collaborative post // Whatever your age, going out travelling alone may be one of the most thrilling, liberating, and eye-opening experiences that you can have in life. With the delight of limitless freedom, it provides plenty of opportunities for self-reflection and personal development, and also a great opportunity to meet a variety of new people from different backgrounds.

You have the opportunity to travel at your own pace, exploring the sights and landmarks that you want to see – and aren’t rushed by others. Not only this, but you can choose the restaurant, hotel, and location without having to compromise!

The cons to solo travel

Nothing great ever emerges from your comfort zone – but it can be scary to take the first step! When you first begin your solo travels, it can feel lonely at times, as you won’t know anyone in the area, to begin with. You additionally don’t have anyone to split costs with, meaning that staying over night in hotels can often be more expensive. Here are some tips and advice to make the most out of travelling solo.

Tips and Advice

Join a tour

One of the best ways to explore a new country with a group of new people is to join a tour group. This is a great way to feel as though you are traveling alone and independently, but you are hesitant to fully commit to going off on your own. If you want to stay near to home or this is your first time on a solo trip, then why not consider choosing a European tour?

This way you are only a short flight home if you decide that it isn’t for you or if you want to travel home to see loved ones. Joining a tour is also a great way to meet new people, who you may continue to travel with once the tour is over.

Communicate with people back home

Keep your loved ones informed of where you are and where you plan to go next, so they know where you are at all times in case of an emergency and from a safety perspective. Keeping in touch with friends and family can help to prevent you from becoming lonely, and they can also cheer you up on down days.

Stay in backpacker hostels

Staying in a backpacker’s hostel is a great way to save money, as they are often cheap and an ideal option for solo travellers as they cater to individuals. Not only this, but it is a great way to make money and meet new people who are likeminded, and they may be able to show you around the area or let you join in on their social activities

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