Now, y’all know I’m probably not the best advocate for Christmas. Not a huge fan, it has to be said. But… You know what I am a huge fan of? Candles. As a 20 something basic female and your average blogger, candles do not go amiss with me. And not just for blog photo purposes – I do actually, you know, light them. Sometimes. Today I’m teaming up with United Candles to review two beautiful Christmassy candles. Like when will someone invent something that lets you smell things through a computer because I actually feel guilty that I get to smell these candles and you don’t. Ah well, c’est la vie!


I was sent two candles from United Candles and to be completely honest, my photos do not do them justice at all. The first one is ‘Sleigh Ride’ which has two wicks and is in this gorgeous copper lidded pot with a super cute reindeer print around it which has a knitted effect and looks like it should be on a Christmas jumper. This smells like grass. There’s no other way to describe it, honestly it just smells like grass but not damp, rubbish grass like proper, fresh, clean-cut grass. I am so good at explaining smells it’s ridiculous.



The second one, which I prefer ever so slightly is ‘Santa’s Magic Key’ which is in this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous gold reflective mason jar. Only downside of that is you can see my ugly mug in all the photos I took of it but let’s just look past that shall we? This one smells like vanilla and orange. That’s what I get anyway when I stick my nose in it. It’s a really pretty, subtle scent and I can’t wait to light it. Even though it’ll pain me to do so!


The cute touch about this one is that is has a tiny little key decoration around the top with a poem attached to it which reads, “The key on this candle may be tiny and small, but the magic it holds will bring joy to all. No chimney for Santa to slide down with his sack, this key will open the door and take care of that. For this key lights the way for Santa to see, just where to leave the presents under the tree. Sweet dreams dear little one close your eyes tight, let this shiny little key work its magic tonight


Don’t tell me you didn’t tear up at that? Obviously I don’t believe in Santa but I think that is so beautiful and would actually be a lovely little gift for children to receive and light before they go to bed on Christmas eve so they believe it really is the key that’s brought Santa to their house. Omg how cute am I? Someone get me a child, pronto.

These are such a decent size that they’ll last ages when they’re lit and when they’re finished, the jars would be perfect to use for other things like a money pot, a storage space or just a Christmas decoration. You could even pop another candle in there and keep them as candle holders. I love home-ware like this that could have multiple functions because I’m a bit tight and like to get the most out of things.

United Candles are available from stocklists or Amazon so if you’re after a beautifully scented and aesthetically pleasing candle and/or home décor that you have no intention of ever lighting because it’s so pretty then do check them out! United Candles also sent me this graphic which is incredibly useful. We always think this information is common sense and, “ughh yeah alright, I know, it’s only a candle“, but accidents can happen so remember kids, be safe this Christmas!


What do you think of these candles? What’s your favourite candle scent? Let me know!

Products in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. These candles look lovely. I am definitely going to be purchasing a “Santa’s Magic Key” one, or maybe two. I love all things Christmas and this is just perfect, especially for my nieces who don’t have a chimney. Thank you Jenny for bringing these to my attention.

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