Easter is just around the corner (I know, I can’t believe it either), so it’s a great time to start on any Easter themed content you might want to create this year. In this blog post, I’m sharing 60 Easter blog post ideas for you to pinch and use to your hearts content, for various niches from Mum bloggers to beauty bloggers!

Easter Blog Post Ideas

Seasonal content is always great to produce because it can be re-purposed and re-shared year after year. It’s beneficial because it’ll ALWAYS come back around to being popular. And I think we ALL know how quickly the years are flying by right now, so your Easter content for 2022 will be back in fashion in 2023 before you know it! I’ve created quite a few themed and seasonal blog post ideas posts, including:

Which you’re welcome to take a look at and take some ideas from as well! But back to Easter blog post ideas, because we have a LOT to go through! Seasonal content should ideally be shared at least a month before the event – so now is a great time to write and publish some Easter content and get sharing it on your platforms. Especially Pinterest!

So here are 60 Easter blog post ideas to use!

Easter blog post ideas

Easter blog post ideas for parenting / mum / family bloggers:

1. X Easy Easter Crafts To Do With Your Kids
2. Fun Days Out With the Kids During the Easter Holidays
3. How To Plan a Great Kids Easter Egg Hunt
4. The Best Easter Themed Games to Play With the Kids
5. Steps for Planning a Children’s Easter Party
6. Easter Desserts Your Kids Will Love
7. Stay At Home Easter Activities For the Kids
8. Child Friendly To-Do: How To Make Easter Cards
9. Easter Lunch Ideas Your Whole Family Will Enjoy
10. How To Make Easter Memorable For the Kids in 2022

Easter blog post ideas for food bloggers:

1. X Chocolate Dessert Ideas for Easter
2. How To Make Your Own Easter Eggs
3. What Meat To Prepare For Easter Lunch
4. Vegan Easter Roast Dinner Alternatives To Try
5. Easter Themed Cocktails & Mocktails
6. Quick Easter Dinner Recipes If You’re Busy
7. How To Make Your Own Hot Cross Buns
8. Creating the Perfect Easter Breakfast
9. Easter Tablescape Ideas
10. Easter Bakes Round-Up

easter blog post ideas

Easter blog post ideas for money saving / frugal / sustainability bloggers:

1. How To Save Money on Your Easter Dinner Ingredients
2. How To Get Cashback on Your Easter Shopping
3. X Free Fun Activities For the Whole Family This Easter
4. How To Have a No-Waste Easter
5. How To Create Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Easter Décor
6. X Tips For Having an Intentional Easter
7. X Vegan and Eco-Friendly Swaps To Make This Easter
8. How To Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Easter Eggs
9. X Eco-Friendly Easter Egg Brands To Buy From
10. X Side Hustles To Save Money This Easter

Easter blog post ideas for health / well-being / self care bloggers:

1. X Healthier Alternatives To Easter Eggs To Try This Year
2. X Self Care Ideas for the Easter Holidays
3. How To Stay Relaxed During Easter
4. Low Sugar Easter Treats To Make This Year
5. X Healthy Habits To Introduce This Easter
6. X Places To Go on an Easter Walk
7. Active Outdoor Activities To Try This Easter
8. X Self Care Ideas for the Whole Family this Easter
9. Easter Walking Challenge 2022
10. X Fun Workouts To Try This Easter

Easter blog post ideas for fashion / beauty bloggers:

1. X Easter Day Outfit Ideas
2. The Perfect Pastel Make Up Look for Spring
3. Cozy Outfit Ideas for After Your Easter Lunch
4. Easter Family Get-Together Fashion Ideas
5. How To Style Florals for Easter
6. X Products for an Effortless Easter Make Up Look
7. X Coats Perfect For Your Easter Day Walk
8. Creative Easter Bunny Inspired Make Up Looks
9. X Eye-shadow Palettes Perfect for Easter
10. The Best Boots For a Fun Filled Easter Holiday

Easter blog post ideas for home / interior / décor bloggers:

1. X Best Shops for Easter and Spring Décor This Year
2. How To Decorate Your Entrance Hall For Easter
3. Affordable Home Ware Ideal for Easter
4. X Pieces You Need On Your Easter Dining Table
5. The Best Easter Themed Bedding To Buy This Year
6. Pastel Décor You Need For Your Living Room
7. How To Transform Your Office This Easter
8. How To Create a Magical Easter Garden
9. X Luxury Pieces of Easter Themed Homeware I Want
10. Easter Homeware Wish List for 2022

I love Spring and I always find Easter a really cute time of year. Although we don’t tend to celebrate too much, we’ll always have a nice roast dinner and I’ll typically have a couple of days off over the Easter weekend to chill, play games, read and nap! So if you want to embrace Easter that little bit more this year, knuckle down with some of these content ideas!

Which of these ideas will you be using? Do you have any Easter content scheduled already? Let me know!

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  1. I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your delightful Easter write-up. It was not only a joy to read but also incredibly inspiring. Your words resonated profoundly and have become a constant source of motivation for us.

  2. I really loved reading about these ideas. Especially some of the recipes and self-care ones, haha. I am still surprised we are now talking Easter, it does not seem five minutes since we had Christmas, haha. This year is flying by. Thank you for sharing this, Jenny! I’ve enjoyed this post!

  3. I love these ideas and how you’ve broken them up into categories. I’m hoping to write an Easter crafts for kids themed post next month, and last year wrote one about what to include in an Easter basket.

  4. So many awesome ideas! I love these kind of posts because sometimes I just really need the inspiration. And there’s plenty here! I’m starting to share my Easter content this week and next hopefully.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, these sorts of lists are always good to inspire new posts. The chocolate dessert ideas sounds like a fun one to do, the other year I did a decorating my room for Easter post. x

  6. What an awesome list! Based off your suggestions, I know I will be entertained and educated by way of the writing bloggers will focus on this Easter season. 🙂

  7. You’ve shared some great ideas! I’ve actually never really thought about writing Easter content before even though I love writing other seasonal content at Halloween and Christmas!

  8. What a fantastic list! You’ve got some really great ideas here Jenny, this is going to be such a useful post for so many people. I’m sure I’ll be doing some form of Easter activities to do with the kids type post.


  9. I am planning on content for the end of April and May, so this blog post will be hugely beneficial if I get stuck or want to write extra content. This is a huge list of interesting content ideas, thank you for sharing!

    Lauren – http://www.bournemouthgirl.com

  10. Wow! There are so many creative blog post ideas here! I can’t think of too many that work for book blogging, but I could probably utilize a few of the lifestyle ideas. Fantastic! 🙂

  11. Thank you for sharing these Eater-themed post ideas! I am particularly fond of the how to style florals idea as most styling tips for floral patterns are pretty standard. It would be a fun project to find ways to implement florals and flowers in new and different ways!



  12. Amazing suggestions here. Making your own easter eggs sounds so fun! I’ve never really done easter themed content before but maybe it’s time to give something a try x

  13. This is suuuuch a useful post! I’ve jotted down a few ideas, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    Hope that you have a lovely Easter x

  14. You’ve shared some amazing Easter blogpost ideas lovely. I always appreciate posts like this as when I have writers block, I can come to these and get my creative spark back. I’ll defo be using a couple of your Easter food bloggers ideas. Thank you so much for sharing these with us! Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

  15. Is Easter that soon!? Oh my goodness, I had no idea. The days all melt together lately. These are some amazing ideas, some of which I might have to implement myself!

  16. These are some brilliant ideas, and I might end up stealing one or two of them, since I had kind of forgotten about easter this year 😛
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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