If you’re looking for a ton of ideas of things to do over Easter then I have 50 suggestions for you in this post! My Easter bucket list contains ideas for families, for the kids, for adults – anyone really! I definitely don’t feel like Easter time is only reserved for the kids to have fun. It’s usually a lovely time of year where Spring has well and truly sprung.

easter bucket list

Spring is always one of the best times of year, especially the early moments of the season where the flowers have started to bloom and that chill in the air seems to have subsided a little. It’s been a long and pretty miserable Winter for most people (including myself), so a fresh new season will be most welcome.

For me, Easter seems to span the whole of April. I know in reality, you have the Easter holidays for school kids which lasts for 2 weeks, then Easter weekend, this year from Friday 15th April 2022 (Good Friday) until Monday 18th April 2022 (Easter Monday), with Easter Sunday in the middle. But really, let’s consider the whole of April, Easter month so there’s plenty of time to tick everything off your Easter bucket list!

Spring is the perfect time to breathe a new lease of life into things. Most importantly, yourself. After such a long Winter, we can often feel tense and stuck. Low in mood and stressed. These Easter bucket list ideas are great for allowing yourself and your family to do something different, get outside and embrace the Spring air and witness the newness of the world when Spring arrives!

Here are 50 ideas for your 2022 Easter bucket list:

1. Go to a farmers market
2. Buy your friends Easter eggs
3. Visit a farm or animal sanctuary
4. Bake a sweet treat
5. Have an Easter Egg hunt
6. Do some gardening
7. Create an Easter or Spring table centerpiece
8. Switch up your décor
9. Donate food to a food bank
10. Do a cute Easter make up look
11. Buy some fresh flowers for your home
12. Have a de-clutter 
13. Make and paint Easter Egg decorations
14. Write some Easter blog content 
15. Sort through your wardrobe
16. Spend more time outside
17. Go on a bike ride
18. Go bird watching
19. Volunteer
20. Do some Easter themed crafts
21. Go for a walk in nature
22. Create an Easter basket for a loved one
23. Read some more books
24. Buy or make an Easter wreath
25. Spend some intentional time with family

easter bucket list

26. Have a day out somewhere fun
27. Do some Easter nail art
28. Check your area for local events
29. Have a picnic if the weather is nice
30. Leave food out for the birds
31. Have a movie day
32. Attend an Easter church service
33. Take some cute Easter photos
34. Make an Easter bonnet
35. Make Easter cards with the kids
36. Easter photo shoot with the dog!
37. Visit a flower field
38. Make an Easter gratitude list
39. Watch the sunset on a warmer night
40. Make Easter care packages for those who need them
41. Feed the ducks
42. Buy or make your own bunny ears
43. Take your kids to visit the Easter bunny
44. Have a games night
45. Go to a theme park
46. Go to the beach
47. Have a roast dinner on Easter Sunday
48. Light some fresh candles
49. Do some outdoor Yoga
50. Go to the theatre

easter bucket list

Which of these activities will you be doing throughout April or for Easter? Do you celebrate or make an effort during this holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. You’ve included so many amazing suggestions. I spend Easter at a holiday park with friends but did manage to squeeze in some outside yoga which I love. Its just so refreshing.

  2. I love this! I’ve actually been thinking of doing the garden next week, and this just has made me want to do so much more now. Made me smile as creating an Easter/spring centre piece was up there, and I’ve done that recently. Thank you for sharing, I will have to consider a few more on that list to get my brain thinking when I get a moment to myself!

    ~ Jayne | http://www.ourjourneyinchapters.com

  3. Great list!!! I love your idea of creating an Easter gratitude list. Creating a pretty centerpiece for the table is always nice on Easter. (I think I am going to keep this list handy through the spring…) 🙂 I have many decluttering and gardening projects ahead…

  4. I never bothered with easter eggs before going vegan (other than as a kid, obviously) but now it seems like a mission every year to figure out who makes the best ones. Lots of great suggestions here! My mum’s birthday often falls easter weekend/ week so that usually ends up taking over and being the main celebration x

  5. You’ve shared some great things to do here Jenny! I’ll for sure be keeping this post in mind when I’m stuck on what to do this Easter. Hopefully the weather will cooperate! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely, I always appreciate posts like this Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

  6. These suggestions are great. We usually spend time with family over the Easter period & obviously eat loads of chocolate. Will save these tips to come back to!

  7. I’ll definitely be doing some outdoor yoga as soon as I can. And when I’m on my honeymoon I’ll have the root terrace to do yoga on as well! But it’s still so cold over here so it might be a while.

  8. These are all great ideas! For Easter we have lunch at my partner’s grandpa’s house and I also bought an Easter advent calendar so during the whole Easter week there are different things to do in the city like bowling & getting bubble tea.

  9. Awe thanks so much for including my centerpiece on your list! I feel so honored! And I love all these other ideas you shared as well!

  10. I love maximizing the celebration of special holidays and you’ve given me so many great ideas for Easter. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is such a huge list of great suggestions to do in the Spring and for Easter. We don’t really celebrate, I mean we will have a Easter Sunday lunch. Thank you for sharing this list! I hope you have a great April and Easter.

    Lauren x

  12. I do an Easter egg hunt in my neighborhood for the kids. This year I’m going to dye the eggs using fruits (instead of food coloring) to get an array of beautiful shades of color. We are going to do Easter-themed sensory boxes as well (thanks for the reminder!)

  13. oh wow, so many things to do for Easter, I was wondering what to do but this post inspired me! We are doing an easter egg hunt for sure 🙂 We recently made Easter cards too 🙂

  14. Wow, what a lovely list of ideas, Jenny! I love them all. I love decorating the house for special occasions so I’ll definitely create an Easter table centerpiece this year! Thank you so much for sharing. xx Penny / http://www.whatdidshetype.com

  15. I love this list, so many lovely ideas! I just bought Easter eggs for my parents and also made some cute bunny bunting the other week 🙂 x

  16. There are so many amazing ideas here. I haven’t been to a farmers market in so long, but I’ve been wanting to go for a while now. Easter seems like such a good time to go

  17. You have so many great ideas here! I’m going to attempt Easter Cards with the children this year – we don’t usually do Easter Cards but it’ll be a good holiday activity xx

  18. Some amazing ideas – as always!
    I’ve got a DIY table centrepiece class booked next week so I’m super excited about that. It’s a great idea!

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