Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to be buying or renting my own home at the moment but I trust that when I become a millionaire sometime soon, I will be. I’m just kidding but we all know how difficult it can be to get on the property ladder right now, with house prices going up and up and up and the hope for young people ever moving out of their parents house getting slimmer and slimmer. But obviously, not impossible.

Lots of young people do manage it and that’s great. Although I’m fairly happy with my position right now, I’ve always had a love for home decor and home interiors. You should see how long I spend designing houses on The Sims! So designing and decorating a place of my own is something I often dream about. So, if money was no issue, here are some of my dream home interiors!

Big windows

I absolutely love houses with big windows which let in a lot of light and fresh air. We have big windows in my house right now but unfortunately, they’re the kind which only open at the top. So you can imagine how stifling it gets in the Summer sometimes! I love these big sash windows*  (pictured above) which open upwards and would let in plenty of air for someone like me who loves fresh air and hates rooms which are too stuffy! They also have really secure latches which provide extra resistance against forced entry – which is always a bonus for security.


I’d love to have a lot of greenery in and around my home in the future, including real and fake plants. I find plants and nature really soothing, so I think the addition of a lot of potted plants and flowers in and around the home can make it feel like a really tranquil place with an aura of relaxation to it! Personally I’d go for some high quality fake plants for within the home for 2 reasons; 1) plants and flowers can be really expensive to keep buying over and over again and 2) I get really bad hay fever so fake flowers would be ideal for me!

A big, spacious bathroom with a steam shower

The bathroom is a really important place to me. It’s where I like to go to cool off, calm down and sometimes take a few moments to myself when I need them. So I’d definitely pay a lot of attention to the bathroom if I had my own place. I’d like it quite spacious, with plants and big windows, like I’ve already mentioned. I’d have to have a bath because I love my relaxing baths but a nice steam shower would be a great addition too!


When it comes to home decor, I really like simple and clean looking designs. I probably wouldn’t go as far as to have a minimal home design throughout my house but as someone who hates clutter and mess anyway, a nice simple look would be perfect for me. Lots of white, cream, brown or pastel shades with wooden accents and plants to give it a really nice airy and fresh look and feel to it! Think of a Nordic home design – that’s the sort of style I adore!


And orangerie is something I would absolutely love my house to include – although I can’t help but feel I’ll have to have a pretty large house to accommodate this but we’ll see where blogging takes me, shall we? I like conservatories but I feel like some can look a little naff, not to mention they get stifling hot in the Summer. But an orangerie is a brick based extension so to speak with a lantern roof and a ton of big windows and doors which will let in all the light. I think this would be a lovely place to have a “chill zone”, with books, candles and comfy seats which overlook the garden!

A large, aesthetically pleasing bed

Your bed is such an important part of your house because it’s where you rest and recover, spend most of your time when you’re ill with the flu and where you can curl up with a partner (or a pet) and have a movie night. I’d put a lot of effort into getting the perfect bed, the perfect mattress and the perfect bedding to make my bed a place I really want to be and look forward to getting back to at the end of the day. At the moment, I have a small double (slightly smaller than a regular double) and it’s not really big enough for my partner and I so in my dream home, I’d love a king size bed for ultimate comfort! I also like big headboards as I think they can make your bed a real statement piece in the room, my ideal one would be something like this pictured below!

Make Your Home Feel Welcoming

Everyone love to have a home that they can feel great in and relax from the daily grind. Nevertheless, if your home is not welcoming, then it is time for an upgrade. You can start with small features like changing the faucets or the kitchen cabinets.

However, have you considered changing your rug, or getting one that fits your home in a way that it is your style? Rugs do wonders for you and your the home. Slipping off your shoes and and running your toes through a deep pile rug is a great way to instantly relax.

Everyone loves a nice rug, but do you have the right one for your home? Do you have one that fits the hallway or under the coffee table? Even more, do you have one that can be placed near a fireplace?

Last but not least, do you know how to choose a rug to fit your floor type? If not, this great infographic from Land of Rugs will certainly help…

What are some of the things included in your dream home interior? Do you HAVE your dream home interior? What kind of styles do you like?

* This post is a collaboration with Three Counties. All imagery taken from the Three Counties website.


  1. Really enjoyed your article…a very informative and interesting read. I totally share your love for nature and couldnt agree more with the big windows and orangerie. These are all part of biophilic designs which state that as humans we all have an innate affinity towards nature and look towards it and to connect with it throughout our lives….and hence the need to connect the inside with the outdoors while designing our homes. Do look into ‘biophilic designs’ ( you can get many pointers from my blog – my first article titled ‘interior design: whats trending contains lots of information on this – as well as additional research on google) —- you will love the ideas.

  2. Haha, this is actually everything I’d like to have in my dream home 😀 I love thinking about what I could have in my house. It’s so exciting thinking about the interior decorating!

  3. I’m right there with you! We only rent at the moment as we just can’t afford to buy yet (maybe ever haha) but I’m constantly dreaming of what I’d have if I could! I love the idea of an orangerie (I’d never heard of that word before!) – it looks like such a nice relaxing addition to a house. And I love having plants around the house, they really cheer up an environment but I struggle keeping them alive haha!
    Beth x

  4. Dreaming of my future house is something I do regularly too! Everything you have said I would 100% agree with too. I love big windows, plants and an orangery would be perfect!

    Tabitha xx | whattabithaloves.co.uk

  5. I’ve always wanted a window seat, I could just see myself sitting by the window reading or blogging!

  6. I feel you on those big windows. I want to have a wall that is basically one huge window, similar to that on Friends. I also really hate carpet, so I would totally have wooden floors everywhere with fancy rugs… and massive bookcases everywhere.

  7. I’m only 16 and people call me weird for this but I really want to move out to my dream country, and start living independently.I’m working on it everyday and one day I’ll be able to afford living on my own without parents’ help.I love this blogpost, and one day you’ll be able to live in your dream home!Love your blog.

  8. I also love greenery and will include it in my interior home design. The best one I adore are small plants or climbers they are soothing.
    And keep writing, you will definitely get your own home.

    All the very best to you. 😊

  9. I’ve always wanted a small cozy house. For the interior, I’m in love with the pastel colors and the scandinavian decor! On the other side, I also love tiny houses with big windows and 100% environmentally friendly 🙂

      1. We’re in the middle of building a home so there’s a lot of thinking about what we want it to look, of course. And everything mentioned above is what we are going for.

  10. Oh I completely agree about big windows. Actually one of the things that I have found really makes a difference to my mood is light, so I really couldn’t live somewhere that was always dark. I’d also love a fireplace in the living room and high ceilings with a beautiful chandelier in the hall!


  11. Big windows and simplicity are definitely up my street. I’ve always dreamed of having one of they little sofa/couches that are fitted in to a window sill (do you know what I’m talking about?). You always see them in films and it’s literally my dream to have one of those that I can sit and read books at for hours on end!! <3

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