ad // There are many different ways to travel and explore the world. Lots of people talk about solo travel being one of the most life-changing experiences and I can totally understand why. I would LOVE to solo travel – or at least go on holiday by myself – one day. But most people will find themselves travelling with other people for the majority of the time.

Whether that’s with a partner, a group of girl friends or even meeting a group of people whilst you travel and sharing some experiences with them, it’s always nice to make memories with others and share those special moments with them, especially if that involves beautiful locations and new experiences for all of you involved.

There are definitely some experiences and activities that might be better enjoyed as a group when you’re traveling. Of course if you are traveling solo then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing these activities by yourself either – but in my opinion, these are some great activities to enjoy as a group on your travels.

6 activities to enjoy as a group on your travels:

Wine tasting

I would love to do a wine tasting at some point – probably in the UK but regardless, I’m really looking forward to getting a small group together to go wine tasting. I’ve never done it before and my partner and I are big red wine drinkers. We’ve actually been learning quite a bit about different wines over the last year, so I think this would be a great experience to expand our knowledge and to try something new!

Group excursions 

If you’re heading to Egypt for your holiday, then there are plenty of amazing group excursions to choose from. And ff you’re completely overwhelmed with what to do, when to do it and how to do it, then you might want to consider using a reputable tour company such as Landious Travel, who organize an extensive range of amazing tours and excursions to help you navigate Egypt with a bit more ease.

They categorize their excursions depending on the city or area you’re staying in, to make it easier for you to choose one that’s the most convenient and for their trips, the cost also includes entrance tickets to any excursions, travel and lunch.

From sightseeing, to sea trips, to safari and more, you can book a range of Hurghada excursions right from the website and see exactly what is involved with each one. You can even arrange a trip to Cairo, from your base in Hurghada, if you wanted to travel out a bit!

Food tours

You should be able to find food tour companies wherever you go and I think this is a great option for a group activity because what’s better than getting together and enjoying good food and drink in a beautiful location, whilst soaking up the culture and atmosphere?

Outdoor activities

Looking for something a bit more active? Then outdoor sports and activities might be a good option for you and your group. Be careful not to get too competitive! You might want to try rock-climbing, kayaking or even water sports like banana boating for a super fun group activity afternoon!

Thrill-seeking activities

You might be a group who needs to get their adrenaline pumping, so visiting a theme park or something along those lines would be a great option for your group travel activities! You might even travel specifically for theme parks, in which case, enjoy!


Hiking is a great activity to do alone if you want the peace, quiet and solitude but it’s also great as a group activity to get the blood pumping and get you outdoors in the fresh air. Hiking can also end with campfire stories and meaningful conversation, which is also really special when you’re in a group.

Although I love doing things by myself, like solo spa breaks and taking myself out for coffee, I think group activities are always so much fun as well. In today’s world, which is so full of stress and bad news so often, you really do just need some time to switch off with other people to enjoy each other’s company, laugh and be in the moment.

And I feel like when you’re on your travels or on holiday, that’s the absolute perfect time to do that as you’re away from your normal every day life and can really lean in to being present and mindful and in the moment!

Are you more of a group travel or solo travel person? Have you done any of these activities before? Let me know!


  1. I haven’t travelled very much at all. But I want to change that. These look like great activities to enjoy! I hope to be able enjoy more travelling this year. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren x

  2. I’m lucky enough to have done quite a bit of travelling- particularly in the decade before covid so I been able to participate in many of these choices. I’m also a foodie so eating local cuisine with others is a favourite of mine. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. My husband, myself and two of our best mates went on vacation a few years ago together. We enjoyed horse riding together, quad bikes, surfing and even attempted sky diving (I chickened out) It was amazing! I wish we’d had more time to do group holidays but we’re all married with responsibilities now! Maybe in the future when the mortgage is paid and things get better for us all financially!

  4. Going for a wine tasting is such a lovely idea, especially when you’re in a group. It gives you chance to enjoy a drink, chat and also learn something new. Thank you for sharing Jenny, I love these suggestions!

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