I’m a keen series watcher and always have been. Most of the time I’ll prefer watching a series than a movie because I find you can get so much more invested in the characters and the story of a show compared to a film (unless it’s like 7 films long cough cough Harry Potter). There’s nothing I love more than finding a brand new series that I’m hooked on from the beginning but there’s also something super special about re-watching your old favorites. My boyfriend and I were talking about our favourite shows the other night which is what prompted this post and I can’t wait to chat shows and series with you in the comments! Here are some of my all-time faves.

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is probably my all-time favourite series. My number 1. The one that feels most like home whenever I watch an episode or see a photo or hear a quote. Which is strange because high-school drama isn’t really my sort of thing. But One Tree Hill grabbed my heart and didn’t let go.


I remember seeing my very first part of Lost in English class, year 9 because we were analyzing it (for some reason?) and that short 20 minute clip we were shown had me intrigued and set up for years worth of binge-watching Lost and re-watching Lost and telling and showing as many people as I possibly could about Lost. I still don’t understand the ending but idc. Lost is life.

Prison Break

Okay Prison Break is just brilliant for so many reasons and it’s oh so clever. I don’t tend to enjoy series with predominately male casts as much as those with predominantly female or a more even mix – I just prefer watching females on a whole – but there was no getting away from Prison Break. The makers of Prison Break are experts at making you love characters than you really, really shouldn’t.

Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives was such an addictive show and I think what made it was the characters; how different all the housewives were, their different stories and lives and characteristics but all being intertwined at the same time. Oooh I love that in a show. Desperate Housewives made me feel all the feels.

Sex and the City

For me, Sex and the City is such a comforting and homely show. It’s so chill and laid-back and unlike Lost where you have to pay so much attention and if you miss even 2 minutes you’ll be utterly lost (hahaha get it?) Sex and the City can just be on in the background, Carrie can be typing away at her laptop whilst you’re typing away at yours perfectly content. These girls feel like friends to me.

Breaking Bad 

Now Breaking Bad is by no means at the top of my list, I think I probably prefer all these others over Breaking Bad but it’s still there because you cannot deny how bloody clever this show is. The acting was phenomenal.

Orange is the New Black 

For someone that loves female casts, Orange is the New Black is heaven for me. The vastly diverse cast and characters, the storylines, knowing it’s loosely based on a true story ugh all of it is just perfect. The only downside to OitNB is having to wait an entire year for the net series to be put on Netflix after binge-watching the previous one in 2 days. Sigh.

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie was recommended to me by an old school friend and whilst I’d seen it on Netflix a lot, I’d never really paid close attention. And why?! Grace and Frankie is one of the most different, funniest and sweet series I’ve ever seen. I don’t really do funny series – as you can see, most of these are all quite serious. And whilst G&F has it’s very serious moments, it focuses on humour and the women focus on fun and humour to get through things and it’s such a lovely change to see, in a show.  

Special mention: Orphan Black 

I say special mention with this one because at the time of writing, I’m only halfway through so I don’t want to “officially” include it but I can safely say that Orphan Black is one of the best shows I have ever watched. That actress. She is out of this world. Orphan Black is so different and unlike anything I’ve seen before. So clever, so addictive, the characters are so loveable. It’s perfect. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

UPDATE: Finished Orphan Black and it’s officially my favourite show ever. Better than any of those I’ve mentioned here. Incredible. Jesus Christ I can’t stop thinking about it. 

UPDATE 2: Completely forgot to mention Stranger Things in this post. Who’s excited for season 2?!

Now it’s your turn! I wanna hear what your all-time favourite shows are. Do you like any of these? Do any of these feature on your favourites list? Do you have any recommendations for me based on what I’ve said here?


  1. One Tree Hill is my absolute favourite show! Just like you said, coming back to it, rewatching it, it just feels like home. I actually met some of the cast a few years ago and cried my eyes out over Lee Norris because I adore Mouth Mcfadden.

    I’ve tried some of the others like Grace And Frankie and I thoroughly enjoyed what I watched of it but I got distracted and still haven’t finished it. I also tried Orange is The New Black which I just couldn’t get into
    my other favourites would be The OC (I’m a sucker for high school drama), Greys Anatomy, Dance Academy and Heartland.

  2. My favourites are some you’ve mentioned up there like Desperate Housewives, Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black as well as Friends and Once Upon a Time

  3. I once had to take some time off school with an illness and I swear, One Tree Hill got me through! It’s so bad that it’s good haha! Sex and the City is another fave, it’s so outdated now but I still love it. And oh my god, I binged season 2 of Stranger Things. Please tell me you’ve watched it now?! SO. GOOD. xx

  4. I not long finished watching Orphan Black and I loved it from start to finish. Just amazing! But my favourite show right now has to be The Expanse which is on Netflix. They just released season 2 and I watched it in about two days!

  5. Totally agree with sex and the city, love Carrie, can’t decide whose more handsome big or Aidan? I love the good wife( havent finished it yet) criminal minds, gutted Derek has left 🙁 a lot of my shows I loved have finished or nearly finished. Body of proof, Mike and Molly, the middle. started watched suits and liked it and two main characters who are lovely looking helps,

  6. Wooooow! That`s a good list. I used to watch Prison Break and lots of Colombian/Mexican series but it was way too much time. I am happy watching nothing now having few hours more every day. They can be soooo addictive.

  7. Orphan black is so good isn’t it!! I’m so sad it’s all finished now 😩 I’m currently watching greys anatomy and I’m loving it although there’s so many season I’m on 3/13 😩😂 x

  8. Omg, One Tree Hill is one of my absolute favourite ever shows too, I have watched it back countless times as I love it so much. Sex and the City is a brilliant show too, and I’ve been addicted to Gilmore Girls for the last couple of years too. xx

  9. I really love American horror story, riverdale and Netflix has recently made a remake of dynasty! I loved orphan black too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  10. Just recently started watching Prison Break and Im addicted!!
    My other favourites are greys anatomy, criminal minds and friends.
    Friends has to be my all time favourite boxset not matter how many times I watch it, it still makes me laugh x

  11. I keep seeing Orphan Black all over Netflix but for some reason I’ve never watched it. I think that’s about to change! I really love clever programs and I totally relate on the whole ‘loving characters you shouldn’t’ thing as my all-time favourite show is The Sopranos. I’d never have thought I’d be rooting for mobsters but life is funny that way haha! x
    Beth x

    1. You’ll find that with Orphan Black you like characters that you shouldn’t. You have such a bizarre viewing relationship with characters in Orphan Black it’s so confusing but I love it! xxx

  12. Sex and the City gets a big yes from me, I bloody love that show! Samantha is my all time favourite character because she’s just so sassy and independent, although tbh I’d rather swap lives with Charlotte because that woman has THE MOST PERFECT hair hahah! My favourite series is Black Mirror, it can be incredibly creepy but it’s just so insightful and I’m never bored of it! Although I really should watch Desperate Housewives because I’ve heard such good things!

    Abbey 💕 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. I think if you like SATC you’ll like DH. It’s nothing alike but if you like strong female leads then DH is the way to go! I have watched a few episodes of Black Mirror and some were okay, do you have any specific ones you’d recommend? xxx

  13. This post provided inspired me to go through my Netflix list and add some new things to my list, removing stuff I’ll probably never watch at the same time. I have to say I agree with Breaking Bad. Personally I think the storyline could’ve been wrapped up far sooner, but the acting was amazing even though it did drag on. It’s definitely a show which divides people, that’s for sure!

    rebekah | rebekahgillian.co.uk

    1. Yeah definitely I’m inclined to agree, I think Season 4 had a fantastic ending with Face Off and it didn’t REALLY need to go any further than that. They made the ending really dire really didn’t they haha xxx

  14. How could I forget Stranger Things?! Great show. I also wanted to add Being Humanw, it’s a show about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who live together. Sounds like a joke but it’s not. The original British version is better than the American one.

  15. Ugh you want me to narrow it down?! I can’t do that. Seriously though I have my favorites. The two that spring to mind are Doctor Who and Supernatural. Supernatural has a hold on me like nothing else, pretty sure everyone in my life is sick of me talking about that show. I’ve watched Orange is the New Black and love it (but I’m tired of Piper) Grace and Frankie, and I’m debating watching Orphan Black and Prison Break. I’m also a Once Upon A Time fan and I’m liking the new season even without Emma in it (she was one of the main characters.)

    1. Oh I have watched OUAT but I got to Season 4 or 5 then stopped and didn’t pick it up since but I dunno if I will now, there seems to be TOO many seasons?! I would definitely recommend Orphan Black! xxx

  16. I always forget about One Tree Hill but I adored that series when I binged about 4 seasons a few years ago! I really need to restart watching that series and finally complete it because I adored it! ALso Grace and Frankie is such a great show!!!!

      1. Deffo! I keep trying to get friends to watch Grace and Frankie and they just dismiss it but it so great!

  17. My top shows are vastly different, though I’d say Breaking Bad might make my top ten.

    Mine are: Doctor Who, Star Trek (original), Seinfeld, Star Trek: DS9, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon Five

  18. How weird, I posted today about TV shows too! It was tag post, but was so much fun. I can’t wait for The Walking Dead to start again tonight!
    I agree with you, I love getting into a Tv show and you can get more invested with the characters. I’m more critical of movies more than a tv Show, because sometimes a show can take a few episodes to get into, where as a movie has to get you from the beginning if you’re gona like it. X

    1. Yeah I totally agree! If I don’t like a series by the first episode I’m like okay, this is fine, there’s plenty of episodes for me to try and like it. And similarly if I love a show from the first episode then that’s cracking. But a movie you have to sit through like 2 hours and then if you don’t like it it’s kinda 2 wasted hours?

      1. I KNOW!!! Plus TV shows obviously last longer so you get to spend more time with your fav characters, unless like you mentioned, you binge watch all Harry Potter films lol x

  19. I don’t have Netflix so I’ve watched hardly any of these! SATC of course for Samantha’s pearls of wisdom, haha. And Desperate Housewives, because Bree :). Have you watched Gotham? It’s the pre-runner for Batman and all the villains, it’s pretty cool. And I was sad that Once Upon a Time wasn’t renewed over on terrestrial TV. I’m sure I’d love The Originals too if I could get it (not available on Freeview yet) because Klaus. And more Klaus. Always Klaus. Love this post! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

      1. Watching Carnivale now. You inspired me to watch something I have not seen for a while. Has the midget from Twin Peaks in it.

  20. Definitely agree with a lot of these! I loved Prison Break, and really enjoyed the latest series too.
    My top choices would also include Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

  21. We have such similar taste in shows!! Although i have’nt watched orphan black so i will have to go for it! Gracie and Frankie is awesome! So easy to watch and chilled out!

    1. WATCH IT NOW! Honestly, we finished Orphan Black last week and it’s taking all my will-power not to just start it again and rewatch it over and over again. I bloody LOVE Grace and Frankie. Such an underrated show.

  22. Definitely agree with One Tree Hill! I think it was just last week that I said to someone I might rewatch the whole thing at some point.
    Apart from that, I lost my heart to The Originals – nothing wrong with The Vampire Diaries, but I simply like Elijah and Klaus too much. The Shadowhunters are also a series I like, even though I love the books more. It surprised me how much I started loving the series though. Didn’t expect that!

    1. See I did try the Vampire Diaries once but just couldn’t get into it tbh! I wanna re-watch OTH too. I tried to get my BF to watch it but he hated it from episode one – I was distraught!

      1. I can get that; I rewatched The Vampire Diaries a month ago and Elena got on my nerves from the start. I didn’t have that problem the first time around.. The Originals feels more mature though and I feel like those characters have more of an actual personality as well.
        I know for a fact that my BF would never watch OTH, haha. But that’s quite alright since he has late shifts every two weeks, so it’s perfect to watch at those nights.

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