Ways To Have a Perfect Valentine’s Day By Yourself
7. X Galentine’s Day Movies To Watch With the Girls
8. Quotes To Inspire Self-Love This Valentine’s Day
9. The Ultimate List of Galentine Date Ideas
10. X Reasons Why Friendships Are So Important

Valentine’s Day blog post ideas for foodies:

1. How To Prepare the Perfect Valentine’s Night Dinner
2. X Romantic London Restaurants To Try For Valentine’s Day
3. X Sweet Treats To Make For Valentine’s Day
4. Recipe: How To Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day ____
5. How To Make A Fakeaway For Dinner
6. X Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Treats
7. X Recipes To Consider for Your Valentine’s Meal
8. Vegan Alternatives For Valentine’s  Day
9. X Food Themed Gifts For Valentine’s Day
10. How To Make a Valentine’s Theme Grazing Board

Valentine's Day Blog Post Ideas

TV / books and film blog post ideas:

1. X Romance Books To Read This Valentine’s Day
2. X Romantic Classics To Add To Your TBR List
3. Best Romantic Movies To Watch During Valentine’s Day Date Night
4. Movie Alternatives for Valentine’s Day for Those Who Don’t Like Romance
5. X Best Netflix Shows To Binge-Watch This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day blog post ideas for mum or parenting bloggers:

1. X Cute Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids
2. Tutorial: How To Make a _____ For Valentine’s Day
3. X Valentine’s Day Activities To Do With the Kids
4. X Creative Ways To Teach Children About Love This Valentine’s Day
5. How To Have an At-Home Date Night As Parents
6. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Parents
7. Fun Family Movies To Watch This Valentine’s Day
8. X Valentine’s Day Card Designs For the Kids To Make
9. How To Have a Valentine’s Day Party At Home With the Kids
10. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For the Mum-To-Be

Post ideas for finance and frugal living bloggers:

1. X Fun and Free Things To Do This Valentine’s Day
2. Date Ideas on a Budget
3. X Homemade Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day
4. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Under £20
5. How To Save Money On Your Valentine’s Day Gifts
6. X At Home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples
7. How To Show Your Love Without Paying a Penny
8. Cheap Meal Ideas for Your Valentine’s Dinner
9. X Ways To Save Money On Your Valentine’s Day
10. Why You Prefer a Low-key Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Blog Post Ideas

I hope this post gave you some Valentine’s Day blog post ideas! Have you planned your Valentine’s content yet?

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  1. This was extremely helpful and has my creative juices flowing for an upcoming blog post for Valentine’s Day! When would you say is the ideal time to post a blog for the upcoming holiday? Thank you for sharing!

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