Back in March I wrote a post about things I would like to do more of this year and I’ve basically done none of the things I said I wanted to do apart from watching movies by myself. I have always struggled to watch films alone; I get awfully distracted and can’t ever shake the feeling that I’m wasting my time and could be doing something much more productive, like blogging, decluttering or exercising. Which I know is a ridiculous mindset because we all need down time and give our thinking minds a break but it’s in my nature to always want to be on, on, on all the hecking damn time. However, I have managed to have a word with myself, sit myself down and watch some movies recently (and not feel bad about it – yay!) So here are my mini-reviews of some things!

Love, Simon (2018) – 5/5 🌟

I’m sure you all know what Love, Simon is about by now but super quick if you don’t: A high school boy named Simon (imagine that) starts chatting online to an anonymous boy at his school who is gay, like him. Simon’s family and friends don’t know and he’s fallen for the charming anon who calls himself “Blue”.

Love, Simon was quite frankly, one of the most lovely films I’ve seen in a bloody long time. It has an amazing cast (if you liked 13 Reasons Why then you’ll be pleased to see Katherine Langford, who plays quite a big part and Miles Heizer) and definitely keeps you guessing. It had me stumped as to who Blue was to the point where I couldn’t think of a single person it could be. It’s funny, emotional – really emotional – and just an all round bloody perfect film.

Black Panther (2018) – 5/5 🌟

I left it far too long to see Black Panther and I’m kicking myself for it. I’ll straight up say that I’m not hugely into superhero movies. They’re not on my radar of “must watch” and I just don’t really enjoy them as much as other genres. But Black Panther always piqued my interest and my goodness, from the cast, to the graphics, to the storyline – it was outstanding.

Again, you probably know what it’s about but: T’Challa returns to Wakanda after the death of his father to take his place as King. But when he’s faced with a threat, his role as King and as Black Panther is challenged as this new threat to the kingdom might be a bit closer to home than he thinks. Black Panther was visually, a masterpiece. It was beautiful. And Michael B Jordan. I’ll say no more.

Wonder (2017) – 5/5 🌟

Wonder made me cry and cry and cry and cry and cry. If you want uplifting, this is the film for you. Wonder is about a young boy called August who has severe facial deformities. Spending most of his life living in his favourite Space helmet, his parents decide it’s time for him to go to an actual school and stop being home school. Having to navigate the world of school, bullies, making friends and being different, Wonder follows the whole family during this important time in all their lives.

Above all else, Wonder is a story of love and it really shows in all the relationships in the movie. Between August and his parents, August and his Sister, his Sister and her old best friend – the relationships are endless and there’s always a story to tell. It’s an incredibly emotional movie with incredible messages which will really touch your heart on a whole other level.

Cargo (2017) – 3/5 🌟

This has been on my Netflix radar for ages and I’m always quite drawn to Zombie-esque type films. Anything where humans turn into flesh eating monsters with a bit of gore and some sort of mass pandemic always goes down well with me (despite The Walking Dead boring me to tears) so I really wanted to watch Cargo plus I love Martin Freeman, I mean who doesn’t.

Cargo is set in a post-apocalyptic type world where there has in fact, been a mass pandemic and it’s a fight for survival. The main character, Andy (Martin Freeman baby) has to navigate the expanse of rural Australia to find a home for his infant daughter, before it’s too dangerous for her to stay with him. I’d probably rate Cargo a 3/5 because it’s a pretty slow burner. Which isn’t always bad but for my inpatient nature, I like something a bit faster paced. Martin was fabulous, as always and the “Zombie’s” in this one were a little different, which was good but a little disturbing.

Brain on Fire (2016) – 4/5 🌟

Brain on Fire is about a 20-something Woman who is just starting her career as an up and coming journalist in New York. Her life and everything in it is absolutely fine until one day she starts to experience fatigue and seizures. Which gradually get worse to the point where she’s hearing voices, becoming paranoid, frantic and aggressive and eventually, catatonic. And no tests reveal there’s anything wrong with her until one doctor’s last minute observation might help.

This was a really fascinating film as it’s based off a real story and the woman who actually experienced what she called her “month of madness”. It was frightening seeing this young girl completely lose herself to the point where all she can do it sit in a hospital bed and stare at the wall. Knowing this is all true made it even more scary but it was eye-opening. As a film, I really enjoyed it. I though Chloe Grace Moretz played Susannah brilliantly and it’s well worth a watch if you’re fascinated by medical type things!

I hope you enjoyed these mini reviews! This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, so if you enjoyed them and would like to see it again, do let me know! Have you seen any of these? What did you think?


  1. Doing film reviews like this is such a lovely idea and your posts are always a pleasure to read, I love your writing! I’ve not seen any of these and I will have to change that.

  2. I’m the EXACT same when it comes to watching movies alone! Once I actually get cosy in bed and get the film playing I quite enjoy it, but get distracted far too easily. Love Simon is easily one of my new favourites though, it’s so cute and wholesome! I need to check out Wonder actually, read the book but I haven’t had chance to see the film yet

    Megan //

  3. I am the opposite in that the superhero movies are on my instant must see radar haha so i’am glad you enjoyed Black Panther! A few of these I have been curious about but haven’t watched as it’s not my usual genre. Your reviews make me think I should just sit down and watch them though! Thanks!

  4. I’m like you, I can’t ever seem to sit still and focus during films so I rarely watch them – so I’ve not seen any of these yet! I really want to see Love, Simon and Black Panther cause everyone raves about them, but Brain on Fire sounds incredible too! Thanks for the brilliant reviews!
    Beth x

  5. Wonder touched my heart so deeply. I read the book already and knowing that they’ll make a movie out of it is just beautiful. Also, they have another “sequel” book to wonder! It tells us about the back story of Julian, and a definite must read!
    Haven’t watched love, Simon yet… but I’m so intrigued!

  6. Boy am I out of it! I haven’t seen any of these movies. i.e. Black Panther, Love Simon, Wonder and Cargo. I will be looking online for movie trailers. I never heard of Brain On Fire.

  7. Yes I did! Not all of them but I saw Love Simon and Black Panther.
    I loved both.
    Love Sumon was awesome! It made me cry and I’m a huge fan of the end (and the whole story actually haha)
    It’s different than what you usually see in movies and I loved to be surprised and not knowing what to expect from the story! One of my favorite movies so far!
    I need to look into the others 😛 thanks for sharing!

  8. Following your blog!

    You should definitely do more movie and tv show reviews, it was fun seeing your opinion on what you watched. My sister and I bought Love Simon in June and it was so good. I think I have a crush on Nick Robinson ever since I saw him in Jurassic World hehehe! Michael B Jordan in Black Panther…no words he was just phenomenal!! My sis and I saw Black Panther when it came out and we were doing the hand shake T’Challa and Shuri did over and over, plus that epic shoulder bounce hehehe!!

    Natonya |

  9. Wonder and Love Simon have been on my to watch list for ages! I love the style of these reviews and it makes me want to watch these films even more, and to rewatch ones like Black Panther which I loved when I saw it the first time! Loved this style of post and it’s reminded me I need to take more time to myself to watch films and just unwind, I always forget how much I love films until I sit down to watch them. Great post x

  10. I’ve only seen one movie on this list, Black Panther and I agree with you, it was a masterpiece. I had plans to go watch Wonder but got caught up. I’ll check it out before the week is out.

  11. I’ve only watched two of these lmao I need to have a serious movie watching session, I might catch up on some when I’m scheduling my blog posts that I need to do for the rest of this year because of how busy it’s going to be… eek. I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t enjoy Wonder, it was a bit too cheesy for me, even though I used to love the book, I really hated black panther the first time round, but I think after Infinity War, the gang is growing on me 😂🙈 Great post as always xxx

  12. Loved this Jenny! Such great film choices. I read Love Simon a few months before it came out (if you pardon the pun!) and I was so surprised (pleasantly) with how they brought it from page to screen.

  13. I can definitely relate to feeling like I’m wasting my time watching films and that I should be doing something more productive like applying to jobs haha but I try not to be too hard on myself! Black Panther was such an epic movie, it’s one of those movies where I can watch it numerous times! I’m a huge marvel fan so superhero movies are permanently on my radar!

    Wonder was such a beautiful movie and I can definitely relate to crying when watching it. It’s such an interesting storyline and has really important messages conveyed. The Brain on Fire sounds interesting, I’ve seen Chloe Grace Mortez in the film If I Stay and thought she was amazing in it, I’ve been trying to find more movies of hers!


  14. I’ve only watched two of the films you’ve mentioned here (Love, Simon & Brain On Fire) but I love the sound of the other three you’ve mentioned. Cargo sounds right up my street! I was never really into Zombie films until I started The Walking Dead but now I can’t get enough of them. I prefer the character development side of them in the post-apocalyptic world as opposed to the gore, so I’ll have to give it a watch and see what I think of it. I’m always looking for new Netflix recommendations so this post came at the perfect time!

    Rebekah Gillian |

  15. Fab post! I’m the exact same- I find it so hard to just sit and relax to watch a film, I always feel like i need to be doing something! I haven’t watched any of these films so I need to definitely check them out x

  16. great post!! I can totally relate to having trouble sitting down to watch a movie. I always get distracted by something! I’ve wanted to see Love, Simon and Black Panther for a while hopefully they come to netflix soon! Brain on Fire seems like a really good movie, I have to take my dad to a 3 hour doctor appointment tomorrow I think i’ll bring my computer along and watch that movie in the waiting room! xx

    mich //

  17. I’ve wanted to see Wonder for ages but I want to read the book first! Brain on Fire jumped out at me as soon as I saw it on Netflix so I’ll definitely give it a try! Great reviews lovely

    Jess //

  18. I have never heard of the last 3 of these films. Wonder sounds bloody sad! But good. I think I will give it a go when I want a good cry! I was loving the sound of Brain on Fire untill I saw the words ” Chloe Grace Moretz” hahaha! Zombie films are too gory for me, might give it a try when I am feeling more in the Halloween spirit. I LOVED Black Panther it is an amazing film. Love, Simon is on my to watch list! x

  19. Great reviews! I’m super behind on my movie-watching so I actually haven’t seen any of these yet but some of them sound really good. Also, I love Martin Freeman too! Should we start a fan club? 😄

  20. I’m exactly the same! I feel so guilty about having any kind of downtime and think I have to be working 24/7; its such an unhealthy mindset and I’m glad you’ve been able to get out of it a little and enjoy some films 😊 Black Panther is the only one on this list that I’ve seen, but it was absolutely amazing!! It’s definitely become one of my favourite Marvel films 🙌🏼 xxx

    Jade |

    1. We’re literally exactly the same in that respect! It’s bloody awful I just want to RELAX 😂 I’m honestly not a Marvel fan but I needed to see what the fuss was about with BP and I wasn’t disappointed!

  21. I’m awful at watching films. I add them to my Netflix watch later then I either get distracted or just never find the time to actually sit and watch it. I love the sound of Brain on Fire though. I’ve never heard of it before either so thanks for the recommendation 💕


  22. Black Panther was amazing!!! The soundtrack was so beautiful as well. I’m gonna put brain on fire on my Netflix list and try to watch it soon x

  23. Black Panther is one of my favourite Marvel movies of all time, that and Thor Ragnarok

    Rebecca Elaine x

  24. Loved your reviews, I would like to read more! I haven’t seen a movie in a long time. I think I might have to avoid Wonder though, because the book had me in bits.

  25. I recently watched Brain on Fire and really enjoyed it. Really such a good film I thought. I’ve looked at Love, Simon and have been 50/50 about watching it but will definitely make sure to add it to my watch list now. 🙂

  26. I have not seen Simon yet! It’s going to have to be one I watch on my Tod as the mister really doesn’t like the sound of it (to chick flick I think) I’m wishing he would just go have a poker night with the boys so I can get this watched. Great reviews Jenny.
    Kate x

      1. Sometimes it’s better then having “this is rubbish” repeated over and over when it’s something they don’t like haha x

  27. I think a group of mini reviews is perfect! We loved Black Panther too (got it for Flora but ended up being gripped) and yes, Michael B Jordan. Say no more indeed. Wonder is on my radar, I think it looks like an amazing film, your 5 stars has just reminded me to buy it. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not doing everything you wanted to do, you’re doing SOOOOO much already, I’d hate to see you get burn out 🙂 lovely mini reviews, I really enjoyed this post xx

    Lisa |

  28. I love the idea of watching a film on your own, I’ve only ever done this a few times so need to make more time for it. Wonder is a film I’d happily watch again, it’s sooo good! Love, Simon and Brain On Fire sound like my kinda films. Thanks for the recommendations Jenny 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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