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Things you need to be doing at 25

I was 25 on 4th September. You probably already knew that from my endless tweets over the past month where I’m fretting and panicking about getting older and the fact that turning 25 felt like such a huge, scary and daunting milestone for me. Well, it’s one that inevitably happened (I’m writing this in August and it feels weird to say inevitably because it’s not inevitable because I could very well die before I turn 25 and wow this post turned super morbid very quickly) – I’m 25 now and I’m still fretting and still panicking and still wondering when (if ever) I’ll start to feel like an adult. I’ve been thinking about things from a 25 year olds newly found perspective and here’s my list of things 25 year olds (myself included) should definitely be doing now. 

1. Brushing your teeth properly: It’s boring and I hate it but I don’t wanna be scuppered with shit teeth when I’m 40 cos I couldn’t be arsed brushing them at 25.

2. Taking your make up off before bed: There is no excuse not to do this is literally takes a minute.

3. Just taking care of your skin in general: it’s taken me 25 years to get to the point where I actually want to take better care of my skin. 

4. Checking your boobs / balls more regularly: we’re still young but cancer can happen to anyone. Check them.

5. Crying: we should be able to cry and not feel bad / guilty / pathetic about it by now. There’s a lot to cry about when you’re 25.

6. Saving money: whether it’s for a rainy day, a holiday or a mortgage- at 25 we should know how to save money and already have some saved up.

7. Not caring what people think of us: come on, we’re not in school anymore and we really shouldn’t care whether Carol from yoga class thinks you have a big bum.

8. Embracing your body: 25 is probably the age we should be embracing our bodies for what they are and not doing something to them just because someone else says so. Like shaving. Or getting a piercing.

9. Cooking: at 25, you should be able to cook something which doesn’t involve putting the microwave on. It’s always handy to have a few favourite dishe recipes stored away.

10. Using appliances: dish washer, washing machine, oven – we should all know how to use these things at 25. After phoning our mum.

11. Not comparing your journey to someone else’s: At 25, it’s important to remember that everyone goes at their own pace and it’s easy to look at people you went to school with who are miles ahead of you on this big life journey and feel let down in yourself. At 25, some people have a baby and a house. At 25, some people are travelling the world. At 25, some people still live with their parents. And there’s no right or wrong way to do life.

Do you agree with any of these? Do you have any to add? 

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Jenny in Neverland

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  1. I think 25 is the most important and it’s actually a really good age where individual journeys come into perspective. There really isn’t one way to do things and you should just make sure your journey is the best fit for you 🙂 I think I would add ‘being able to agree to disagree/ learning to say no’ something I’ve always struggled with, but it’s a true skill. Being able to say no/disagree without anxiety and in a peaceable way really improves your relationships and your own life (especially worklife). Being kind is good but being kind to ourselves is also important.

    Jen xxx

    1. Learning to say no is a really important one. We have to learn to do what is right for us sometimes and not just agreeing to something because we feel like we need to xxx

  2. themymanylovesblog says:

    such a great list, i really need to implement some of these! X

  3. This has actually helped me quite a bit right now. I turn 20 in 15 days and my family keep saying to me “oh you won’t be a teenager then you’ll be a proper adult” and it really worries me because I can’t adult haha. I’m terrified of ringing important places on the phone. Also, the thing you said about our journeys at our own place is so true! Most of my friends went to university two years ago, but I didn’t go then because I didn’t know what I wanted to study and I knew I just wasn’t ready for it but now I’m hoping to go next year. Also one of my best friends is 17 and has a baby and lives with her partner, our journeys are miles apart but that’s what’s fun about life you don’t know where the journey will take you 🙂

    1. Absolutely! Being 17 and having a baby works for one person but not for another and that’s fine. You’ll be fine – 20 is SO young so enjoy it (:

      1. Thank you, to me I still feel 15/16 haha

  4. Happy Birthday! That is a great list that you have composed! I felt 25 was a hard one too!!

    1. Thank you (: 25 is so daunting!

  5. Margherita Essa says:

    I agree with all of these! That part where we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others really got me. I tend to do that a lot. Even though I’ve been in New York for 2 years now, left my home country Malaysia just to pursue my American dream, from time to time I still feel I am lacking. Need to change that mindset and just be happy with whatever I achieved so far, I suppose!


    1. I think that’s an AMAZING achievement! You should be thrilled with what you’ve achieved so far & I’m sure so many people (myself included) would love to have the guts / money / circumstances / courage to move to another country and start again (: xx

  6. I’m only 19 but I should really take on these tips! Thank you for helping me get my life together haha great post as always girly xxx

    1. Haha you’re welcome (; I’m sure you’re doing fine though!

  7. Happy belated birthday lovely!
    This is a great list. I’m going to be 20 next month and I already do most of these(except for saving money).

    A Sparkle Of Grace

    1. Thank you (: xx

  8. Love this post!! I agree with all of your points, although I think the earlier you start the better, 100%!! I do most of these and I’m only 20 – Although I’m still terrible with money xx

    Jamie | http://www.jamies-corner.com

    1. Same here!

  9. It’s a great list that I think needs to be implemented now😉 thanks for you thoughts! And happy birthday🎈🎁🎉

    1. Thank you (:

  10. I love that you mentioned not comparing yourself to anyone. My favouritee saying is “comparison is the thief of joy” – which I think is so true. I only wish I’d learned that before 25. Also, you are totally, totally right about brushing your teeth. My teeth are awful and I wish I’d been kinder to them!
    Kate x

    1. I’ve heard that quote a few times since having this post go up! It’s so so true <3

  11. I agree with most of them accept for the crying part. I mean, I don’t think should ever be ashamed to cry, but I don’t think there’s a lot to cry about. There’s a lot of stuff we can do in live no matter how old or young we are.

    1. That’s true but some people are more natural criers than others and those people need to know that it’s okay to cry x

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