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Cheap or Free Date Ideas for Those on a Budget

AD | Romance doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to cost a thing! Although a fancy meal out is a nice treat every now and again, a lot of people these days are opting for more chilled out and even free options when it comes to going on dates. Let’s not beat around the bush, money isn’t always flowing and budgeting can be difficult. When your income goes on bills, rent and food, sometimes we don’t have the luxury of a romantic night out.

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But that’s totally fine and definitely nothing to be ashamed about. I’ve vowed to talk more honest and openly about money this year, not only how to make it but also the nitty-gritty side too. And the fact is, sometimes, we’re skint. Dating doesn’t have to cost a bomb. If you’re looking for love, then you can be using totally free dating sites too – such as WeLoveDates.com – which don’t require you to pay a subscription. Lots of couples like to have regular date nights (with the exception of my boyfriend and I – whoops) so here are some cheap or free date ideas for those who are on a budget!

A picnic in the park

Simple but effective. If the weather is right, then there’s nothing sweeter than making all your favourite food, grabbing a comfy blanket and heading to your favourite grassy spot for a picnic. Cheap but cheerful and if you can’t make it out anyway, then your garden is always an option too!

Making a fort and having a movie night with a takeaway

A takeaway and a movie is my favourite kind of night. But if you’re really going all out to make it special for a budget date night, why not try making some sort of fort in your bedroom or living room, add some fairy lights, comfy cushions and your laptop and there you have a super cute but romantic date night!

Have a board games night with another couple you know

Let’s make it a double! My boyfriend and I love having games night with another couple we know. They’re not date nights for us but they’re super fun and always end in lots of laughter. So if you’re thinking of maybe mixing things up and doing something different, make it a double date. And don’t forget Cluedo.

Visit free museums

In most cities, museums are free to enter. The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in London both are and they’re both spectacular places to visit. Although the train fare will cost you, visiting museums is a great option for a chilled out and budget friendly date idea!

A walk or a bike ride in nature

If you’re a more active couple, then use that to your advantage. This could be a totally free date idea which required nothing more than you, your partner, a helmet if you’re riding a bike (don’t forget, safety first) and some snacks. Find a local nature reserve if you have one and go wild. If you’ve got a dog, even better!

What free or budget friendly dates have you been on? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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  1. These are great ideas. Sometimes I struggle what to do on date night with my girlfriend, but this definitely helps!

    1. I don’t even have a date night 😂 but I’d like to do some of these!

  2. Aw, these are so cute!! I’m going to take myself on a free date to somewhere! I’ve always wanted to make a fort so I might try and do one of those in my living room! Haha!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

    1. Haha go for it! Take photos!

  3. I love sleep overs in the living room! They make me so excited

    1. That sound fun!

  4. I love the movie fort idea! Picnics are always a good shout and if the weather’s bad you could grab a blanket and have a picnic in your living room. Something I’ve done myself and with family / friends too. Board games are a great shout too especially as a double date idea. Great suggestions Jenny.

    1. I love a board games night – they’re so much fun!

  5. With saving for our wedding we never get to go on proper dates so we do a lot of these instead, love a good movie night date x

    1. That’s a shame but I bet these are just as good 😌

  6. Can’t wait for better weather to have a picnic!!

    1. Me too, it’s a bit cold for it at the mo!

  7. When I was at uni, the unions did movie nights every couple of weeks where entry was free, and you could get a drink for £1 and snacks for £1 so it was always a favourite when money was getting a bit tight! They set it up like the cinema, and announced what they’d be showing about 2 weeks in advance

    1. That’s such a good idea!

  8. Omg, I especially love the movie fort idea! Totally up my street and I’d prefer that to most traditional dates anyway! 😂

    Rhianna x

    1. Totally me too! I don’t wanna sit in a fancy restaurant when I could be sitting in a fort?! 😂

  9. We did a night time picnic up on a huge hill under the stars, it was so perfect x

    1. Oh wow that sounds lovely!

      1. It was really lovely. Child free, cider and fancy adult picnic food.

        In fact roll on summer because I need to do this again x

  10. great post! i’m currently single but when i do have a significant other i would much rather our date nights be at home since i’m a homebody. of course a nice dinner date would be nice every now and then but a ten dollar game of bowling will make me happier than it should. its more about the time spent together than the amount spent on the activity. xx

    mich / simplymich.com

    1. Totally agree. It’s nice to mix it up sometimes but it really just comes down to doing whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

  11. Picnic’s are the best ever! so cute and literally the best to do in the summer!

    Sophia xo

    1. Absolutely! Minus the wasps 😂

  12. Some great ideas here! There’s a lot of free options and like you say, romance doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. I’m always looking for less pricy options and these could work for friend dates too which is nice

    1. Totally could work as friend dates 😌

  13. I love this post! I do love going to restaurants or out to eat but it can get so expensive so I love these ideas od free or cheap dates. The fort idea is my favourite, watching a movie with a takeaway is the best! X

    1. Definitely does add up if you’re doing it regularly!

  14. Oooh these are some amazing ideas! My husband and I love to go to museums!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. It’s such a great idea for a day out!

  15. Great ideas, especially a picnic x


    1. Thank you x

  16. I soooo love the making a fort, movie and takeaway night idea! I’m 48 and that would be such an ideal date for me lol I love just getting comfy cosy, with the fairy lights, snuggly blankets & cushions and just chill out with a takeaway and watching a movie or two! 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

    1. Haha you’re never too old to make a fort! It sounds like the perfect night for me too 😌

  17. I wish more museums here did days which are free. I love the idea of a movie date night with a pillow fort ♥

    1. Ah do they not where you are? Most of the best museums in London are free!

  18. The Storyteller says:

    Unfortunately my ex was very much into material things and felt the need to spend on things because that made it more “special”- but I totally disagreed! One Valentine’s Day I made a movie snack box for him for when we watch movies together… I don’t think I saw those snacks again, but I still think my idea was pretty great! Now I just need to find someone else who’ll appreciate the thought

    1. Haha! I totally agree with you. I’m not materialistic in the slightest! Would much rather a nice experience!

      1. The Storyteller says:

        Exactly! It doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable?

  19. We often do these, as m9ney is tight or we feel it’s not worth the money. So we do strolls along the beach, woodland walks, BBQ in garden, 2 for 1 meals out, merkat movies that kind of thing

    1. All sounds good to me! 😌

  20. I love all of these idea’s darling. My husband and I like to take road trips to Southport with a picnic and sit on the pier or visiting our local museums when we want to do a cheap date, 🌻💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | http://www.alishavalerie.com

    1. Sounds perfect!

  21. I love a date night at home. Getting cosy in the living room with loads of snacks and a movie. Building a fort it so much fun too, great ideas! xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. Thank you 😌

  22. If I had a partner, these would be right up my street! Cute and simple 🙂

    A double date with a board-game is something I definitely need to do when I am able to – love a good game! x


    1. Me too! Obviously that’s not only a date thing, board games nights with friends are just as much fun! 😌

      1. Watching movie together inside is my favorite kind of date, and it is very cheap.
        Second, I like walks in nature. Picnics are also great and they are not expensive.

      2. Totally – just rustle up whatever you can find in the fridge and cupboards!

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