AD // Although I don’t tend to collect much *stuff*, when it comes to photos, I’m definitely a hoarder. Capturing and keeping memories is much more important to me than buying a souvenir from a place I’ve been or collecting things from my travels. I’d much rather keep the physical clutter to a minimum but stock up on photos and memories instead.

Photo prints have become a lost art. Everything is online and rarely do we look for other ways of doing things these days. We have been blessed with the gift of convenience; which is both a blessing and a curse, in my opinion.

Most people my age or older (I’m 29 for reference) will have tons of boxes of physical photos stored away in their sheds, attics or basements. There were no phones or USB sticks to store our photos on when we were younger!

And whilst I love the internet (to a degree) and there’s obvious a LOT of amazing benefits of social media and the internet in general, there’s a small part of me that misses how pure and wholesome photo taking on disposable cameras and holding physical prints in your hands is.

So let’s look at 7 reasons why you should STILL physically print your photos!

The nostalgia factor

Disposable cameras hit me with the nostalgia stick SO HARD. Oh gosh, I miss having to buy like 3 disposable cameras every time we went anywhere just to be sure we wouldn’t run out of film! When I went to Bulgaria in 2011, I actually bought a couple to take with me because I love how disposable camera photos look.

I love the fact that you’re capturing that moment EXACTLY how it was and there’s no way to change it – unlike with phones and digital cameras, where you can just delete and try again.

However just physical prints in general, whether they’ve come from a disposable camera or not, can still give you that little warm feeling of nostalgia for how things used to be.

They’re nice to hold in your hands

There’s just something super special about holding a physical photo in your hand isn’t there? Rather than tapping through buttons over and over again. The act of flipping through a photo album or going through a pile of physical prints in your hands over a cup of tea – that’s much more special.

You can get super creative with them

With photo prints, there are ENDLESS things you can do with them! Scrapbooks, fridge magnets, collages and more. If you’re a crafty person (unlike me), then you could get seriously creative and do a lot of wonderful things with all your physical photos.

It’s a nice bonding activity 

Sifting through physical photos is such a nice bonding activity. I know that my family and I have spent MANY hours doing that with our photos. It’s a very addictive activity actually and it can certain take up a lovely afternoon!

Computers aren’t always reliable 

We’ve all been there. We’ve ALL had our computers, phones or laptops die on us and cause us to lose work or files. Computers aren’t bullet proof. Technology can fail. I think a GREAT reason to have physical prints is just in case that were to happen.

Social media could end any time

And similarly to above, a lot of us keep our photos on social media. I do – I have a lot of Facebook photo albums where I share photos and have done since I joined the platform. But social media platforms don’t belong to us – and our photos could be gone in a flash, whenever these tech companies decide enough is enough.

It’s a nice idea for a gift 

Photo prints are a great gift idea and with Christmas just around the corner, I hope this gives you an idea for a lovely Christmas present for someone! Perhaps make them a photo album or a scrapbook?

What do you like to do with your physical photo prints? Do you like physical prints or do you prefer to look at them digitally?


  1. Much like you, I don’t have much ‘physical stuff’ but while all my photos are digitalised, I do keep one photo book in my living room and I love picking it up from time to time and reminiscing!

  2. I love printing my photos and regularly use Free Print to get photos quickly. I think it’s such a lovely idea to print photos, scrapbook and make gifts. Thank you for sharing this post, you’ve reminded me to print some pictures before Christmas! Em x

  3. i’m actually pretty old school. i love printing out photos and putting them in photo albums. there’s just something so precious about that & the memories hold more value to me than if they were just on my computer.
    i also love polaroid photos for the nostalgia feel. i also love sharing them on bulletin boards in my home. 🙂

  4. Sometimes I send physical photos with snail mail to give to friends that live far away. They fit perfectly in cards. I also print photos to put in frames. I tried photo albums but ended up scrapping that project. I used to be big into photo albums as a kid!

  5. I have fond memories of me and my best friend taking the bus back in the 80’s to get our film developed. We had to wait almost a week but the anticipation and excitement was so worth it. I actually do miss those days. 😁

  6. Great post!!! 🙂 I just made up a little photo/scrapbook for my niece and her intended after her engagement party. She loved it! I added the engagement invite in there and a couple of other things to make the book personal. It really turned out nice. I did it all in one day…ordered the prints off my phone, had them developed, and put the book together. I was able to give it to her the very next day after the party…it was such a happy thing!

    1. I add physical photos to my vacation journal entries the same way you add them to your bullet journal! I also tape my plane tickets, museum tickets, and even a pink flower petal from one of the locations that I thought was really pretty in the journal entries. (It has since turned purple and has faded)

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