AD | Offering the perfect excuse for a long weekend getaway, the spring bank holiday falls on the 27th of May this year. With the weather finally being favourable enough to enjoy the countryside we’re fortunate to have here in the UK, there’s no better place to spend it than by taking a trip somewhere closer to home, rather than heading abroad.

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And with no Lake District hotel being far from the many attractions and activities in the area, you’ll always have plenty of choices when it comes to things to do.

From relaxing walks to more active pursuits like a guided walk, here are the top things you can get up to in the Lake District over the spring bank holiday.

Relaxing Things to Do in the Lake District

The Lake District is truly a wonder to behold in the springtime, with new life springing up wherever you look from the arrival of the lambs to the blooming flowers. While there is no shortage of wild flora and fauna for you to enjoy on a relaxing walk, there are also plenty of curated spring gardens in the area which are unmissable in spring.

The area is home to many historic houses and estates that boast beautifully kept gardens, with many dating back hundreds of years. Near Keswick, you have the magnificent Mirehouse with its terraced gardens dating back to the 1850s, while slightly further down south you have the beautiful Rydal Hall dating even further back – to the 1600s.

With so many bodies of water in the area, there are also plenty of opportunities for boat trips, cruises on the iconic steamers, and even opportunities to rent your own boats on to enjoy a leisurely day sailing around.

Active Things to Do in the Lake District

For those looking to spend the spring bank holiday working off the last of the chocolate eggs from Easter, the Lake District is a cornucopia of outdoor activities. Long favored by keen hikers, scramblers, and climbers, the area starts to come to life in springtime, with a variety of events and guided walks popping up just in time for the spring bank holiday.

Beginners’ Navigation Course

Aimed at walkers looking to improve their mad reading skills, the beginners’ navigation course sets off from Keswick and takes place on the 25th of May during the spring bank holiday. The day-long course teaches valuable navigation skills like orientating the map, recognizing symbols and scales, and using the orientated map to identify basic land features.

Not only is this a great activity to get you out and about, but it’s also an incredibly useful skill to learn if you are a keen hiker or walker – especially if you often venture out alone.

Silver How and Easedale Tarn Guided Walk

Starting off the spring bank holiday weekend, the Lake District National Park has a guided walk running on Saturday 25th of May. Billed as a challenging walk, the route will see you conquer Silver How, one of the 214 famous Wainwright fells, and pass by the breathtaking Easedale Tarn on your return journey.

Covering nearly 7 miles, this route is not for the faint of heart as it involves mountain terrain and some fairly steep ascents and descents.

Ullswater’s Eastern Vistas Guided Walk

Taking place on Sunday 26th May, the Eastern Vistas guided walk will take you around Ullswater’s magnificent views near the Far Eastern Fells. The walk will take you up to the summit of Arthur’s pike where you can take in some brilliant views of the surrounding fells.

Like most of the guided walks offered by the national park team, this one is recommended for practised hikers as it is a 6-hour long route over difficult terrain.

Ullswater Overview Guided Walk

Rounding out the choice of guided walks for the spring bank holiday weekend is the Ullswater Overview guided walk on Sunday 27th of May. Starting off far more serenely than the other guided walks on offer, you begin the walk by taking one of the famous Lake District steamers to the Aira Force waterfall.

This route also offers magnificent views of Ullswater as you return back to your original starting point – Pooley Bridge.

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  1. Ah that takes me back… home 😍 I grew up around the Keswick area. Truly beautiful fells and lakes. I remember a very small steamer crossing Derwent Water when I was very little. Thanks for the memories 😍

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